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The Criminal Behaviour of Zhang Shoujiang and Yi Xiuyan in Panjin Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

November 08, 2002 |   By Falun Gong practitioners that had been sent to Panjin Forced Labor Camp


May 25th, 2001, at noon, after a few rounds of threats, Zhang Shoujiang dragged more than 20 female Falun Gong practitioners onto the second floor of the reception building, trying to force them to compromise their belief in Dafa, and tortured them. Doors and windows were covered with newspaper so as to hide the evil deeds of Zhang Shoujiang and Yi Xiuyan. The perpetrators locked 2 to 3 practitioners in one room, and forced them to bend over and recite the rules of the forced labor camp. If the practitioners dropped the book on the floor, the perpetrators would start to beat them, or make them squat down with both hands on top of their heads. Or, they would make them put both hands on their heads, bend over fully, and stand "Horse Step" [squatting down with the legs apart, keeping a certain gap between the buttocks and the ground]. The policemen held spiked sticks in hand and continuously cursed the practitioners loudly. If practitioners' standing positions were a bit off from the police's requirements, or if they failed to straighten their legs or torsos, they would be immediately tortured with these sticks, smacked on the face or kicked. They were only allowed to use the toilet three times in twenty-four hours. On the playground, the sound of electric batons, torturing and cursing could be heard continuously. On that night, practitioners were not allowed to sleep until 2 a.m. They were woken up at 4 a.m. the next morning. After they got up, they were forced to put both hands behind their backs, and position their knees without the slightest of bending.

After 4 p.m., the policemen again made them put both hands on top of their heads, bend their legs and proceed to stand in the "Horse Step" posture. Practitioners also weren't allowed to use the toilet.

At night, the policemen took practitioners one by one downstairs to the dining room and brutalized them. They used paper to cover the doors and windows, so others would not see, and then proceeded to torture them. Around 7 p.m., Qi Xia, Liu Jing and Cai Li took turns slapping Teng Lianxiang's face [a form of torture used to insult the practitioners and break down their will]. They slapped her more than one hundred times, until they all got tired and gasped for breath. They rested for a while and then started punching and kicking her again on her head, neck, ears, chest, and back. They kicked her legs and feet, then took turns beating her with the spiked sticks for at least 40 strokes, until they were out of strength. There were bruises covering Teng's back, buttocks, and legs. Teng's back and buttocks were purple and black, with flesh badly bruised and lacerated. Her chest area was too painful to bear, and her left upper arm was dislocated. Painfully she had to put her arm back in place by herself. The pain from this episode lasted for more than 20 days and she could not lift her arm up at all. Her right upper arm was beaten so badly that her hand lost much of its strength, and it became very difficult for her to hold onto things. After all of this torture, the police took her back and made her to continue standing "Horse Step". She stood there until 11 p.m. only to be tortured again by officers Yi, Liu, Cai, Qi and Huang Liang. They dragged her hair and smashed her head against the wall, beat her with police nightsticks and electric batons. Yet she did not compromise. They stripped off her clothes, pants and underwear (only leaving her with a small vest). Then they came together to randomly pinch and twist at her arms, armpits, the insides of her thighs and lower abdomen. Purple bruises were everywhere and many parts of her body bled. At that time, officer Yi asked others to stop, but Liu Jing said: "I have not pinched enough." Then they all laughed loudly. At that moment, Teng Lianxiang became unconscious. She felt her head become heavy, and the need to vomit. She got a severe headache and lost her strength, but the policewomen dragged her upstairs and still would not allow her to sleep. Throwing her into a room, they only allowed her to sit on the edge of the bed for the entire night. Her whole body was so painful that she felt like dying. She started to spit blood after breakfast the next morning, and felt sick. Teng did not stop spitting blood from morning until night. On the third day, she also had blood in her stool and it lasted for three consecutive days. She spit blood badly and only became slightly better after ten days. Finally, she stopped spitting blood by the end of September 2001.

Four Policewomen, Liu Jing, Cai Li, Qi Xia and Wang Yan stripped off Su Ying's clothes, pushed her on the ground and took turns beating her with police nightsticks, until they were too tired. Then they pinched Su on her legs and armpits. The inside of her arms became all purple. As they pinched Su more and more, they began laughing and screaming in delight like demons. Such shrills penetrated the dark nighttime sky. These long lasting brutal torments made Su become unconscious. Su was then sent to the First People's Hospital in Panjin City for emergency treatment. The doctor operated on her buttocks to draw off blood, as they were very swollen and rotten. She was hospitalized for half a month.

Gu Changling (Gaosheng oil refinery) was dragged downstairs to the dining room as Officer Zhou directed four male criminals to hang her up, and torture her with electric batons and police nightsticks. There was almost no place on her body that didn't have bruises.

Gu Yanhua's buttocks were beaten so badly that they became swollen and festered; her face was also swollen, and her shoulders were blue and purple. Lu Shuxuan and others were also brutally tortured. For those practitioners who still would not compromise, the police would straighten out these practitioners' arms, cuff their hands to hot air pipes and water pipes, so they could neither squat down nor stand up, from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m the following day. Li Shujuan was handcuffed for one month, bent over, and was forced to recite the rules for more than 10 days in a row.

However, as Teacher has said, "Coercion cannot change people's hearts." Practitioners all realized that Falun Gong is the truth no matter which state of mind they were in. After they compromised against their wills under the cruel torments, they all wanted, at every moment, to proclaim their practice again, and wash off the shame. In the forced labor camp, it is common to see practitioners stating the brainwashing to be null and void. Sun Jian in No. 1 brigade stated that what he wrote before was null and void, and was at once tortured for more than 60 strokes by Officer Liu Minghua. Later, another 8 people stated their brainwashing to be void. Officer Chen Changli personally beat these practitioners. He forced practitioners to take off their pants, show their buttocks, and then beat them with dozens of strokes. If this did not work, he would then make practitioners bend over until 4 a.m. next morning.

Kidnapped practitioners in No. 2 brigade refused to write the three sentences that slander Falun Gong. Officer Jia Jingliang tortured practitioners Guo Yulong, Ye Ximing, Liu Yang, Han Conghui and others on June 30th. Practitioners stood in the hallway for the whole night from 9 p.m., and were forced to bend over on the second day under the supervision of other criminals. Because those criminals did not supervise well, Jia Jingliang came to oversee from time to time. The police tortured Ye Ximing and others for two days and nights, physically punished Guo Yulong for three days and did not allow him to sleep. Three days later, they forced Guo to stand on one square brick for a total of 16 days.

From June 25th, female guards started the second round brainwashing. Yi Xiuyan and Liu Jing brought 14 of us back to the reception building, cursed us everyday, and physically punished us with such cruel measures as standing "Horse Step", bending down, squatting down, squatting and turning circles. The police would slap our faces and kick us with shoes when they were a bit dissatisfied. They did not allow us to go to the toilet, and only allowed 2 hours sleep per day or no sleep at all. If the practitioner still would not give up, then they would hang them cuffed in strange positions. After 12 a.m. midnight on June 29th, Officer Liu Min and Zhao Hongyan cuffed Teng Lianxiang's one hand high up on the window, the other hand on the hot air pipes that were very close to the ground, like the position of "Flying Airplane". She could neither stand up nor squat down. Her hands were stretched tightly and her head was forced to be very low, after which, she started to sweat after a short while. In this grueling position, she was hung till 2 a.m. and brought down only when she became unconscious. After she regained consciousness, Liu Min kicked her and said, "She is feigning death, take her back to the cell!" Both her hands and feet were numb. Her hands were swollen with blue and purple bruises, she had chest pain, headache and was spitting blood. After a long time she could crawl, but could not stand up, so she had to crawl back to her cell. After getting her up at 4 a.m. the next day, the police continued to physically punish her. They made her put both hands on her head, squat down and turn circles in the classroom continuously. Because she had chest pain, when she touched her own chest, Liu Min and Liu Jing would loudly curse at her. They also kicked her, pounded her with the rule book and did not allow her to use the toilet.

A lady in her 60s (I don't know her name) had her clothes removed by a policewoman and her whole body was pinched black and blue. In September, they conducted the same crime again. This crime has been committed more than once. After the male practitioners were gathered in the intensive monitor unit, they continued the torture. Tang Xiaobiao told prisoners, "Beat them (Dafa practitioners) up. I'll reduce your prison terms." Once when Zhang Shoujiang was talking nonsense, Ye Ximing ignored him. Zhang stamped his foot in fury. Tang Xiaobiao immediately dragged Ye Ximing out and slapped his face over a dozen times. In the evening, Tang Xiaobiao ordered prisoners to press Ye Ximing on the floor and he struck Ye 16 times with a pickaxe. Later on, Tang Xiaobiao and others brutally beat Ye Ximing, locked him up, handcuffed him, and then hung him up. Ye Ximing suffered a mental collapse due to the severe physical and mental torture that had exceeded what he could endure. Several times, some practitioners had asked the guards to let Ye Ximing see a doctor but their requests were refused. Ye Ximing was later released but has not recovered to this day.

The same kind of vicious torture also happened in the Panjing Women's Forced Labor Camp. Liu Wenping, a female practitioner, used to work for the water supply company of Liaohe Oil Field. She had been a nice, peaceful, honest and righteous person. In December 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal and was illegally sentenced to 3 years of forced labor. In the labor camp, she endured all kinds of inhumane torture and denounced Dafa against her own will under the high pressure. She was then released in December 2000. Later she returned to her conscience and came back to Dafa firmly. However, the labor camp learned that fact and policewomen Yi Xiuyan, Cai Li, and Wang Yan even went to her work unit to pressure her and threaten to arrest her. On November 6, 2001, she was arrested while posting Dafa materials. The police beat her badly. On November 11, 2001, she was illegally abducted to Panjing Forced Labor Camp without any legal procedures. Yi Xiuyan and other vicious people also beat her badly. Later, they handcuffed Liu Wenping's hands to the steel bar of the window. They disallowed her to wear a coat, opened the window and left her in the chill from 4:00PM to midnight. After midnight, they handcuffed one of her legs to the leg of the bed and beat her frequently. Because she was firm and would not give in, the police covered the window with newspapers and left only a small hole. They isolated her and monitored her 24 hours a day. After being handcuffed for over half month and enduring a long period of torture, Liu Wenping collapsed mentally. In late November, the police spread a rumor outside that "Liu Wenping was on probation for medical care," but actually she was sent to a mental hospital. To escape from the responsibility for her condition, they let her go home in January 2002, but still they ordered her brother to put pressure on her. At that time, Liu Wenping had already completely collapsed mentally and one night at 11:00PM she jumped from the 6th floor (The exact date is not clear). Her family did not dare to appeal or bring charges. They did not even dare to explain the true story to anyone and let the vicious people blame everything on Falun Dafa instead, trying to instigate hatred from the general public toward Falun Gong.

To sugarcoat the situation for the outside world, the police pretend to be caring of Falun Gong practitioners. They force Falun Gong practitioners to do Taiji, which is another type of persecution. Practitioner Liu Guangqing, Ying Baowen, Xin Minduo and Yang Guangyu did not cooperate with the police and were then beaten up badly by Tang Xiaobiao, Chen Changli and other inmates. They were handcuffed and then hung up in the confinement cell for 6 consecutive days and nights. They were not even allowed to sleep or to rest. They only got one bun to eat for a whole day. Later their legs were swollen and they were taken out of the confinement cell. But even after that, they were still beaten and tortured daily with electric batons and struck dozens of times with a stick. Such torture went on for over 10 days.

On July 16, 2001, all the male practitioners were gathered into the intensive monitor unit. They were forced to sit straight in the classroom for 14 hours a day. They were only given buns for their three meals and a half basin of water for washing. They were only allowed to go to the restroom once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Such "sitting" torture lasted for 2 months. On September 19, Zhang Shoujiang announced viciously that they were going to put Falun Gong practitioners in isolation watch. The practitioners were forced to "sit" straight for 18 hours a day, from 4:00am to 10:00pm. If Chen Changli was not happy, he would extend the torture to midnight and force the practitioners to sit absolutely straight. Except for the two restroom breaks per day and the time for washing the dishes, practitioners were forced to sit straight and still in the classroom. Those inmates who are assigned to guard the practitioners often resort to physical abuse. One of them called Dai Yong said, " If I beat you, the unit would be happy and my term would be reduced too." With the support from the camp administration, he often beat up practitioners. The practitioners endured the hardships with their great forbearance. Some practitioners almost lost the control of their bowels and they asked to go to restroom. But the police rejected their request and ordered them to relieve themselves in their pants. Xin Mindua could no longer hold it and relieved himself in a plastic bag while sitting on the bench. They dare not drink water or soup. Such torture lasted for 50 days. Because of sitting like that for so long and not being allowed to move, the practitioners had difficulties in moving their bowels. But the police also limit their time using the restroom. If anybody exceeds the time, the guards will beat him. Practitioner Ma Yunfeng was often beaten for exceeding the restroom time. Such torture also made many practitioners grow scabies on their bottoms. Such scabies would quickly spread all over the body and become very itchy. However, the police would not allow practitioners to move.

In December, in order to resist the long periods of inhumane torture, practitioners went on a hunger strike and requested unconditional release. Zhang Shoujiang told the police, "You are enforcing the law and you will not be responsible for anybody's death due to a hunger strike." So the police said, "We did not beat you or curse you to death. If you are dead, that would be your own problem." Zhang also videotaped the forced feeding of the practitioners and tried to keep those as evidence that the labor camp had nothing to do with practitioners' death due to a hunger strike. Huang Jiukuan often said, "See, I videotaped all of you. If you are dead, I would say that another Falun Gong practitioner pursued consummation and committed suicide through hunger strike." Practitioners went on the hunger strike for over 160 days and their physical conditions were severely damaged. Ying Baowen almost died. Guo Yulong and Xu Kai became mentally unbalanced. Xin Minduo vomited badly. The doctor thought Gao Dong had severe body function damage. Zhu Zhenlai said, "I looked at Ying Baowen after he took off his clothes. I could not stand to see how skinny he was." Guo Yulong's weight dropped to 110 lb from 176 lb. Gao Dong almost had no flesh, just bones and skin. Other people also lost dozens of pounds. After the hunger strike, the environment became relatively normal and relaxed. Tang Xiaobiao asked practitioners to recover their health. Those police in the intensive monitor unit such as Tang Xiaobiao and Chen Changli no longer wanted to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They did not want to exert their full strength for Zhang Shoujiang any more.

However, in June 2002, Zhang tried to forcibly brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. After a half-month effort, there was no success. He then separated some practitioners and continued to pressure them. Over a month later, he did not see much effect and could not wait any longer. In the end of July 2002 he again reverted to his true self. He gathered all the police officers in the camp to form a special organization for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He led it in person, abducting 3-4 practitioners each time, putting each one in a single room watched by a team of 5-6 police. They kept torturing the practitioners day and night, forcing the practitioner to squat and stand still for a long periods of time. They also disallowed practitioners to go to the restroom and beat practitioners arbitrarily. For those practitioners who went on a hunger strike, the police would brutally force-feed them every day to torture them. After the force-feeding, the police would forcibly pour very strong liquor down their throats. Guo Yanliang went on a hunger strike for over 2 months to protest the torture and he became very skinny. The police once beat him over 30 times with sticks. He became too weak to stand up. But the police still forced him to stand still. His legs were swollen, and looked terrible. Xiao Zhijun had a head injury and was frequently in a light coma. But the police still tortured him and would not allow him to sleep for three consecutive days and nights.

Zhang Shoujiang also promised the police "A reward of 1000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] for reforming one Falun Gong practitioner." He also promised a free travel package, etc. Those awards were another factor that stimulated the police to act so recklessly. Zhang would come to the site and order such crimes 4 or 5 times a day. He called meetings every day with the police staff to study the methods and plan the next step of persecution. Long periods of beatings, torture and not being allowed to sleep caused some practitioners to be muddle headed. Those who were "Reformed" were all done so under great pressure and brutal torture. The major criminals for conducting the crimes here are Zhang Shoujiang, Yi Xiuyan, Huang Yongkuan, Liu Yongbin, Liu Minghua, Jia Jingliang, Guan Baoming, Cai Li, Liu Dahan, Liu Zhe, Zhang Yunlong, Wang Yan, Liu Min and Zhao Hongyan.

Why do those police dare to be so brutal with our practitioners? According to their instructions, "They are good people, they will not fight back when beaten or sworn at. So we would have no problem." and "Jiang Zemin wants to crack down on you. Even if you die, we would not be held responsible." What Dafa practitioners did was to firmly tell people the facts about the persecution. We are only practicing our civil rights granted by the Chinese constitution. However, we are facing such brutal persecution. Please extend your kind help for justice and return a normal living environment for Falun Gong practitioners.

Dafa Practitioners all over the world will record the crimes inside the Panjing City Forced Labor Camp by Zhang Shoujiang, Yi Xiuyan and their gangs. Soon they will receive the punishment of heavenly principles and human laws.