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We Should Write About Our Experiences More to Validate Dafa and Expose the Persecution

November 07, 2002 |   By Chengming

(Clearwisdom.net) In the past ten years, millions of practitioners have benefited both physically and spiritually from practicing Dafa. These big or small events and stories of everyday life are the best ways to clarify the truth and validate Dafa. How did you begin to cultivate in Dafa? What has enabled you to persist in your practice? How exactly did you benefit from Falun Gong? Why aren't you giving it up in the face of such severe persecution? Why are you so anxious to speak out for Falun Gong, to appeal for an end of the persecution, and to participate in peaceful demonstrations? Facts in our daily lives, with sufficient details and observations or comments from third parties, can help people to draw proper conclusions for themselves.

In addition, in the past three years, there have been many Chinese practitioners who were kidnapped and sent to forced-labor camps, brainwashing centers, or prisons and were forced to undergo savage torture. Some overseas practitioners also encountered harassment in various degrees. I feel that practitioners who have encountered persecution need to pick up their pens and write down their experiences to let the public know the facts.

One can put together an overall description of their experiences in the past ten years, or the Fa-rectification experiences in the past three years, or describe a particular event that one experienced at a specific time or place. One may not be used to writing articles or may not be good at writing in general, or may appear not to have anything earth shattering, or may have suffered too much humiliation or perhaps was even once deceived into taking a wrong path and regret it now, but all these should not prevent one from telling the world one's own experiences with plain language and in a calm manner.

The pain and suffering that practitioners have experienced should not be erased by the dictator's iron fist or the passage of time. Letting people see or hear your experiences can allow them to see the Jiang regime's brutality, deception, and hypocrisy. It also records and exposes criminal actions of the evil so that they can be put to trial in the near future.

The experience of your obtaining the Fa and the inspirations in your cultivation will let those who want to know Falun Gong see the greatness and wonder of Dafa. The persecution that you endured, due to your persisting in believing in Dafa, will let people know what suffering that practitioners have gone through for the sake of sentient beings. People in the future will understand that in order for them to gain a proper perspective of Dafa how much the practitioners at this Fa-rectification period have sacrificed for them.

Let us pick up our pens to record this piece of history.