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"610 Office" of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province Sends Professor He Tianhui and Other Practitioners to Brainwashing Center in Gongjiawan

November 30, 2002 |  

(Clearwsidon.net) Since September 22, 2002 the "610 Office" in Lanzhou has intensified its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners in the Chengguan District have been arrested or kidnapped.

He Tianhui, male, over 60 years old, is a professor at the Northwestern University of Nationalities. He was kidnapped by the police during the first ten days of October, and sent to the brainwashing center at Gongjiawan.

Xu Limin, female, about 40 years old, is an employee of the Provincial Palace of Science. On October 15, she left home with her elder sister. When passing the No. 2 Middle School, at Wudu Road, the police kidnapped them in broad daylight. They were detained at the Public Security Bureau in Chengguan District. At about seven o'clock that night, her sister walked out the evil den with righteous thoughts. Limin, however, was forced to attend a brainwashing class in Gongjiawan.

Xu Suzhen, female, is around 65 to 66 years old. On November 5, the police went to her home, kidnapped her, and sent her for brainwashing in Gongjiawan.

Huang Ping, female, about 40 years old, is a salesperson at the Minbai Department Store. Because the police constantly harassed her and her family, she moved out and rented an apartment in order to protect her family. This October, the police arrested her at her workplace, and sent her to a brainwashing class in Gongjiawan.

Wu Shenglan, female, over 50 years old, works in the No. 2 People's Hospital of Lanzhou. Because the police have been harassing her for a long time, she decided to leave home and become homeless so they could not find her. Recently, she went back home for a visit. The police found and kidnapped her, and forced her to go to the brainwashing center in Gongjiawan.

Xiao Hongmei, female, about 40 years old, is an employee of the Reconnaissance Brigade of the Provincial Waterpower Bureau. At the end of October, the police kidnapped her and forced her into brainwashing in Gongjiawan.

Xiao Yanhong, female, around 30 years old, was kidnapped by police, and sent to the No. 6 Section of the Police Department.

Another two female practitioners were arrested as well, but no one knows their whereabouts.

We ask fellow practitioners who read this article to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that try to destroy Dafa and persecute Dafa practitioners, and to help the above-mentioned fellow practitioners walk out the evil's den.

November 25, 2002