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Believing in Teacher and Believing in Falun Dafa

November 24, 2002 |   By a Taiwanese practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) After one year of Falun Dafa practice, I began to often see a book in another dimension, which was a list of all the people that hadn't been saved. Because too many people were on the list, I felt anxious and kept trying to think of a way to spread the truth about the persecution on a large scale. As arranged by Teacher, I started to use a computer to clarify the truth to people. Everything seemed to be running smoothly at the beginning.

One day, all of my truth-clarification efforts failed. I was thinking, "Am I being blocked from accessing the Chinese people through Internet?" So I tried to fix the problem by looking for errors in my technique. I had forgotten to take the Fa as the teacher and didn't realize the problem was interference created by my own attachments. I kept doing research and trying to figure out the problem. Suddenly I had the idea that I should send forth righteous thoughts, but it was still with the mentality of "trying something out." Then I realized it was my lack of confidence in what Teacher had said. Thinking back, I realized that I would forget Teacher's words whenever I came across a problem and that I hadn't carried out completely what I was supposed to do as a Falun Dafa practitioner. Thus, I made up my mind: I must believe in Teacher and nothing could stop me. At that moment I decided to send forth righteous thoughts. All of a sudden I felt a shaking and tingling sensation. Within a split second my work reached a success rate of 99%. Later I went on to send forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, and saw in another dimension that Beijing was cut off from the outside world by the surrounding dark, evil forces. Using my supernormal abilities, I broke through the barrier set up by the evil beings. Since then I have required myself to always keep up sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces wherever I am.

What happened allowed me to realize that truth-clarification is a serious issue. We should take it seriously and maintain our righteous thoughts, regardless of the form or the way we use it. In addition, I found that some practitioners didn't trust their own supernormal abilities and always fell into everyday people's mentalities. Failing to judge everything from the perspective of Falun Dafa restricts the power that has been cultivated from eliminating the evil forces and saving people.