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Three Years of Detention Cannot Change My Determination

November 22, 2002 |  

November 11, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) I am 43 years old. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, and my mind and body have experienced remarkable changes since then. The improvement of my health encouraged my wife, mother, stepfather, and sister to also practice Falun Dafa, and my family became a harmonious one. But after July 20, 1999, the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners has totally wrecked my family. The following is only part of what my family has suffered:

On July 21, 1999, some practitioners and I went to appeal in Beijing together, but our bus was stopped by local police at Qinglong County in Hebei Province. The next day the police from the Nanpiao Public Security Bureau of Huludao City, Liaoning Province, escorted us back home. We were illegally interrogated and detained for two days at the Sanjiazi Street Police Station before being released.

On the evening of September 20, 1999, police from the Sanjiazi Street Police Station rushed into my home, and sent my wife and me to the Nanpiao Detention Center. The police stole my cassette recorder, practice music tapes, etc., and left my 9-year-old son home alone. The second evening, Dafa practitioner Su Hongtao and I were practicing the exercises in the cell. Police officer Wang Lixin rushed in and kicked me to the floor, then hit both of us with a wooden rod about 2.5 centimeters thick and 80 centimeters long until it broke in half. Then he instigated criminal inmates to force us to kneel down on the floor. Wang also hit Dafa practitioner Rong Haijun with a plastic tube. At that time I was illegally detained for 15 days.

On the morning of October 13, 1999, Dafa practitioners Su Hongtao, Rong Haijun and I were illegally detained. On October 27, the local police sent us three to a jail. On the morning of October 28, six of us Dafa practitioners recited Teacher Li's articles together, and we also stopped guards from abusing female Dafa practitioners. Policeman Wang Yulin ran into the cell and punched Dafa practitioners one by one. He also hit Dafa practitioners' heads with his keys, and knocked me to the concrete floor by grabbing hold of my ankles. On October 29, dozens of Dafa practitioners started a group hunger strike.

The third day into the hunger strike, the police started to force-feed us. Dozens of police officers also forced us to kneel down facing a wall for a whole day in a corridor while they kept on punching and cursing us--no one was spared.

In the evening, we were brought to a room to be force-fed while our hands and feet were constrained by the police. The police would mercilessly torture those continuing on the hunger strike. Dafa practitioner Liu Quanwang was punched until he almost fainted. I was slapped in the face and hit with plastic tubes by guards and policemen. Dafa practitioner Liu Hongxue was nearly 60 years old; he asked them to stop the physical abuse but was refused. In the detention center, whenever I practiced, similar tortures were repeated. After a 15-day detainment, my term was extended. On December 1, 1999, I was illegally sentenced to Huludao Forced Labor Camp for three years .

On the first day at the forced labor camp, I was punched and kicked by Zhang Fusheng from the educational section and some criminal inmates. The second day, I was allocated to the 2nd brigade. Criminal inmates instigated by the police would monitor us all day long. No talking was allowed between Dafa practitioners. On the cold winter days, we were forced to sit in the corridor for more than ten hours a day. Such sitting would leave us freezing and with cramps in our legs. This lasted for one and a half months. Then we were sent to perform hard labor such as road construction, exhausting us physically. We had to work even on the hottest summer days. Later we were brought together for forced brainwashing. Police forced us to run about 20 laps a day on the track, each lap being 200 meters. After running, we were forced to remain standing for a long time. The criminal inmates were instigated to punch and curse Falun Gong practitioners at will, even going to the restroom was restricted to twice a day. Criminal inmates monitored all of our activities. If they felt that anything was not to their liking, they would curse or hit us.

In July 2000, criminal inmate Tan Gongjian tried to force us to read a book slandering Dafa. Tan hit Dafa practitioner Yao Yanhui in the back with a wooden board and his head with a bench. Tan also kicked us. Once Tan and another criminal inmate tortured Dafa practitioner Zhao Enfa together. Zhao's face became swollen, bruised, and bloody.

In August 2000, a brigade was organized to torture Dafa practitioners. Since I refused to give up my belief in Falun Dafa, the group head, Ding Wenxue, brought me to an office and punched me in the face repeatedly. My mouth was full of blood and my nose was bleeding. Afterwards, the pain was almost unbearable when I tried to eat.

In September 2000, dozens of us Dafa practitioners practiced together. Policemen Ding Wenxue and others slapped our faces with shoe soles, which gave me a bloody nose. They also knocked Dafa practitioner Wu Baoming off a bed to the floor and kicked his chest and groin. I stayed in the sitting meditation position without moving, but was dragged to an office by Ding after he had hit me while I was sitting on the bed. Zhang Fushen ruthlessly hit my back with a baton mounted with sharp steel corners and kicked me in the groin. Guard Dong Liyong shocked my chest with an electric baton and also kept on hitting me. On the evening of the second day, the head of the police group Liu Haihou rushed to my room while drunk and pushed me into a small room on the second floor of the dining hall, where practitioners are often tortured. They cuffed my hands behind my back, Then the brigade head Liu Guohua kicked me to the water-covered floor and intimidated me, trying to make me give up the practice of Falun Dafa. They shocked my neck with three electric batons at the same time; I was shocked to the point of trembling and almost unable to take a breath. Zhang Fushen kicked my chest, and Liu Guohua tried to coerce me into cursing Falun Dafa and our Teacher but failed. I was severely injured by their torture and couldn't stand up straight for many days. Falun Gong practitioner Cheng Wan's neck was covered with blisters after being shocked by electric batons, as parts of his skin and flesh were burnt.

On November 30, 2001, we went on a hunger strike to protest the torture against Dafa practitioner Ren Xiaobai. In the evening of November 28, policemen Wang Shenli openly dragged Ren down a corridor. Wang stomped on his chest and punched him repeatedly. That evening, some policemen broke in to the cells, punched us one by one, pushed us down to the ground, cuffed us to the beds, and tortured us one by one. About 90 policemen came that day, including some anti-riot police. When I was dragged to an office, there were more than ten policemen in the room, each holding an electric baton in hand, and there were more electric batons on a desk. Yao Chuang, the head of the camp, was directing the torture. As soon as I entered the room, I was tripped and pushed to the ground by Zhang Fushen. The policemen flocked to shock me with electric batons, and I felt six or seven batons shocking me simultaneously. My shoes were stripped off, and two electric batons were used to shock the bottoms of my feet. Three batons were shocking my head, and one or two on my back. Someone stood on my ankles, causing even more pain. After two rounds of this, the room was full of the smell of burnt flesh. My ears, face, and back were all burnt badly. The practitioners who were tortured at that time included Li Guangmei, Tian Zhanliang, Wang Hongting, Wang Ruiqi, Cong Guozhi, Yang Jiangwei, and others, nearly 20 in total. Tian Zhanliang's ribs were badly hurt by the beatings, and he needed help to walk and use the rest room. Wang Hongting was bleeding from the electric shocks. Cong Guozhi lost two of his teeth in the torture. Later on, we were each detained separately and closely watched by monitoring devices. Each Dafa practitioner was under the watch of two criminal inmates. Some practitioners were cuffed to a bed and not allowed to move.

October 26, 2002 was the day when my three-year term of being illegally detained was to come to an end, but the security section of my work unit escorted me back. I was under pressure once more to write a "guarantee," which I refused, so they wanted to send me to a brainwashing center or a forced labor camp again. My family members strongly urged them to let me go home to have dinner at least, and gave them 1000 Yuan (about two months salary of an average urban Chinese worker) as a deposit. They then reluctantly agreed to let me go home and sent two people to follow me. When I went to see my parents, I took the chance to escape, and now I have been forced to remain homeless to avoid further persecution.

During the period when I was illegally detained, policemen from the Sanjiazi Police Station harassed my wife so frequently that she had to bring my son to live with her parents, but the police still would not leave her alone. Last spring, policemen from the Sanjiazi Police Station illegally arrested her at midnight. She was badly beaten by the police head Du Lixin, and she was handcuffed to a bed frame until the second morning. My mother and my step father are both in their 70's, but even they cannot avoid being abused. My parents suffered the pain of their son being detained and had to face frequent harassment from policemen. My sister was once illegally detained for persisting in the practice of Falun Dafa, and because of this she was threatened with being fired many times by her work unit.