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A Conversation in Beijing

November 18, 2002 |   By a Practitioner in China


One day a practitioner heard about a conversation that took place between two people near an elevator. A young lady asked a middle-age woman in jest, "Why do you put that mat in your bicycle carrier? Are you going to practice Falun Gong?"

She also replied in a joking tone, "Yes, of course."

Then the young lady said, "You know what, I actually want to learn Falun Gong very much, but it's such a pity that I can't find anyone to teach me. There are so many people practicing Falun Gong. Why couldn't I meet someone by chance to teach me?"

After remaining silent for a while, the middle-aged woman abruptly said, "Do you know that in the last couple of days, almost every apartment in our building has received phone calls from Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the truth to us?"

"Didn't that happen two month ago?" asked the young lady.

The woman said, "No. That time we got VCDs and literature. Almost everybody in our building received those materials. This time it was phone calls from other countries. Most families in our building received those phone calls. Some even talked for more than half an hour. It's a pity that I was not home that day so I didn't get a call."

Another 7 or 8 people near the elevator listened to their conversation with keen interest.

It seems that even in Beijing people dare to speak positively about Falun Gong in public. This indicates that the truth has started to penetrate deep into people's hearts.

November 4, 2002