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Voice from TV: "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts"

November 15, 2002 |   By a Chinese practitioner living overseas

(Clearwisdom.net) After coming back from Houston, my human thoughts became stronger and stronger, while my righteous thoughts weakened. When a fellow practitioner told me that while sending forth righteous thoughts, attention should be paid to quality, my attachment emerged. I thought to myself that I should relax a bit and reduce the number of times that I sent forth righteous thoughts, thereby increasing the quality of my righteous thoughts. Following that thinking, I began to watch television.

Two days ago I was lying on the couch and watching an English videotape, when suddenly a female voice from the television spoke to me softly in Chinese: "Send forth righteous thoughts."

I was stunned and couldn't believe my ears.

I knew that I should not slack off in sending forth righteous thoughts, but why did it take experiencing such an amazing phenomenon to admit it to myself?

I carefully looked inside and found that my fundamental problem arose during my trip to Houston. My attachments of relying on a group effort and blaming those I'm familiar with grew stronger.

In Houston I loved to send forth righteous thoughts with other practitioners and felt really good when everyone did so together. This zealotry brought along my attachment to relying on the group effort, which in turn led to my lack of enthusiasm when I sent forth righteous thoughts by myself after returning home. This lack of enthusiasm reflects a lack of motivation.

Secondly, when in Houston I met several overseas practitioners, all of whom were in an excellent cultivation state. I often sent forth righteous thoughts with them. While in their compassionate energy field I was in a very good state, whether in my Fa study, the practice of the exercises or sending forth righteous thoughts. Returning from Houston and looking at things with my attachments, what I saw was how the local practitioners lagged behind practitioners in other areas.

Of course, when we are not looking inside ourselves is when we see only other people's attachments. This is a fundamental reason that the evil invades our mind and suppresses our motivation to send forth righteous thoughts.

Thank you Master for reminding us to send forth righteous thoughts. I am very happy to have the chance to share my story with everyone.