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Observations at the InterContinental Hotel:Police Officers On Duty Not Nervous Anymore

November 10, 2002 |  

October 30, 2002

(Clearwisdom.Net, October 24, Houston) A police officer was standing beside the street across from the InterContinental Hotel, a few steps away from Falun Gong practitioners. He was almost 50 years old, of medium height, and had a serious demeanor about him. As he stood silently behind those practitioners who were protesting the Jiang regime's persecution, he would occasionally say a few words into a walkie-talkie.

When we walked toward him, as the other police officers did, he warmly greeted us and said a few kind words. He told us that the security service was "very smooth" and Falun Gong practitioners were so peaceful that they never gave any trouble to the police. He said this was the first day he was on duty here and had never heard about Falun Gong before this activity. He looked completely relaxed after a few hours of observing the practitioners' protesting.

Before October 22, many police who were on duty outside of the InterContinental Hotel had neither met Falun Gong practitioners before nor heard about stories of the persecution. A few Falun Gong practitioners gave them truth-clarifying literature and flyers. Some even talked to the police about their own experiences as well as stories of practitioners in China. After a few hours of observation and contact, the police officers realized how warm and peaceful those practitioners were. They also began to realize why so many people came to Houston from all over the world to peacefully protest Jiang's persecution. The police who had received material and flyers were very happy. We felt that it was a pity that we did not bring enough materials with us and did not make some packages especially for them. However, we will do better next time.