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Supplementary Information About Wang Chan's Death by Torture at the Hands of the Police

October 08, 2002 |  


(Clearwisdom.net) According to news from inside sources, prior to Wang Chan's illegal arrest, the Police Ministry had issued the order to arrest him without delay. Therefore, in order to arrest him, the Police Ministry specifically dispatched policemen to Jining City, Shandong Province.

In the Jining Detention Center, policeman Guo Hongtao prevented Wang Chan from sleeping for several days and nights in a row, continuously interrogating him under the duress of fatigue. Relying on the diamond-strong will power bestowed on him by Falun Dafa, Wang Chan was not moved and did not give the evil people any opportunities to cause damage. Therefore, out of frustration, they tortured him ferociously.

According to the eyewitness who saw Wang Chan's remains, his head had severe bleeding wounds, which were possibly the direct cause of his death.

After Wang Chan was tortured to death, the police department and "610 Office" intimidated his family and prohibited them from appealing for justice. For example, they threatened Wang Chan's two brothers by suggesting they would lose their jobs. Wang Chan's remains were forcefully taken away and cremated.

We appeal to kindhearted people all over the world to continue to support Falun Dafa practitioners and help put and end to this evil persecution of good people as early as possibly.


The person who is responsible:

Guo Hongtao: 13518677166(cell) 537-2260589(home)