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Good is Rewarded with Good: A Family Experiences Miracles Due to their Kindness to Falun Dafa

October 08, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) None of the three members of Wang's family are Dafa practitioners, but ever since they learned and understood the truth about Dafa in 2001, they have been saying fair words about Dafa. Mr. Wang began to clarify the truth in the market place where he works. People who work there expressed deep understanding and sympathy towards Dafa after they read the Dafa material and watched the CD provided by Mr. Wang. Some even began to clarify the truth to others. His child also placed Dafa CDs on his teachers' desks, offices, his classmates' bags, and in students' desks and bike baskets. His teachers and classmates all quietly accepted the materials. Later they refused to participate in activities to slander Falun Gong. When Mr. Wang's family received Dafa material, his wife would read it and ask Mr. Wang to pass it to his friends and coworkers. They took good care of Dafa material. Sometimes, one Dafa flyer was circulated among a lot of people and eventually returned to Wang's home. The family knew that Dafa practitioners risked their lives to save people. For more than a year now, the family has been quietly telling the truth to the public.

Wang's family saw a big change in their lives. Mr. Wang's chronic pain in his arm disappeared. After surgery to remove a brain tumor, his wife was partially disabled and had trouble taking care of herself, but now she can do almost all the household chores. Their child is one of the top students in his class. Amazing things keep happening to them. Especially worth mentioning are three incidents during the last month which amazed the Wangs.

Wang's wife walked away from a car accident unscratched

One day in mid-August, 2002, Wang's wife went grocery shopping. On her way home, a bus hit her and dragged her 7 to 8 meters [about 25 feet]. Her groceries were scattered all over the place. She recalled later, "I was fully aware of what happened. I was not scared. I knew that the bus was dragging me along but I could not call out. I could hear the scraping sound of my body on the road. My left arm was stuck under my body. I felt as if I was carried by a strong gust of wind and I felt no pain. When I stood up, I couldn't find any damage on my clothes; even my hands were not scratched. However, the driver was so scared that he ran away."

Wang is protected from harm when hit by a car while riding his bike

On September 13, 2002, Mr. Wang had a traffic accident. On his bike ride home, a speeding taxi hit him from behind and threw him off his bike and he landed 10 meters away. The driver rushed to help him sit up. The driver apologized and offered to send him to a hospital. Mr. Wang stood up slowly. He did not feel any pain. An eyewitness told him, "It is so frightening. You better hurry up and see a doctor. If the driver doesn't treat you fairly, you should ask him for a fortune." Mr. Wang said, " I am OK. Life is hard for everyone. Why should I ask him for money?" The bystanders did not understand why Mr. Wang was so nice. After a short rest, Mr. Wang went home. Later, he said, "I passed out at the moment and felt no pain. I felt that someone dragged me on ice and I was very free. It was truly amazing."

Without power or money, Wang's child is placed in the advanced class

Mr. Wang's child was in an advanced class in school. But before the new school year started, the school informed the students that some unqualified students would be asked to transfer to regular classes due to a school merge. The "qualification" for this was to have power and money. Wang's child knew that he was not "qualified" by the standard of power and money, so he was prepared to transfer out. However, on the first day, the teacher told him, "You are an exception. We saved the first spot for you in the advanced class."

There are no coincidences in the world. The ancient saying is so true: good will be rewarded with good and evil is met with evil.

September 24, 2002