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Righteous Beliefs with Righteous Thoughts; Determined Mind with an Unshakable Heart

October 05, 2002 |  

A friend first introduced me to Zhuan Falun in May 1997, which I read overnight. I was so excited because I knew it was what I had always been looking for. I vowed to start practicing immediately and from then on, I commenced my cultivation path.

I was in the state of self-cultivation before 2001. I read the Fa and practiced the exercises every day. I paid attention to how to behave as a good person with high moral standards, doing good deeds, etc. I had no contact with other practitioners, I did not know where the practice site was, and I was not even aware that there were 100 million people practicing Falun Gong in China. I found it quite strange when the persecution started on 20th July 1999 because Falun Dafa is good - why is it forbidden to practice it? This did not hinder my cultivation, and I still read the Fa and practiced. But I had not enlightened to "stepping out" to validate the Fa; I hadn't come across any articles written by Teacher. I thought something was wrong when the self-immolation incident happened in Tiananmen Square. I understood that it must have been set up and it was fake. My friends would often ask about the incident and I would tell them: "I consider it fake, people who practice Falun Gong would never do such a thing. I practice Falun Gong also but all I want to do is to be a good person, I am very rational and clear minded."

I came to Denmark in 2000 to set up a company. In mid-June 2001, I finally found and contacted practitioners in Denmark and I was really excited, feeling like a lost child finding his way home. When I first joined the group practice, I immediately felt the strong energy field.

The first tribulation I faced was "stepping-out" to clarifying the truth. I was asked to participate in a peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy. I was hesitant and said nothing. My heart understood why I needed to go, but my mind wondered about the attitude of the Chinese government. What would they do if they discovered I went to the Embassy? Would there be any problems when I return to China? What about my business? I didn't know which way to turn, and my wife also tried her best to stop me. I did not go in the end. That night I couldn't sleep, as I felt very bad. It is difficult to describe the feeling. When I met the practitioner sometime later, I said to her, "I did not go to the Embassy, and my mind felt very troubled and I don't know what to do." She suggested that I read Master's new articles.

I started reading from "The Knowing Heart," which I read over and over. I suddenly realized that I am cultivating in Dafa and I should stand up to the persecution in China. My mind opened up, like clouds clearing away to reveal sunshine. Nothing else compared to the importance of this. A few days later, we had another peaceful protest in front of Chinese Embassy. I am grateful to have been offered a second chance. I now knew what I had to do, but my wife did not understand. She was shouting, crying, and we argued until midnight. I sat outside my house feeling quite upset when I realized that being a practitioner meant I should not argue, and instead I should explain to her why I needed to go. My mind soon calmed down and my wife did too. I said to her calmly: "It is Falun Gong that has transformed me into a new person. Jiang is persecuting Falun Gong, and as a cultivator I cannot ignore it."

When I stood in front of the Chinese Embassy my heart was very calm, and it told me I should have come previously. It is worth mentioning that my wife also stepped into Dafa cultivation. That was when I started Fa-rectification cultivation. From Italy to Greece, from Greenland to Taiwan, from Geneva to Berlin, I walked step by step to clarify the truth.

Master emphasized on many occasions the importance of studying the Fa and I understand fully why it is important. Although I had been cultivating the same practice for the past few years when I was in China, I hadn't enlightened to anything. Outside of China, I came to know that there have been many fellow practitioners safeguarding the Fa, clarifying the truth and leaving life and death behind. They were arrested and beaten, and some were even being tortured to death. The remarkable things they did often appeared in my mind like a film. I found myself so far short of their state so I embarked on genuine Fa study. I read at least one lecture from Zhuan Falun a day as well as other lectures that Master gave at various conferences, and I also watched Master's Fa lecture videos. Master told us that we are changing while we are studying the Fa. This was beneficial and I understood a lot without being aware of it. Master said in 'Drive Out Interference, "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts."

When it comes to truth-clarification work or Fa-rectification work, what we have enlightened to should be put into action: this is the responsibility and the mission of Dafa disciples. Whether we are practicing the exercises, studying the Fa, doing Hongfa or clarifying the truth, we should maintain our righteous thoughts and do it from within our hearts. Using my wisdom, I have been sending truth-clarifying VCDs to China in batches, targeting many different areas. I am not sure how many I have already sent, possibly thousands. There is only one thought in my mind while I am doing this - so long as I keep up with the work, I'm sure those with predestined relationships will be saved.

Recently I realised that I needed to go to the Chinese Embassy to send forth righteous thoughts. Every day I made sure that I sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour in front of the Embassy. I can send forth righteous thoughts with high intensity. Once I felt as if I was eliminating the evil directly facing Tiananmen Square, in front of the famous Heavenly Gate. Another time, I felt as if I was in a huge dimensional field, only knowing I was in there, and enlightening to the fact that we are all one body. What we are doing is also what other disciples are doing. Others are included in me, and in turn I am included in others. I am one particle in the Fa-rectification and have melted into the Fa.

My Danish visa was a business visa obtained on the grounds of running my company, and it expired in March of this year. I started my new visa application at the end of January, but I was nowhere near getting one. What should I do? I decided to ignore it and just do what I am supposed to do. Master arranges our paths, and I only need to do what I should do. When I once chatted with an official in the Chinese Embassy, I thought it was an opportunity to clarify the truth to him and gave direct answers to his questions. He asked me towards the end of our conversation, "As you don't have permanent residence in Denmark, what will you do if they don't grant you a visa?" To this I answered calmly, "Never mind. If they grant me a visa I'll stay here, and if not I'll go back to China. It's all the same to me." He looked at me, speechless in surprise.

My wife gave birth to a baby girl in May this year. In September, she went to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a passport for our daughter. The officers didn't know my wife, so they said "no problem." But when they saw our documents and my passport, their attitude took an abrupt turn, and they stopped processing the passport application. Later, an official came out to say they could not issue a passport for my daughter without giving any reasons. My daughter, who is only a few months old, has become another baby deprived of her basic right to a nationality.

On 7th August, the National Security Bureau shut down my company and took away my license and account books. The only reason was that I was practicing Falun Gong in Denmark. On 11th August, I was informed that my two joint ventures in China had also been shut down at the same time. No money was allowed to be sent out from the company's account. If there was money coming in, it must be transferred to the account of the Security Bureau. The reason given for this was that I practice Falun Gong and have participated in appeals in Denmark. My business partners informed me that they had video and pictures provided by the Chinese Embassy in Denmark. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had appointed the National Security Bureau to deal with my case directly. They even wanted to extradite me back to China on grounds of business fraud. They are executing Jiang's evil political group's policy of "smearing their reputation, cutting off their resources, and destroying their bodies."

However, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts." None of this can shake my firm determination to cultivate in Dafa in the slightest. Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference", "The true situation, as I see it, is that the evil old forces want to do what they want to." From the perspective of cultivation, there must be a reason why all of this happened to me. Maybe I still have selfishness deep in my heart, which has given the old forces a loophole to take advantage of. Maybe it's time for me to let go of such attachments and completely step out of humanness.

I am cultivating in Dafa, and I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. Only Master can arrange my path. The old forces are not worthy of testing us. My life and being were created by Dafa, and my mission is to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. In the face of the evil persecution, there is only one thought in my mind - do what a disciple is supposed to do, and stick to the path Master has arranged until the very end. I was born for the Fa and I will go with the Fa. I shall end my speech with Master's poem:


He comes with the Truth, which gives him full control

And travels the four seas with a free and easy spirit

Spreading the Fa's principles throughout the secular world

Loaded full with sentient beings, his Fa Boat sets sail

Thank you all!