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Would You Complain that Your Neighbors Are Disturbing Your TV Viewing if they Shout for Help When their Houses Are on Fire?

October 05, 2002 |   By Taiwan Dafa practitioner Yi Jun


Dear Friends,

I thank everyone for their concerns after the Sinosat Satellite TV Interruption Incident was reported, although I don't know who was responsible. However, please think about it this way: if you were sitting comfortably at home watching television and suddenly the neighboring houses were set on fire by bad people and your neighbors were shouting for help, would you complain that your neighbors were being too noisy and disturbing your TV viewing?

I do not know what you would do, but I would immediately rush to help put out the fire and find and arrest the criminals.

Similarly, the righteous efforts to reveal the truth about the persecution by breaking through the information blockade inside China may interrupt the program which you like to watch, but I hope you can also calm your minds enough to listen to what is being said. In order to bring the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong and its practitioners to you for a few precious minutes, these people might very well lose their precious lives.

Jiang's regime could not live with the fact that more than seventy million people were practicing Falun Gong, a statistic that comes from a survey done by the State General Administration of Sports in 1998. During the last three years of persecution, at least 485 deaths due to torture and abuse have been confirmed, while more than a hundred thousand practitioners are being tortured in forced labor camps, and more than a thousand practitioners have been sent to mental hospitals where destructive medications are administered forcefully to them. Please think it over: Falun Gong is practiced and very much welcomed in more than 60 countries around the world. Why is it that only Jiang's regime holds negative views of Falun Gong? Under the environment of a single, controlling voice and a flood of falsified news reports, the people in China cannot see even a little bit of the truth about the persecution. In this unfair and unjust environment, please give a fair hearing to the voices of justice sent out by the people breaking through the information blockade.