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Huangmei County Police Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioners and Threaten: "This Will Be Worse Than Death"

October 31, 2002 |  


In February 2001, the district police station in Caishan Town, Huangmei County, Hubei Province investigated the practitioners Guo Yanbing and Fei Yueying--a husband and wife--forcing them to abandon their own home to escape the persecution. On March 6, they were arrested by the police in Wuhan City, and then brought back by the Caishan Town police on March 7. This was followed immediately with an illegal interrogation at the police station that night. Under the direction of Wu Dengqi, the station's chief, eight policemen forcefully removed Guo's clothes, leaving him in only his underpants. Afterwards, they made him lay on the floor to endure the cold ground, which was only about 40 F at the time. Seeing that Guo did not succumb to their demands, they began using a 6-foot long, 2-inch diameter, wooden baton to beat him. They first beat his ankles, then his calves, then his legs; they beat every part of his body other than his head, inch by inch. Guo resisted the evil, and continued to spread the truth to the surrounding people throughout the ordeal. However, the police hit him even harder. His screams of pain horrified the nearby residents. These criminals took turns with two people in a shift, only yielding to the next shift when they were tired of hitting him. These beatings lasted almost four hours and broke three batons.

Two hours later, the police started another round of persecution. They lay Guo on the ground, pressing his hands and feet down. Then they used a rubber baton to beat him repeatedly on every part of his body (except for the head). They raised his arms to beat his sides, going from top to bottom and bottom to top, over and over again.

The next day at dawn, seeing that Guo was still alive, two policemen pulled him up and handcuffed him to the window and beat him for nearly two hours until he passed out. Then they threw him into a jail cell. Guo told 5 or 6 people jailed there on gambling charges about his experiences. Then he took off his clothes to show them the bruises. Upon seeing this, the inmates were all very indignant and upset with the police. They were sympathetic to practitioners, and they admired the practitioners' determination to validate Dafa.

Around 10 a.m., two policemen dragged Guo out of his cell to abuse him again. This time, one of them used both of his hands to grab Guo's skin at his chest and pull it upward as hard as he could. In the meantime the other person used his fingers to dig into Guo's skin, pulling it up and twisting it. The pain this caused was indescribable. The vicious criminals said, "This will be worse than death." Guo became unconscious after two hours of torture. The malicious persecutors then put him back into the jail cell.

Without any legal proceedings, the police took the couple to the Huangmei County First Detention Center that afternoon. Three months later Guo was sentenced to one year in a labor camp while his wife was illegally detained for nine months before she was released.

The names of the officers and the police in Caishan Town who committed these acts of torture are:

Caishan political and legal secretary: Hu Tongyi (participated in the persecution of practitioners many times).

Home: 86-713-3732299; cell phone: 86-13972717375
Caishan Police Station: 86-713-3731247
Chief: We Dengqi
Policeman: Mei Junhua
Criminals who beat people: Yin Xiaofeng, Hu Yuxiang, Qian, and Li