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Summary of Other Articles and News - 10/23/2002

October 26, 2002 |  


News and Activities Around the World

With the APEC meeting approaching, Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver, Canada, held a press conference at noon on October 21 in the Art Museum located in the downtown area. They announced that over 40 practitioners would go to the U.S. and Mexico to participate in the peaceful appeal activities. They will appeal to Jiang, and leaders from different countries that will attend the APEC meeting. They urge Jiang to immediately release their family members who are being detained just because they practice Falun Gong, and to end this persecution that has been going on for more than three years.

Righteous thoughts and righteous actions

1) Becoming more mature in the Fa-rectification

On July 20, 1999, when the dictator announced the ban of Falun Gong, I went to Beijing to appeal. Since then, I have only been at home for 68 days. For two years, I was detained in a labor camp. After I was released, I started to write experience-sharing articles to expose the evil on Clearwisdom.net. With more and more articles published, the evil people became extremely scared and they restrained themselves a bit. While the evil was trying by all means to arrest me everywhere, I was living nearby and I passed by their building everyday. I am becoming more and more mature amidst Fa-rectification.

2) The story of a Dafa practitioner

After he was released from the labor camp, a Dafa practitioner intensified his Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. He went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials almost every day. Once he gave a dozen truth-clarifying audiotapes to a taxi driver. Then many other taxi drivers also wanted to make a copy of it. Another time, he gave a brochure to a stranger on the street. The stranger said, "What is this? I hope it is not Falun Gong material." At this time, another person came up and said, "This is true Falun Gong. Ordinary people do not have the guts to hand out materials like this. Please take care." Once he met a policeman that he knew and gave the truth-clarifying materials to him. The policeman dragged him to a corner and said, "You still dare to hand out Falun Gong materials? I will just pretend that I did not see you. You go that way to distribute your materials and I'll go this way." Later he was arrested while handing out Dafa materials. He firmly resisted the evil. The police station tried three times to send him to the detention center, but each time the request was rejected by the detention center, so he was released 24 hours later. Now he has rejoined the current of Fa-rectification.

3) I walked out of the police station

On the night of August 29, at around 7:00, while I was shopping at the market, I was kidnapped by 7 to 8 policemen from the police station and sent to the detention center. On September 2, they brought me to the second floor of a building. They handcuffed me to a chair and monitored me around the clock. They interrogated me, but I did not answer their questions. On the third day, a policeman named Liang started to forbid me from drinking water, claiming, "If I give you water to drink, you would have to go the bathroom." He only gave me very little food to eat. When I asked him what crime I had committed, he gave me 3 kicks and one slap on the face. After Liang returned home that night, his stomach illness recurred and he had to endure great pain. He seemed to have learned something. So when he came back to work, he changed his attitude and he was very nice to me. He was afraid that he might receive retribution if he kept committing bad deeds. On the fifth night, under the protection of Teacher, I opened up the handcuffs and walked out of the building under the watch of the policemen.

The truth of the persecution

My father Zhang Chuanli and my mother Zhu Wenfang were held by the 7th Division of the Beijing City Police Department. In 2001, my parents were forced to leave home in order to avoid further persecution. On the new year's eve of 2002, they were taken away by a group of people led by Director He from the Political Security Division of Tongzhou District Police Department. In mid July, we went to Fengtai Detention Center to send money to my parents, but did not get to see them. The receipt had my father's name Zhang Chuanli on it; however, it was not my father's handwriting. Later I heard that they have sent my father to the 7th Division of the Beijing City Police Department. The 7th Division paid no attention to our request. The local police were told that my father's residence card had been taken away by the 7th Division. We felt the situation was very serious. My parents may have been tortured by the police, and we are very worried about their safety.