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Series Report for Northern Route of Car Journey for "Rescuing Our Relatives"

October 26, 2002 |  


On October 18, we arrived at Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. This was the third stop for our "Global Rescue our Relatives Car Journey." With the active cooperation from local practitioners, we held a press conference at the State Hall, which began at 10AM and lasted one and a half hours. We introduced why we embarked on this car journey, as well as its purpose and routes. Falun Gong practitioner Qiu Nannan from Toronto talked about the persecution her dad and little brother had experienced in China. With the full support from the Canadian government, her dad was released on parole for medical care. Through this activity, we hoped to rescue her little brother as soon as possible.

After the press conference, we first went to the office of the Indiana governor, and delivered some information packages. The next morning, we received a support letter from the governor, which strongly denounced the brutal persecution in China, and called on President Bush to bring up the Falun Gong issue during Jiang's visit to the U.S., as well as help to rescue persecuted relatives. Later, we visited the office of the lieutenant governor. His secretary welcomed us warmly, and she mentioned the exhibition held at the State Hall for the paintings of Ms. Zhang Cuiying, an Australian Falun Gong practitioner. Zhang had gone back to China to appeal for Falun Gong, and was detained for 8 months. Later, the Australian government helped to rescue her successfully. With her artwork and personal experience, she called on people to help rescue the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China, who are still being tortured. We also talked about Lin Chengtao, a senior researcher of Peking Union Medical College in Beijing. He is a friend of a local Toronto practitioner, as well as a fellow practitioner to be rescued. Under severe torture, he suffered a mental breakdown. His wife was also put in a labor camp and his young child was thus left unattended. We hoped our local government could help rescue him.

Then, we went to the office of the director of the Indiana Judicial Department, and talked with his assistant secretary for 40 minutes. His previous understanding of Falun Gong mostly came from media reports, so we talked about our personal experience and the persecution facts we had witnessed. Jiang's regime not only persecutes Falun Gong in China; he has also extended the persecution to overseas. Jiang's accomplices have defamed Falun Gong in Canada and the U.S. For example, during the global walk last year, even very small town mayors received materials slandering Falun Gong. They also continue harassing Falun Gong practitioners. We hope President Bush will bring up the Falun Gong issue when meeting with Jiang, and call for the rescue of our persecuted relatives. We also mentioned the support from all levels of Canadian government. They had not heard this before. Right before we left, we gave them some lotus flowers hand-made by practitioners. We told them that, in traditional Chinese culture, the lotus represented purity and hope, and we sincerely hope the U.S. will have a great future.

Then, we went to visit the office of the Indianapolis mayor, and talked with his secretary, who did not know much about Falun Gong. After learning about our overseas appeal and that international support had greatly helped practitioners in China, she was very touched. She especially went back to bring us the emblem of this city, hoping we would keep in the mind our visit here.

Finally, we went to the office of two senators, and delivered some truth-clarifying packages. One of senators soon wrote to us, showing support for our efforts against the persecution.