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The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. Spends Large Amounts of Money to Hire Local Chinese Associations to Welcome Jiang

October 26, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In order to create the false impression that Chinese people are happy about dictator Jiang's visit, the Chinese Embassy in the United States spent large amounts of money to hire representatives of local Chinese associations to publish full page advertisements and articles in Chinese newspapers during the time leading up to his visit. Furthermore, these associations were ordered not to reveal who hired them.

On October 11 the Central News Agency reported that Jiang would visit the United States between October 22 and 25. He would visit Houston on October 23 and 24 and would meet with President Bush at his ranch in Crawford on October 25.

In Dallas, the people from Mainland China who are connected to the Party formed a "Committee of Overseas Chinese Associations and Scholars in Northern Texas Welcoming Chinese President Jiang Zemin to Texas." The General Director, Sun Cheng, is an honorary youth committee member of the Party in "The Union of Overseas Chinese."

The Chinese Consulate in Houston began mobilizing overseas Chinese associations several months ago. The Chinese Consulate provided the money and overseas Chinese associations contributed people and energy in order to complete the "mission" of welcoming Jiang.

But in order to fully create the false image that the overseas Chinese associations are "actively and spontaneously" welcoming Jiang, the Chinese Embassy ordered the representatives of these overseas Chinese associations not to reveal who hired them.

In addition, since last week, the Party began to publish a section entitled "Welcome Chinese President Jiang to Texas - A Special Edition Reviewing the Sino-America Relationship" in all Chinese media. They planned to continue publishing this until Jiang arrived in Texas.

In Dallas, the person responsible for disseminating propaganda for the Party even threatened one Chinese newspaper and said, "This article is bound to be welcomed by readers. You will "see" whether it gets published or not!" The editor of this newspaper expressed that it was obvious this person had forgotten he was on United States soil, where freedom and democracy are practiced, as opposed to China where the media is solely controlled by the government and serves as the mouthpiece for the Party.