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Short Stories About "Good Is Rewarded With Good"

October 20, 2002 |  


The Truth-clarifying Flyers of Falun Gong Enable An Old Couple to Receive the Fa, and Receive the Benefits

There were two elderly people, a husband and a wife. The husband suffered a stroke and was left bedridden. The wife frequently picked up Dafa materials to read together with her husband. The husband's condition improved day-by-day. One day, when the husband was riding his bicycle, he was sideswiped by a sedan and he fell. After he regained consciousness, he said to the driver, " I am all right, you can leave now." While he was talking to the driver, he stood up and then got back on his bicycle to ride back home.

After he returned home, he found that not even the skin on his face was broken. The old couple felt the miracle of Falun Dafa. In the meantime, a Dafa practitioner came to the old couple's home to spread the Fa. In this way, the old couple began their cultivation in Dafa.

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The People Who Support Falun Dafa Have Good Rewards

In a city in Northern China, a Dafa practitioner's spouse, two sons and daughters-in-law all strongly support her. They help her to hang Falun Gong banners and to distribute truth-clarifying materials. These Dafa supporters have had good rewards. Her youngest son was looking for a job and easily found one in a good and profitable large-scale enterprise.

One day, a car hit and ran over her eldest daughter-in-law. The driver was frightened, thinking that she would certainly have been killed. He got down from the car to look at her, and he saw that she could stand up. She said to him, "I am all right, you can leave now." The driver didn't feel relieved, so he insisted on taking her to the hospital for an examination. Besides a slight abrasion on the soft tissue of her leg there were no other injuries.

Both the youngest son and elder daughter-in-law knew that these things were good rewards for supporting Falun Gong. Their stories have become well known locally.

After Quickly Awakening

While two Dafa Practitioners clarified the truth of Falun Gong to some villagers, Mr. Lei passed by and said some bad things about Dafa. Several days later, Mr. Lei was suffering paralysis in his four limbs. His mouth and tongue were rotten, so he couldn't speak and eat. His life was emaciated. His younger brother, a Dafa practitioner, said, " The real reason for your sickness is that you said some bad words towards Dafa." Mr. Lei said, "From now on, I will never oppose Falun Dafa." The following day, he could sit down and eat again. On the third day, he leaned on a walking stick and was able to walk back and forth by himself.

Mr. Lei suffered bad rewards because of slandering Dafa. After quickly awakening, he preserved his life. This miracle caused intense interest among the villagers.