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Summary of Other Articles and News - 10/15/2002

October 18, 2002 |  


News and Activities Around the World

A letter to the Houston Association of Young Intellectuals: I believe that both you and I will never forget the movement of "going to the mountain area and countryside" (a movement in Cultural Revolution in which educated young people were forced to quit their study or work, and to go to rural areas to do hard labor. The notion then was that being intellectuals was useless) that changed the fate of several generations. We all do not wish the history that distorts the distinction between facts and lies to repeat itself. However, today I see not only that history replaying itself, but to an even more horrifying extent. We have the responsibility to prevent our next generation from suffering this unspeakable pain. This may be our historic mission. Then let us support kindness and justice in the world.

The truth about the persecution

The experience of a Dafa practitioner from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, who suffered torture in prison but never gave in: On January 5, 2002, I shouted "Falun Dafa is good" and "Stop smearing the reputation of Dafa" in Tiananmen Square. Later I was sent to the Tiananmen Police Station and transferred to the Chaoyang District Detention Center afterwards. During the detention, I suffered severe beatings and torture. In protest, I refused to eat but was forced into the iron cage in the basement of the Beijing Public Security Hospital. Both my hands were hung from a net, and my feet were heavily chained. My nose was connected to a tube for the purpose of force-feeding. I was also forced to receive intravenous injections. Meanwhile, I was brutally beaten all day and all night. Later I was sent back to Chaoyang City, where I once again suffered inhumane treatment. I was force-fed with salty water. I refused to cooperate and firmly resisted. They tried to pry open my mouth, and my teeth became loose as a result. I was beaten to the ground. I still suffer from headaches today and have a scar on my head. I hope people will come to know the truth from my experience.