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Ways to Clarify the Truth to Mainland Chinese

October 18, 2002 |  

I. How should we clarify the truth to Mainland Chinese?

Recently I went to another country to visit relatives. When I arrived at the railway station, I saw a banner with "Falun Dafa is good" on it and practitioners who were handing out leaflets and pictures. There were also Falun Dafa programs being broadcasted there. All of this is really great. But after looking around carefully for some time, I found that not many people accepted the materials. Even with the materials right in front of them, some people still stood aside, dared not accept and dared not even look at them. It is really a hard task for our Dafa disciples.

It was not because the Mainland Chinese didn't want to know the truth. Some of them are blocked by their title of communist party members and cadres. When they are close to the leader of the tourist group and some colleagues, they are more afraid to accept the materials. Some of them live in Mainland China. They are afraid of the pressure from the Jiang regime, so they dare not accept the materials. Some passersby did not accept the materials, perhaps because of the shocking pictures. They only knew we were displaying information, but had no idea about the content.

At a tourist attraction, we met another group of Dafa disciples. They were handing out some type of Chinese newspaper with a booklet inside. The effect was good. Almost all of the travelers in our tourist group accepted one. While on the bus they read the newspapers with great interest and in the hotel they enthusiastically discussed them. At that time, the head of our tourist group didn't say a word, and the travelers were not afraid.

Regarding this situation, I suggest that we'd better make some improvements in our methods. The practitioners overseas can, at railway stations, airport exits, etc, hold a banner saying, "Welcome to the compatriots from Mainland China, please come find out the truth of Falun Dafa. "At the same time, they can hold up other banners that clarify the truth in more detail. We should let passersby know what we are doing even if they are far away and if they don't accept any materials. We should pique their interest in us, raise some questions in their minds about the lies they'd heard, and allow them to have a better chance to know the facts.

If our overseas disciples are busy, we can go to the airport according to the flight schedules from China to welcome the Chinese tourists. It is very straightforward and saves time, and 3 to 5 people at once is enough. After welcoming them, we can go home. This way of clarifying the truth will not bring any disturbance to workers in the airport and the passersby, and practitioners can do it as their time allows.

It is better not to hand out booklets in front of the whole tourist group, as the leaders of the tourist group from Mainland China have the responsibility to prevent the members from accepting any materials of Falun Gong or they will be reported to the authorities. The time to give them the booklets is when they are not in a group, such as at the tourist attractions, hotels and supermarkets that cater to the Chinese. The best way is to hand out the Chinese newspapers with booklets inside, because most Chinese tourists cannot speak English and miss reading Chinese newspapers. At this time, a Chinese newspaper can make them very happy.

II. Fully Utilize Short Messages

It's not easy to clarify the truth to a passerby. It would be sufficient, however, to let the public know that we are being persecuted, that the staged self-immolation was a fabrication, and that the "murder cases" are lies. Having concise signs that point out the truth can often be effective.

III. Further Improvement

1. As Dafa is sacred and inviolable, we should not stagnate in the realm of asking for people's help only and projecting an image of always stopping people to give them flyers. If everyday people begin to exhibit indifference, over time this can be bad for the image of Dafa. We have to be aware that Falun Dafa is sacred, and we are not trying to peddle some wares. First and foremost we must maintain righteous thoughts, and the way we behave, think, and dress should reflect the state of being solemn, benevolent, and sacred. We should do our best to offer salvation to people through clarifying the truth, but by no means are we begging for sympathy.

2. We should make full use of banners and posters, which allow the pedestrians to quickly get a grasp on the situation. Everyday people do not understand Dafa in the same way that we practitioners do. Instead, they get to know Dafa by seeing how we behave and what we say. Only saying "Falun Dafa is good" or "Falun Dafa is righteous" does not give them a deep understanding, and we cannot explain things very clearly in just a few words. However, by presenting a quick summary such as exposing the staged self-immolation as a fabrication, we can help people choose well between righteousness and evil.

3. We should take into consideration everyday people's mindset. In Mainland when we have no idea how to clarify the truth to someone we just met, and do not know of a person's attitude toward Dafa, we sometimes simply pick one piece of news and say, "Look, Falun Gong attacked the satellite again. It says that the interruption of the TV program was about the real situation of the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. It also says that the self-immolation events were fabricated...." Very soon everyone knows what really happened, easily following the logic: "Why was the satellite attacked? Oh, yes! The interruption was about the truth of the self-immolation. Ah, it was all fabricated." And the public would be more curious about the reasons behind it. We should take advantage of the rumors and slander being spread by the evil, and turn them around to clarify the truth.

I often receive emails from Dafa practitioners. As a cultivator, I know what the content is about. However, if the general public received these emails, the same content would not be easily understood. It's best to make the message as clear and direct as possible. If people are able to discern the lies, then it will be easy for them to come to know the truth.

The above is for my fellow practitioners' reference only. Please point out and correct anything inappropriate.