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A Group of Kind Hearted Company Leaders Assist Dafa Disciples in Their Own Ways

October 17, 2002 |  


After July 1999, my wife and I were illegally arrested and taken to a detention station. A manager from my company came to the police department and bailed me out. Since he deeply admired Dafa disciples' determination, he did not give me any punishment after we returned to the company. My job, salary as well as my wife's temporary work position were not affected at all by the detention. He even assigned me a bigger apartment. Not long after that, he was transferred to another company. On the company's farewell banquet, he proposed a toast to me and expressed his high regard for Dafa. On the following Chinese New Year, he mailed me New Year's Greeting Card.

After having appealed on Tiananmen Square, my wife and I were first detained in Tiananmen Police Station and then were taken away by our city's policemen. We were allowed to be picked up by our company's staff members directly without being detained because the chief deputy of our city's police department in Beijing had good personal relationship with the vice general manager of our company. Due to the immediate release, we could later on create a good environment of clarifying the Dafa truth extensively. Soon after that, the vice general manager who had helped us was promoted and became a general manager at another company.

In August 2001, some Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested. Policemen also came to our company. Our company's heads told me that the trouble was caused by cell phones and pagers. After having exchanged our views, several practitioners and I soon decided to replace all our cell phones and pagers. However, some practitioners insisted on their own opinions and did not replace their cell phones and pagers. Then more practitioners were arrested. I was involved in their cases because of their cell phones and was also arrested. When the police interrogated me, the main evidence they could provide was the cell phone record. However, they did not dare to overtly persecute me.

Later, I was told that our general manager said, "We must rescue him." I was locked illegally in a detention center for a month and then was detained for half a month. While I was detained, our company's general secretary of the Party came to the detention center to visit me. A policeman said that a company such as yours (with such a good attitude toward Falun Gong practitioners) could not be found in the whole city. The general secretary told me that he admired the "Yue Fei type people" [Yue Fei was a general during North Song Dynasty; a national hero considered to be the definition of loyalty and bravery].

One day in 2002, I was illegally arrested again. I started a hunger strike to protest. During those days, the general manager of our company issued an order that they must use all means to rescue us, whatever the cost. My wife also met with the general secretary of the Party and sought help from the company.

On the second day after the general secretary of the Party promised to rescue me, he had a car accident on the way to the capital city of our province on a business trip. The car was totally wrecked but the general secretary and other passengers were not harmed.

After over a month hunger strike protest, I was released unconditionally because of company's and my family members' efforts. After I returned home, my wife's colleagues sent me eggs to rebuild my strength (My wife's strong will and determination while I was illegally detained moved her co-workers.). Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Party also had someone send me a large box of eggs. Then, another group of leaders who had helped me were promoted and transferred. They have been trying to restore and increase my benefits.

On the National Day, the general secretary of the Party had someone send me more food. I told my four-year-old son, "Do you know why others gave us so many good things to eat? It is because we practice Dafa!" My son is very pleased and he often recites the Fa-Rectification verses.

I believe that there must be many such stories in China. Under the widespread conditions where evil ones are overtly savage, some people can protect Dafa practitioners, shelter compassion and justice in the human world. Meanwhile, they have also laid down solid foundations for their bright future.

The more righteous and purer Dafa practitioners are in their deeds, the better ordinary people who are related to us can do.