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Record the Names and Deeds of Those who Fabricate and Spread Lies About Falun Gong

January 04, 2002 |  


A little more than a year ago, many false news reports were credited to the reporter "Wang Leiming." The recent report of "Murder in the Westside of Beijing" was not credited to any reporter but just to "Xinhua News Agency." The reporter did not even dare to reveal his name. I suggest that when fabricated news reports are reported, we record the following:

1) The writer of the report. If it is not credited to anyone, then we need to find out the name of the administrator responsible for the report.

2) The assistant editor and chief editor of the newspaper or magazine.

3) The announcer, editor, producer, president, and vice president of the TV station.

4) The actors in the fabricated news program. For example, the reporters, the policemen and the doctor who accepted interviews in "the Self-Immolation Catastrophe in Tiananmen Square," as well as the policemen and reporter who did the interviews for the "Murder in the Westside of Beijing."

If the government authorities want to attack Dafa by manipulating popular opinion, they must use the media to spread their fabrications and slander. It should be relatively easy for us to collect information on those responsible within the media. In the future, these same people within the media will be the best way to expose the truth behind the persecution. Thus they will become the breakthrough points to punish the real perpetrators through legal means.

Hope everyone can collect the above information at his convenience.