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Summary of Other Articles and News - 01/26/2002

January 29, 2002 |  


Righteous Voices

All the Falun Dafa practitioners in Shenyang City heartily congratulate the creation of "Falun Dafa Day in Shenyang City" on February 4, the first day of spring on the Lunar calendar. We hope that the wide promotion of Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth will be conducted in an ever more righteous manner throughout the entire Liaoning Province. All the Falun Dafa practitioners will overcome all of their difficulties, suffocate the evil using righteous thoughts; let more people with predestined relationships be saved from the vicious lies by Dafa, and welcome the arrival of spring together!

News from Overseas

Mrs. Connie Chipkar discussed her Beijing experience with a reporter from the Epochtimes, "I want to bring my support, encouragement and blessing to share with the fellow practitioners in China. I took off my coat, revealed the banner and loudly sang the Falun Dafa song. The children and a group of Chinese people were watching me the entire time. The whole course of my being in the police station has been secretly recorded on film."

A letter written by a Sweden businesswoman: "I would like to share your pain. Six months ago, I stopped buying Chinese electric cables; I will not buy Chinese electric cables any more until they stop persecuting Falun Gong. I made clear to all my relatives and friends: Do not accept or buy any gifts and products that are made in China."

Fa Rectification Cultivation Story

In the afternoon on January 25, the Cultural Activity Center in Changchun City planned to hold an illegal trial of Dafa practitioners. Later, it came to light that only criminals were tried. Many police officers were present and many people had gathered outside. Practitioners silently sent forth righteous thoughts and many banners and phrases appeared on the way from the activity center to a state hotel. Shouts of "Falun Dafa is good!" arose from the crowd. Police staff tried to pinpoint the voices and arrest the people who shouted, but the shouting rose again, one after another along the way, and even students passing by began shouting as well. The police said, "This Falun Gong is really amazing."

A Recent Fa Safeguarding Story from Jilin Province

Enforcers from a local "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute powers of each level of administration in the Party and all political and judiciary systems] pressured representatives of a street committee to harass practitioners and force them to sign the so-called "guarantee statement" that says, "I will not go to Beijing to appeal." Fellow practitioner realized that what the evil fears is what we should do most. Nine practitioners went to Beijing successively to rectify the Fa and eight of them returned safely.

A female practitioner went to Beijing five times and posted over 100 truth-clarifying phrases at various corners of Tiananmen Square. She distributed truth-clarifying discs and shouted on Tiananmen Square's Tower, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore my Teacher's reputation!" She calmly faced dozens of police officers and clarified truth to them. In the end, when she shouted, "Dafa is good," the police officers followed her lead and also shouted, "Dafa is good."

Having been found by the train ticket inspector, three practitioners spent five hours clarifying the truth to him. They were later detained at a detention center of the railway bureau. Four o'clock in the morning, they climbed out of the window and ran into a taxi. The taxi driver, who knew the truth about Falun Dafa, dropped them off much further away from the detention center.

On January 13, two eight-meter long banners were hung from high rise buildings and hundreds of Dafa truth-clarifying materials and CDs fell from the sky, which attracted many people. The banners were hung in between the local public security bureau and the local police station.

News from China

One hundred and fifty-seven practitioners solemnly declared what they said and did that were not fit for a Falun Dafa practitioner while they were under tremendous pressure to be invalid. They are determined to make up for what was lost, steadfastly clarify the truth and expose the persecution, safeguard Falun Dafa and prove with their actions that they are worthy of the name of a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Police from Daxing Police Station of Kaifeng City, Henan Province, handcuffed an elderly lady, who has been suffering from polio since she was a child. She was then chained to the radiator with an iron chain. She was forced to stand, not able to sit or squat, for five days and five nights until she fell unconscious. Later the police ransacked her home and that of her daughter's and threatened that her grandson could not go to school because of her.

Lessons from Immediate Retribution:

Please cherish the banners and flyers that clarify the truth about Falun Gong:

Jiao Guojin from the Houlijia neighborhood of Beichanggou Village, Chalukou Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province, tore down a Falun Gong banner and used it as a belt. His wife was afraid that he would receive retribution and did not want him to use it. He did not listen to her. In November 2001 a tricycle collided with him and smashed his leg.

Farmer Chen from the Houlijia neighborhood of Beichanggou Village, Chalukou Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province tore down Falun Gong materials and cursed Falun Dafa. He also claimed that he did not get any punishment although he had torn down so many materials. In November 2001 when he went to work in the fields his hands were seriously injured by a machine and he nearly lost his fingers!

In August 2001 Chen Sishu from the Houlijia neighborhood of Beichanggou Village, Chalukou Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province took down a Falun Gong banner. Several days later, he drove into a creek for no reason while driving. He knew at once that he was being punished. Later when he saw a villager burning Falun Gong materials, he said: "Please do not burn them any more, I have already received retribution!"

Zhang Yu, the former department head of the Human Resource Department of Chengdu Hongguang Electric Company located on Dianzi Rd in Xindu County, Sichuan Province, used to withhold Falun Gong practitioners' limited salaries. He is now detained in the Xindu Detention Center, awaiting his sentence. One employee in the Retirement Department was responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. His wife's illnesses have cost him several years' income, and she is still suffering from illness.