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Those Who Harm Dafa Will Not Escape Punishment

January 27, 2002 |  


Xiang Keda, Chief of the Dongchan Police Station in Suining City, Sichuan Province, severely abused many Dafa practitioners. Recently many of his family members became sick and were forced to seek medical attention. He realized that he was receiving just punishment for his crimes against Dafa, so he applied for a job transfer. Policewoman Ren Hongqiong persecuted practitioners and also became sick as retribution, which forced her to spend a lot of money to change her job.

Shui Chaojian, Police Chief in the Town of Fenshui, Suining City, Sichuan Province, received his punishment for persecuting Deng Fangjun, Liu Yanqun, Deng Lan and other practitioners. He was involved in two car accidents, where he suffered a broken arm and had to be hospitalized. Later he was also arrested for taking bribes.

Party Secretary Yan Hai from the Yutuo Oil Extraction Factory in Liaohe County received retribution for his persecution of practitioners. Since beginning to persecute Dafa practitioners, his health deteriorated rapidly. His face grew distorted, becoming elongated, fleshless and very pale. Yu Wen, in charge of the brainwashing class, suffered a heart attack. Han Shouwen, who was often made insulting remarks about Dafa, also suffered a heart attack. Police officer Chen Mingda, who often mistreats practitioners, one day suddenly began having sharp stomach pains and perspiring profusely.

Policeman Guo from Changling Detention Center was especially vicious and hated Dafa, savagely beating practitioners who were illegally detained in the jail. A few days ago, he was sentenced to prison for beating a farmer to death.