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Cruel Treatment of Practitioners at Chongqing Women's Labor Camp

January 26, 2002 |  


1. In August 2000, because Falun Dafa practitioner Li Xiuying said, "Falun Dafa is a Righteous Fa" in the Award and Punishment Conference of her department, police officer Yan Liping ordered someone to gag her mouth with a dirty rag. She also harshly slapped practitioner Li's face and, together with some prisoners of the labor camp, locked her in the dining center to punch and kick her. After practitioner Li was extensively beaten, they tied her up and locked her in a dark cell. Afterwards, she was locked in a small cell and handcuffed for 9 days. She was handcuffed to her bed even while sleeping, and hasn't been allowed to wash or bathe.

2. On September 26, 2000, in order to get back the many new articles published by Master which had been taken away by the police, Falun Dafa practitioner Huang Sulan risked her life to protect Dafa by requesting the return of all her stolen property. However, the police incited the drug addict prisoners to beat her up and torture her. She was also handcuffed and locked in a small cell for 9 days.

3. To treasure Dafa and resist the persecution, all the detained practitioners automatically began a hunger strike. The police locked up 5 practitioners, including Xiang Zhongyao, Liu Tiansu, Yang Riqin and Li Xiuying and others on the fourth floor of the Third Middle Team with no explanation and isolated them for 3 months. In order to cover the persecution, they covered their actions with the deception of calling the treatment an "Educational Class." They put the room under surveillance 24 hours a day. Once, practitioner Li Xiuying went downstairs to meet other practitioners and was seen by Yan Zhongqiong, who was a prisoner and drug addict. He caught Li Xiuying and beat her severely. Several of his accomplices (Zhou Guoqing, Zhang Qing, and Huang Jua) came as well and punched and kicked her. Right after they beat her up, they violently dragged her back to the fourth floor. Practitioner Li's head became swollen and her lower backside and legs were injured badly. This brutal behavior was witnessed by four practitioners who were locked together with practitioner Li. They used their own bodies to protect practitioner Li and sternly warned the thugs that no beatings should be allowed, which made the brutes very angry. They attacked whoever cried "no beatings" and gagged their mouths, seized them by the throat, smashed their heads on the iron bed, etc. Upon seeing this, practitioner Liu Tiansu ran to the window and cried, "Team leaders! They are beating people!" She was then pulled away from the window by these insane drug addicts. They also pressed her body down, gagged her mouth and gripped her by the throat.

Over a 3-month period, they have been hanging from handcuffs for nearly a month. During this month alone, once for 5 days, and once for 2 days, they were hung with handcuffs continuously without being released even at night. They were also sorely deprived of sleep. During other times, they were hung during the day, and handcuffed to their beds between midnight and 6 a.m. in the morning.

4. In January 2001, because she protected a banner with "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" written on it, police officer Wu Chunmei ordered prisoners to drag Dafa practitioner Jian Ping to the first floor of Third Middle Team. The drug addicts pulled her sweater over her face and shoved her onto the ground in order to strike and kick her. Due to the beating, practitioner Jian's legs and hips were severely injured; however, the thugs continued to torment her, saying that she was just pretending to be injured and forcing her to walk around the yard. Practitioner Jian moved her injured and disabled feet with great difficulty and was so terribly beaten that she could have fallen to the ground at any time.

5. From April to August 2001, Dafa practitioner Zhang Meiwen was persecuted by police for 4 months because she didn't stand up to count off in roll call. The team leader cursed and beat her. For half a month two policemen hung her to a high bunk bed with handcuffs, didn't allow her to wash or bathe and tortured her from morning to night. Because she refused to wear the jail's uniform, the police tore off her upper clothes and dragged her to the aisle to humiliate her. With the encouragement of the police, a group of prisoners ripped off many practitioners' clothes, leaving them in their underwear, and beat them. Practitioner Liu's labor camp uniform was covered with blood and extensively tattered due to the beatings. Finally they even tore her clothes to shreds and beat her terribly. They smashed her head on the concrete floor and harshly pressed her body against the floor; then they tied her up and insulted her. This is the "civilized management" of the labor camp. Even now, practitioner Liu's hands are still damaged and disabled.

6. The police tried to force practitioner Li Guangxiu to succumb to pressure from a brainwashing team but Li refused; therefore they handcuffed her for many days. One night during that period, police said that because Li pulled her hands out of the handcuffs, she intended to escape, so they violently pulled her out of the upper bunk to take her outside of the cell. Practitioner Li requested to put on her regular clothes and shoes, as she had been handcuffed while in bed and it was very cold during December. The police, along with some other guards on duty, would not listen to her but dragged her outside and furiously kicked and punched her. Their fists and kicks came down on practitioner Li's body like a heavy rainstorm, but the compassionate Li Guangxiu silently endured. Afterwards the thugs dragged her down from the third floor to their office while beating her continuously along the way. These red-eyed depraved beasts were merciless. They stomped on her feet with their leather shoes and kicked her repeatedly, tearing a huge hole in her pants.

7. Practitioner Mo Shuijin is over 60 years old. She was tortured to the point of vomiting blood in the labor camp. In the hot summer the thugs forced her to stay under the grueling sun. In just 3 months, she was tortured to the point of becoming unrecognizable. Only 20 days after she was released, she died.

8. Since October 8 of 2001, almost every day, people crying, "Don't beat Falun Dafa practitioners" can be heard from different floors.

9. On August 27, in the so-called democratic life meeting, a practitioner declared, "I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner and I request to be released unconditionally." For this, the vicious thugs punished her by forcing her to kneel down from early in the morning until after 11 p.m. To resist this unjust treatment, all practitioners in the Third Middle Team began a hunger strike. Now all practitioners were gathered in the Fourth Team. In order to protect the sacred Dafa, and to secure the release of all practitioners as soon as possible, hunger strikes have continued to this day.

10. Now the Fourth Team is completely sealed. Every floor is isolated from the other floors and every cell is isolated from other cells. Even the guards of different groups are not allowed to communicate with each other. Whenever someone cries out "Do not beat Dafa practitioners," the police immediately turn up the volume of a television to hide the truth.

11. What happened in the Fourth Team (brainwashing team) of the labor camp?

For money and for the benefit of the labor camp and the team, without considering the health of the prisoners in the labor camp, the police forced the prisoners (including Falun Dafa practitioners) to handle an extremely poisonous chemical without a gas mask or any type of protection, causing the prisoners to cough intensively, vomit and have high fever, etc.

The above are just a few of the facts of what Chongqing Falun Dafa practitioners are suffering. We hope compassionate people will pay attention to this.