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Brutal Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp, Qiqihar City

January 24, 2002 |  


Torture and Brainwashing

Whoever practices the Falun Dafa exercises will be locked into a small cell, where one's hands are cuffed backwards behind the bed stand, making it impossible to stand or sit. One must squat and be watched by the regular criminals. Some practitioners were forced to squat in that position for more than 20 days. Meanwhile, they are only fed twice a day, with a flour bun that is less than 100 grams and one piece of preserved vegetable that is the length of a finger. Since there is no soup given at the meal, and the cuffs are not unlocked, the practitioners are hand fed by criminal inmates. Later, the practitioners went on hunger strike until the villains freed them from their handcuffs. Meanwhile, showers and family visits are not allowed, and the police threaten the criminal inmates that their sentence terms will be extended if they cannot do a good job "watching" the practitioners.

Some practitioners were handcuffed backwards to a board such that they have no choice but to squat and kneel. In this manner, a 59 years old female practitioner from Mudanjiang city, named Jin Chunxian, was cuffed for one whole day and night. When she debated with the leader of the duty team, Fu Shuangyan, Fu said handcuffs would be removed only if they wrote a guarantee letter promising they would give up the practice of Falun Gong. However, none of the practitioners would write such a letter. Jin's knee swelled severely and her skin became bruised. She was handcuffed for 4 days, and her feet lost all sensation.

Dafa practitioners were hung up on an air conditioning pipe or hung up on an outside beam, or on the door. Female Dafa practitioner Cui Xuemin is a very determined and faithful practitioner, therefore, they cuffed her for 21 days, but even all kinds of torture failed to move her determination to practice. The evil propaganda was unable to deceive her. Finally, she was able to win over the philosophy professor whom the detention centre had invited to brainwash her. After many rounds of brainwashing and attempted thought control, the professor said, "I cannot turn her mind around, if I continue to try to turn her mind around, my mind will be turned around by her!"

Abuse of Human Rights

The Team Two leaders Wang Yan and Wang Yujing were very effective at lying. Every time they would trick the practitioners into believing they were going to have an interview, when in fact, they would ask "transformed practitioners" who have turned away from Dafa, to attack the practitioners and force them to listen to what they say while beating the practitioners' faces.

They deceive these practitioners, search their bodies and confiscate their pens and papers. Phone calls, letters and family visits are not allowed.

They extended their sentence terms illegally if any practitioners refused to give up the practice. At a meeting for people who have given up their practice, 5 Dafa practitioners revealed the deceitful deeds that the Shuanghe police have committed. Therefore the Shuanghe leaders redirected the practitioners to the First and Second Detention Centre in Qiqihar to illegally jail them for more than 5 months on top of their original sentence. Isn't this a breach of human rights and constitutional laws!?

In the year 2000, vice leader Hong Zhenquan gathered all determined Dafa practitioners and asked the police to read them a newspaper article. Some practitioners refused to listen, so Hong extended their terms for 6 months, some for 3 months. The police threatened them with electric-shock batons forcing the practitioners to squat in the corridor to listen. By law, the detention center can only extend sentences by as much as 3 months. Furthermore, they must follow a formal procedure and let the person know the reason for the extension. Their extensions of Dafa practitioners' sentence terms failed to follow any legal procedure and they only see the law as a toy.