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The Horrible Actions of a "610" Office at Sanyi Town of Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province

January 21, 2002 |  


It was past 8 o'clock in the evening of June 29th, 2000. Zhou Kui, the secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in Sanyi Town of Pengzhou City, took about 5 lawless thugs to Dafa practitioner Tan Yanfang's home. They asked her to come out and without any reason and forced her into a car parked 40 meters away from her house. The evil thugs of Sanyi Town Government have illegally detained Tan for more than 10 months. There are three other practitioners kept together with Tan, their names are Xiang Fangzhen, Chen Rong and Jiang Fumin.

During these 10 months, Tan Yanfang suffered all kinds of severe torture and physical abuse. For example, she was put in a position where she would be bitten by swarms of mosquitoes. She was kept under the burning sun, and forced to kneel on a charcoal slag. Cold water was poured on top of her head in the winter. She was starved and drug out into the cold at midnight. The vicious thugs from Sanyi Town government tried every means, but they could not make Tan Yanfang give up practicing Falun Dafa.

Then they asked her to pay a so-called "fine" of 10,500 Yuan RMB before they would release her. Tan Yanfang said, "Dafa teaches us to be good people, we didn't do anything wrong, what's the reason for the fine? You illegally turned a government building, which is for serving people, into a jail. People are kept in here illegally. Government offices have become a place to torture good people. You ignored the laws and trampled on human rights, you are the real evil!" Then, the government party secretary Chen Quanjin became very angry and he asked another group of thugs to beat Tan severely.

Then, the vicious thugs asked her husband to pay the fine. Her husband asked them to show him the relevant documents before he paid the fine. The thug Chen Quanjin said flustered, "Jiang told us to collect the fines." Since he could not get the money, the evil Chen Quanjin ordered all of the government staff to go to Tan Yanfang's home and rob them. They also notified Policeman Zeng Jun and 5 or 6 other misguided policemen to block both ends of the street. Led by Zhou Kui, the Sanyi Town government staff arrived at Tan Yanfang's home in a big truck. Then they broke into the home to rob them. Tan's husband said angrily, "What is the reason for the robbery, and which law or rule did Tan offend!" The thugs did not let him say anything more. They pushed him into a corner and punched him twice.

Tan Yanfang's mother-in-law (78-years-old) heard the noise and came out to see that Chen Yongxiu and some other thugs were taking away her sewing machine. (Tan Yanfang's family sews for a living.) The old lady went up and tried to take the sewing machine back. The thugs firmly pressed her to the ground. The old lady went pale, had trouble breathing and her lips turned purple. One of the onlookers said, "Stop, otherwise she might be in danger." Then the thug stopped. When one young man called to the old lady and tried to help her, the thugs punched and kicked him too. Therefore, most of the onlookers dared not say anything though they felt the injustice. Thus, the thugs from the government robbed 5,000 Yuan worth of things. After that, the old lady was sick for over two months.

On May 8th, 2001, Tan Yanfang strongly requested to go home. The thugs would not let her. They even beat her viciously. Even though she was suffering such hardships, Tan Yanfang held to her benevolence and clarified the truth to them. She told them that, "Doing good deeds will be rewarded with good and doing bad deeds will receive retribution, this is the law of heaven." She also told them to stop committing crimes. To treasure Dafa is to treasure one's own life.

In Sanyi Town, many Dafa practitioners suffered the same kind of persecution as Tan Yanfang did.