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Latest News From China - 1/11/2002

January 21, 2002 |  


1. [Beijing] Practitioner Xiong Wei Kidnapped by the Police

Xiong Wei, a female practitioner from Beijing, had previously studied and worked in Germany. In the afternoon of January 5, she was kidnapped by police officers while distributing truth-clarifying literature in Haidian District of Beijing. She was detained in Qinghe County, and the police searched her living quarters. Because they found Falun Dafa literature at her home, they took her husband (also a practitioner) away. Later on, because he is a key employee in his workplace, a company specializing in computer applications, they released him on bail supplied by his company. Currently he is confined to his workplace. Xiong's brother learned of this news when he called his parents from overseas. Their parents were so badly frightened by this event that their mother suffered a heart attack and laid in bed without eating or drinking for 3 days.

2. [Yitong County, Jilin Province] More Than 10 Detained Practitioners on Hunger Strike to Protest Brutal Persecution in Detention Center

More than 10 practitioners detained in Yitong County Detention Center are currently on a hunger strike to protest against the brutal persecution. Their situation is very urgent. To date, they have suffered 6 days of barbaric force-feeding. Liu Wei, the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Yitong County, who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, delivered his orders to the detention center, "It's OK as long as they do not die from force-feeding." They also keep relatives from seeing detained practitioners. Practitioner Chen Jingru's relative brought Chen's 10-year-old son when he went to the detention center to request Chen's release. The police not only refused to let them meet with Chen but a policeman even grabbed the boy by the throat.

The following practitioners are part of the group on hunger strike: Chen Jingru, female; Li Zhongye, male; Wang Dandan, female; Wang Dandan's husband; Wang Taimin, male; Li Weimin, male; Zhao Fenglan, female. Among them, Li Jingye, Wang Dandan and her husband, and Wang Taimin have been detained since before October 1, 2001.

We are hereby appealing to all kindhearted people to join us in saving these innocent practitioners' lives.

The contact information of those involved in persecuting practitioners:

Li Qiang, the Secretary of Yitong County, 86-434-4229888 (home)

Liu Wei, the Vice-Secretary of Yitong County, 86-434-4222864 (home), 86-434-4223210 (office), 13904354698 (cell phone)

Yitong Detention Center, 86-434-4228600

The Political and Legal Commission of Yitong County, 86-434-4220610

Chen, the Chief of Yitong County Public Security Bureau, 86-434-4224869

Geeing Dezhi, the head of Yitong Detention center, 86-434-4223705 (home)

Yao Cheng, a policemen working in the detention center

Detention Center Head Zhen Dezhi beats practitioners personally and has ordered his subordinates to torture practitioners on many occasions. Liu Wei is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in Yitong County.

3. [Changsha, Hunan Province] Professor Gao Desi of Hunan Finance and Economics University Detained For 9 Months

Professor Gao Desi, over 70, is former vice-head of Hunan Province Falun Dafa Assistance Center. In late December 2000, he went to Yiyang and Anhua District to promote Dafa several times. He did many good things to help fellow practitioners join in validating Dafa and "assisting Teacher in his journey in this world" ("Assisting the Fa" from Hongyin). In April 2001, Yiyang Public Security Bureau detained him as a "criminal case." To date, he has already been illegally detained for about 9 months.

4. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Practitioners In Fenjing Labor Camp Validate Dafa On New Year's Day

On New Year's Day 2001, practitioners in seven cells in Fenjing Labor Camp simultaneously recited "Lunyu" aloud. The officers of the labor camp were so shocked by their resounding voices that they ordered inmates to drag out and beat the practitioners. The practitioners still kept reciting, and their voices reverberated across the entire labor camp. A few inmates were moved to tears by such a magnificent act, admiring the practitioners' courage from the bottom of their hearts. Later, they protected and helped the practitioners. When they found out that the labor camp was going to use new persecution tactics or search for Teacher's articles in the cells, they risked their lives to let practitioners know beforehand. When some inmates stole practitioners' personal belongings or intentionally refused to return the money borrowed from practitioners for a long time, they reported these activities to the officers. When they were on duty in the cells, they shielded practitioners from view while they were communicating with each other.

5. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Practitioner Steps Forward to Reveal the Brutal Torture in Changchun Forced Labor Camp

During July 2000 in Changchun Forced Labor Camp, bureau level officials held a meeting with more than 80 people including disciplinary guards and practitioners. During the meeting, one official displayed some truth revealing articles printed from Clearwisdom and claimed that what the articles said about the labor camps, "torturing Dafa practitioners, seven practitioners crowded into one bed, and disciplinary guards using electric batons to shock practitioners," was not true. I immediately stood up and told this official that what Clearwisdom said was true. He told me to come to the front of the room and asked, "How could one bed hold seven people?" I said, "Usually five people sitting in one bed is very crowded. But the guards force two more people to sit in the middle, kick everyone on the bed inwards forcefully, and finally the people are sitting and laying on each other's bodies. The people who were in the middle had deep marks on their lower backs from the forceful pushing. Besides suffering such crowded and painful positions, practitioners were locked in a cell with the door and windows tightly closed. In this torturous way, a small cell held more than 20 people. If a person moves a little to get temporary relief from this painful position, the guards would beat him." The official let me go back to my seat. Two other practitioners, Han Yuzhu and Jiao Shoutong, testified that they were shocked by a guard using electric batons, and that a guard forced Jiao Shoutong to take his clothes off. The tortures the official found so unbelievable were all proved to be true. Not long after the meeting, that guard was fired. Several months ago, this guard was given a harsh sentence for raping a young girl.

6. [Northern China] Government Officials Ludicrously Hire Ordinary People to Attend Anti-Falun Gong Brainwashing Class

A village near a small coastal city in Northern China could not get Dafa practitioners to attend their anti-Falun Gong brainwashing classes. To obey and cooperate with the 610 Office [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches], the village officials sent ordinary people to the brainwashing classes. They offered the people free meals and accommodation plus three days salary. In this way, they reported to the higher authorities a "job well done."

7. [Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province] Public Security Bureau Extorts Money from Practitioners to Relieve Their Financial Difficulties

According to a reliable source in the local Public Security Bureau, the bureau got the order from higher authorities that every work unit must guarantee that no practitioners in its district will go to Beijing to appeal. Currently the 610 Office has dispatched police from all of the police stations to adopt the method used last year (January 17, 2001) of sending police to every practitioner's home to coerce the practitioner into promising not to practice Falun Gong, and not to go to Beijing to appeal. Otherwise, the practitioner will be arrested and extorted. The authorities hope to resolve their financial difficulties in this manner.

8. [Masanjia, Liaoning Province] Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Demands "Report of Thoughts" from Released Practitioners

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is requiring every released person who was previously brainwashed to write a monthly "Report of Thoughts" and send it back to the labor camp. If two months pass without submitting a report, the person will be arrested by their local police station or public security bureau and sent back to the labor camp for another round of brainwashing. The labor camp wants to use this regulation to tightly control those brainwashed people.

9. [China] A Policeman Says, "Wang Bing Died from Injustice"

On November 12, 2001, I went to the local forced labor camp to handle some personal business. Ms. Wang and I were waiting at the gate when a man walked through the gate. When he saw Ms. Wang, he said, "You look familiar, you are...?" She said, "Wang Bing and I were a couple." They then held each other's hands and cried. The man said, "Wang Bing died from injustice. Such a good person was beaten to death. I was there when it happened. I know everything about it. If there is anything you want to know, I can be your witness."

10. [Dalian, Liaoning] Despicable Measures Taken by Dalian Forced Labor Camp

In the last year, the evil forces were so afraid that practitioners would go to Beijing to appeal, expose the evil, and clarify the truth that they threatened people and forced passengers on the trains to curse Teacher. Their outrageous behavior ignited people's anger. They had to stop because so many strongly objected. But in December 2001, Dalian Forced Labor Camp adopted the same practices again after their anti-Falun Gong brainwashing failed to work.

December 25 and 26 were visitation days. The practitioners' families were required to sign fabricated documents defaming Dafa and Teacher; otherwise, they would not be allowed to visit. The labor camp explained, "To get a practitioner to give up Falun Gong is too hard."

11. [Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Local Government Officials Brutally Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Zhu Qingwen, Mayor of Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province openly said on TV that he would struggle with Falun Gong to the end. Since then, many Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally arrested.

Practitioner Zang Dianlong, 38, was arrested when he went to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. He escaped from the Shuangcheng Office in Beijing and had to live on the street to avoid persecution. On December 2, 2001, the Shuangcheng 610 Office and Zhanbei Police Station held a meeting and decided, "When Zang is found, the police can open fire if they can't catch him. It is OK if he is killed." The next day the police and other officials started a manhunt for him.

Practitioner Jiang Xiuying was released from Wanjia Labor Camp in October 2001. At 5áp.m. on December 29, 2001, she went out to distribute Dafa material and was caught by the police who were watching her door. She is now detained at Shuangcheng Detention Center.

The Shuangcheng 610 Office arrested practitioners Guo Fenglan and her son Han Jun. Zhang Guofu led the search of her house and stole her gold and silver jewelry. The two practitioners were brutally tortured, and we do not know if they are still alive.

We hope that the international human rights organizations and kind people will pay attention to these matters. We hope Falun Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil and help fellow practitioners escape from this den of evil soon.

12. [Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province] The Politics and Security Section in Mishan Police Department Commits a Crime on New Year's Day

In the evening of January 3, 2002, personnel from the Politics and Security Section illegally forced their way into the house of practitioner Xue, male, 27. They forcefully charged Xue and his wife Chi (25) with "suspicion of distributing Falun Dafa material," although they did not find any evidence in their house. They took the couple to the police station, leaving their two-year-old child alone at home, and tried to forcefully coerce a confession. The couple did not cooperate with the evil, and Chi was forced to jump from the fifth floor. She was knocked unconscious and sent to Mishan People's Hospital for treatment. She was diagnosed with a ruptured blood vessel in her brain, and she suffered neck and face trauma. She underwent a tracheotomy to save her life. She is being kept alive by a respirator and in critical condition. The Politics and Security Section forced her family to pay all of her medical expenses and sent plainclothes police to closely monitor her in the hospital. Her relatives were unreasonably denied visitation rights and threatened.

Mishan Police Department held a one day meeting to discuss this incident. It is apparently not as simple as just jumping from the building. Currently Xue is being illegally held at the detention center, and nobody is allowed to see him. The details are under investigation.

Mishan Police Chief: 86-467-5223477

Mishan Police Department Political Commissar: 86-467-5223183 Liu Qin

Mishan Police Department Politics and Security Section: 86-467-5230149, Meng Qingqi, Du Yongshan, Li Gang

Mishan People's Hospital Chief: 86-467-5222880

Mishan People's Hospital Party Secretary: 86-467-5222636

Mishan People's Hospital Office: 86-467-5224012

13. [Changchun, Jilin Province] Practitioner Li Yueying Illegally Arrested Again

Li Yueying, female, 27, a teacher at Jilin Province Transportation Professional Technology School, was arrested again before the New Year of 2002. We do not know where she is now. She just made a "Solemn Declaration," invalidating her renouncement of Dafa and announcing her intention to become a Dafa practitioner again.

In order to prevent Li from going to Beijing to appeal, during "sensitive days," authorities from her school and local police station planned to detain her. In October 1999, authorities from her school barred her from teaching because she practiced Falun Dafa. She was detained three times. In November 2000, she was illegally sentenced to labor camp for one year. In March 2001, she agreed to quit practicing Falun Gong and was then released to an "outside aid and education" program with her family's involvement. In July 2001, she applied to get her job back and the school authorities agreed to let her teach again under certain conditions. In September 2001, she decided to practice Falun Dafa again. She distributed Falun Dafa CDs to her colleagues. Recently, someone reported that she was practicing Falun Dafa. The authorities at her school intend to bar her from teaching and have been discussing how to further persecute her.

The school address: Changchun Chaoyang district, 63 Diantai Street, Jilin Transportation Professional Technology School, Zip code: 130012

Telephone: (86-431-)

Zhang Gengfa, Party Secretary: 5541098 (o) 8955606 (h)

Miao Qinggui, Principal of the School: 5541088 (o) 5959918 (h)

Gao Shude, Assistant Principal: 5541078 (o) 7668724 (h)

Bai Shuyi (female), Administration Office 5541069 (o) 5300886 (h)

Zhou Xiaoping, Director of Basic Science Department: 5541083 (o) 5950867 (h)

Yan Hua (female), Party Secretary of Basic Science Department: 5541072 (o) 5622136 (h)

Ge Zhenshan, Director of the school police department: 5541104, 5541105 (o) 5959558 (h)

Qian Ying, Director of Publicizing Department: 5541031; Staff member Zhang Guomin. The last two people made posters many times that slander Falun Dafa and hung them in the school, which widely poisoned teachers and students.

Mengjia Police Station: Guo Ruidong (in charge of resident registration), telephone: 5512487, cell: 138-44138313

14. [Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Latest Round of Persecution in Mudanjiang City

On December 12, 2001, Yangmin Court of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province put 5 practitioners on trial. Early in the morning, Fang Shuyun and many other practitioners came to the courthouse. At nine o'clock in the morning, the police arrested Fang, punching and kicking her, and took her away after the court adjourned. No one knew her whereabouts until two months later when it was said that she had been held at Xinglong Detention Center, Mudanjiang City, where she remains to this day.

Dongchun Police Station, Dongan Subdivision, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province took practitioner Zhu Yan into custody while she was posting truth-clarifying materials on December 31, 2001. She is being held at Xinglong Detention Center, Mudanjiang City.

On January 8, 2002, police from Aimin Subdivision of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province forced their way into practitioner Hou Lihua's home and took her into custody. The police did not even allow her to put on her coat, and she was taken away with no warm clothing in this freezing cold. No one knows where she is now.

Zhang Qiuyang, Mayor of Mudanjiang City

Phone number: 86-453-6529988 (Office)

86-453-6533939 (Home)

Li Changqing, Party Secretary of the 610 Office

Phone number: 86-453-6549610 (Office)

86-453-6522091 (Home)

Aimin Police Subdivision

Phone number: 86-453-6592401

Yangming Police Station Subdivision Chief

Phone number 86-453-6338698

Yangming Police Station

Phone number 86-453-633417474

Dongan Subdivision, Dongchun Police Station

Phone number 86-453-646350

15. [Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Police Takes Practitioners Away from Family Members Who Need Them

Police arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Yueshan and his wife Cao Shuwen of Dalian Economic Development Zone, leaving their school-aged child home alone. Police also arrested practitioner Shen Yue and her husband Liu Chunzheng, leaving an 85-year-old parent at home.

16. [Baihe Township, Jilin Province] Phone Numbers of the People That Caused the Death of Practitioner Wang Tiesong

Shen Wanghu, Director of Yanbian Forced Labor Camp

Phone number 86-433-261-4385

Address: Yanji City, 174 Tuanjie Road, 133000

Xu Zhanshan Deputy Chief of Baihe Bureau of Forestry, Jilin Province

Phone number: 86-433-571-8205 or 86-433-571-8207

Fax 86-433-571-8431 or 86-433-571-8138

Yanji City Local Courthouse Hotline: 86-433-251-1844, 86-433-251-2184

Yanji City Judiciary Bureau Hotline: 86-433-251-4441, 86-433-251-5519

Yanji City Public Security Bureau: 86-433-256-5109

Address: Jilin Province, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region, Yanji City, 7áGuangming Street

Che Zhongri, Associate Party Secretary of Yanji City, and acting Mayor.

Geng Chengri, standing member of the party's commission and party secretary of the Political and Legal Department.


Qiu Gongchen, Vice-mayor of Yanji City

Jin Guangzhen, Bureau Chief of Yanji City Public Security Bureau

Yanbian Forced Labor Camp: 86-433-261-4385

Management 86-433-261-7847

Department Responsible for Falun Gong Issues 86-433-261-4180

President's Office, Yanbian Hospital 86-433-266-0001

Administrative Office, Yanbian Hospital 86-433-266-0053

Department of Medical Affairs, Yanbian Hospital 86-433-266-0010

Respiratory Department, Yanbian Hospital 86-433-266-0064

Emergency Room, Yanbian Hospital 86-433-266-0120

17. [Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Elementary School Teachers Arrested

Practitioners Liu Guiqin and Guo are teachers at the First Elementary School of Babaishang Township, Daqing. For the past two years a group of people, led by principal Su Fajun, have persecuted the Falun Dafa practitioners. They suspended their salaries and bonuses, deprived them of their right to teach, and forced the practitioners to do janitorial work at the school and cook in the cafeteria. In addition, from December 25 to 28, while the practitioners were clarifying the truth at the school, Su Fajun called the police, who took them to the local detention center. Su Fajun suffered a stroke as retribution for his wrongdoings. After he was released from the hospital, he still could not speak clearly. However, he refuses to listen to the practitioners who use all means to clarify the truth to him and continues to persecute them.

On December 30, 2001, around 9 a.m., practitioner Li Bingying was kidnapped by a policeman while he was clarifying the truth. Six days have passed and no one has heard from him.