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The Characteristics of Jiang and Cancer Cells

January 21, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.Net) I once saw an experiment on TV where scientists implanted cancer cells into various body tissues of mammals. They found that the cancer cells could absorb nutrients and grow rapidly inside any type of tissue in the body. What rapidly growing cancer cells means to a life is rather obvious.

This made me think of Jiang and his regime.

It is not only Falun Gong that the evil of Jiang's regime damages. In China, tens of thousands of workers have recently lost their jobs, and farmers are bearing heavy burdens. Even the "Focal Point" show on CCTV, Jiang's propaganda tool, reported on the plight of farmers. Peasants in some parts of China worked hard all year, but they still had nothing left after paying taxes, and some had to borrow money to pay the taxes. The judicial system does not safeguard the Constitution, defend justice, or protect the people. It only protects Jiang's dictatorship and serves as another tool. Subsequently, various unfair and false verdicts happen one after another. Once the "News Investigation" show on CCTV reported a tragic story about an ordinary young man Fan Li who was brought to the police station and died within eight hours. From the local to the central governments, no one would cooperate with an investigation, much less press charges. One can see that there is no democracy or law under Jiang's rule.

Therefore, it is not hard to visualize the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Falun Gong does not get involved in politics or economics. Practitioners only truly cultivate themselves to be kind people and never compete for worldly matters, yet they have been persecuted relentlessly. It has been reported that 340 practitioners have died as result of the persecution. According to the Chinese government's internal records, more than 1,000 practitioners have been arrested, beaten, and died in their custody. More than 50,000 have been sent to labor camps without trial. Countless practitioners have been sent to mental hospitals or became homeless in order to avoid the persecution. Jiang is utilizing people to commit crimes against Dafa and further pushing the Chinese people to the edge of being eliminated. This is indeed extremely evil.

Jiang acts the same as cancer cells. Greedily, he takes the fruits of the people's labor and will destroy the people eventually. Not only tens millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China, but all Chinese people as well as overseas business investors have been hurt by his policies. The economy in China is the natural result of the society's development. Had the Jiang regime, the cancer cells, not existed, China would already have taken off and become the center of the world's economy. However, the evil conducts of these cancer cells have left the economy in China like an empty shell, filled with nothing but massive debts. If you do not believe this, please do some in-depth investigating. If one is willing to do some unbiased research and compare the economic development in Taiwan in the same period as well as the United States' economic development to China's, it is easy to see how under the leadership of Jiang, the corrupt officials in China are destroying China's social foundation, damaging the economic development, and stealing money from innocent people's pockets.

The world must know the evil of Jiang's regime. What we are doing is not getting involved in politics but exposing evil. It is for the sake of those people who have illusions about the Chinese economy, so they would not suffer terrible losses. It is to save more people.

Jiang and his regime are the cancer cells of the earth. We must eliminate them and prevent them from spreading.

"As Dafa disciples, in the current situation you have to clarify the truth to people of the world and expose the evil, thereby safeguarding Dafa." ("Suggestion" unofficial translation)