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Complete Failure of the Brainwashing Class Organized by the "610 Office" in Changping District, Beijing

January 14, 2002 |   Dafa Practitioners in Changping District, Beijing

(Clearwisdom.net) The "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Changping District, Beijing City, held a two-day brainwashing class at the end of 2001. The purpose of the brainwashing class was to ruin the practitioners' cultivation practice and mislead practitioners by using torture, lies, and propaganda. However, the majority of people, as well as many work units, resisted this activity. Many Dafa practitioners continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Meanwhile, they took a variety of good opportunities to clarify the truth to ordinary people and save sentient beings. In the end, the brainwashing class organized by the "610 Office" was a failure.

On December 19, 2001, only ten out of the 170 people who were supposed to attend the brainwashing class showed up. This is evidence that all the brainwashing work conducted by the "610 Office" of Changping District in the year 2001 using high pressure and lies has been in vain and was a failure. It manifests what Master Li Hongzhi has said, "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts."

One of the participants went to the meeting for the purpose of announcing his "Solemn Declaration." He declared that his previous "transformation" was a mistake, and he told everyone at the meeting that Falun Dafa was really good. He told them how Dafa practice has benefited his body and mind. He also announced that his so-called "transformation" was a lie that deceived others, and devastated himself, which was irresponsible. He spoke on behalf of the others who had taken the wrong path as he had, declaring that they will all return to the righteous cultivation way, and assimilate themselves to "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance."

While genuine Dafa practitioners eliminate the evil with their righteous thoughts, they have actively clarified the truth of Dafa, and the persecution of Dafa practitioners, to local leaders, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and friends. Therefore, they have won greater support during this recent time. Many people who have strong predestined relationships with Dafa have come to understand Dafa from their heart, and some have begun practicing as a result.

Here we are telling Wang Zhenhua and other "610 Office" officials who are implementing state-terrorism that evil will meet with evil. If you do not stop persecuting Dafa practitioners immediately, what can only be awaiting you is an eternity of suffering. We are also advising those who have practiced Dafa, and who have betrayed Dafa, to come back to cultivation practice and return to your origin and true self as soon as possible. Do not ruin the opportunity you have waited countless lifetimes for.

The evil force has not accepted its failure and recently has been organizing another three-day "helping and teaching" program. They spy on Dafa practitioners using special agents in order to achieve the malicious goal of deceiving people continuously, and ruining people in the end. However, the evil will soon be eliminated completely through Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, and therefore save even more people.