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The Torture and Death of Li Mei and Li Jun in Anhui Province

January 14, 2002 |   By Weizhen

January 5, 2002

(Clearwisdem.net) Li Mei and all of her family members are Dafa practitioners, with the exception of her father. This includes her mother, elder sister, brother-in-law and a 5-year-old nephew. Since Jiang's regime started the persecution against Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, this kind and peaceful family has suffered cruel persecution. Li Mei and her elder sister Li Jun were both tortured to death. Their mother and brother-in-law are still illegally detained in prison, leaving only her old father and a 5-year-old child at home.

When Li Mei was young, she suffered from many kinds of diseases, making her every day life miserable. When she was 20-years-old, she went to those famous, ancient Buddhist temples looking for the true meaning of life. However, each time, she came back disappointed. One day she got a book entitled Zhuan Falun. She read the whole book non-stop, with tears in her eyes. Then she shouted to her family, "I found it, I finally found the answer!" From then on, smiles and happiness showed on her face, and her illnesses and pains quickly disappeared. In the factory where she worked, she voluntarily took heavy or dirty work assignments and gave up her bonus to other coworkers who had financial difficulties. Everyone loved this nice and kind girl. At home, she brought joy to each family member. At the practice site, although she was not a coordinator, she volunteered to assist others. She carried a tape player to the practice site every morning at 3 o'clock to have everything ready for fellow practitioners.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime suddenly attacked and slandered Falun Gong. Li Mei was shocked and deeply hurt. She and four other practitioners immediately went to the central government's Appeals and Complaint Office in Beijing to tell them the truth. However, police there illegally arrested them. She asked, "What is wrong with my coming here to tell the truth?" The reply was a vicious beating and a pair of handcuffs. Li Mei still smiled and advised the police who were beating her to do good deeds and told them that Falun Dafa is the righteous cultivation way. When she came back, she was detained for 15 days in a brainwashing class. As soon as she walked out of the brainwashing class, that very afternoon, she again undertook the journey to Beijing on foot. She had a kind wish: We must quickly explain the truth to the government.

She walked for two days. Although her feet were sore, she still kept walking late at night. She met two women on her way who asked her why such a young girl like her was walking at night. She told them the reason and the two kind women offered to let her stay at their home for the night. The thought of revealing the truth as early as possible was heavy on her mind. She got out of bed at 3:00 a.m., leaving behind the only valuable thing she had with her, a pair of wool pants. This was to show her appreciation to the house owner. She quietly went on with her journey. When the two women woke up, they were deeply moved. They got on their bikes and caught up with her. They asked her address and home phone number and immediately called her elder sister. Her sister, Li Jun, said, "If you want to go to Beijing, we shall all go together." A few days later, five Dafa practitioners from her family departed to Beijing. The whole family's kind and innocent hope was dashed. They were humiliated and profaned by Jiang's group and his followers. Police sent the whole family to a brainwashing class.

After their eventual release, in April of 2000, Li Mei was arrested and detained again for doing Falun Gong exercises outside in public. She finally realized that the evil old forces have no mercy! Only through Fa rectification can the evil be eliminated! After she was released from the detention center, Li Mei started to prepare to go to Beijing again. However, a misguided person turned her in to the authorities when she was making a Dafa banner at Bangbu City in Anhui Province. Once again, she was illegally put into a detention center.

In the detention center, Li Mei was handcuffed to her bed for insisting on doing the exercises. Mosquitoes swarmed over her body. Even the inmates found it too hard to watch. They secretly lit some mosquito-repellent incense for her. During the daytime, the guards forced her to do dirty and heavy labor, and used all kinds of cruel and dirty means to force her to curse Master and write an "affidavit letter," guaranteeing not to practice Falun Gong any more. If she refused, they would not allow her family members to visit her.

On January 3rd of the Chinese New Year, her mother and elder sister went to visit her, but the corrupt police officers refused their request. The elder sister openly asked a labor camp officer, "You forbid us to see her again and again. What is the reason and pursuant to what law do you do this? The law allows two visits per month! Why do you law enforcement people violate the law? The only explanation for refusing us a visit is that Li Mei is suffering from your persecution and torture, and you are afraid of us seeing your human rights violations!" The corrupt police personnel got mad, "You do not talk human rights here! We do not have any human rights to talk about. Let me tell you that Li Mei is currently under 'strict supervision.' We have two people watching her each day. Nobody will be allowed to see her."

On the afternoon of January 9th of the Chinese Year, the police authorities suddenly informed her family that Li Mei was at No.105 Hospital. Her family members got into the police van, but they were taken to a funeral home. Then the police told the family members that Li Mei "committed suicide by jumping off the building," and she should be immediately cremated. Her mother questioned, "Wasn't she under strict supervision? If there were people watching her each day, how could she jump off a building?" She insisted on prohibiting the immediate cremation, and requested a judicial medical examination for Li Mei in the presence of all family members. The police could not find any reason to refuse, so they agreed. However, the Governor of the Province came in person and directed the Police Department Chief to block all roads to the funeral home with dozens of police vehicles. Nobody, especially Falun Gong practitioners, were allowed to enter. Even close family members were strictly examined at the gate. It was said that Li Mei stopped breathing at 6:05 a.m. By the time her sister brought a change of clothes for her at 9:00 p.m., her body had already been placed in the cold winter weather for 15 hours. However, when Li Jun touched Li Mei's body, it was still warm, just like she was sleeping. The elder sister shouted in surprise, "She is still alive, her body is still warm, how can you cremate her?" The other family members touched the body and felt the warmth also. They asked the police in anger and sadness, "Would you want to cremate a living person? You can check for yourself." A female officer showed disbelief, she reached out her hand to touch the body and immediately retracted her hand as if she had touched an electrical wire. Her voice was trembling in fear, "It is really warm!" As she spoke, all police escaped into another room and dared not to come back anymore.

Li Mei's sister and other family members took this opportunity to closely examine her body. Finally, they found a two inch long incision under her chin. The sutures from the medical treatment were still there. Her abdomen had several cigarette-butt-sized spots. Tears flowed from the people at the scene. In crying, someone shouted in a low voice, "Heaven's laws will manifest! Heaven's laws will manifest!" The voice touched people's hearts. Li Mei's sister raised her head, "Everyone has seen this clearly. This is concrete evidence of the murder of a Dafa practitioner by the evil! This is also why Mei's body remains warm for 15 hours. My younger sister, you may be at ease now. We will continue doing what you have not finished."

As soon as Li Jun came home, the first thing she did was to record the facts about Li Mei being persecuted and illegally detained. She recorded the wound and scars they found on her body at the funeral home which served as evidence, indicating that Li Mei was tortured to death. The evidence would be disclosed to reveal the crimes committed by Jiang's group during the persecution against Falun Gong.

In the meantime, the wicked people were afraid that the family members would disclose the truth about Li Mei's death to the public. They rushed to Li Jun's family in order to cover up their deeds. But they were one step too late. Li Jun and her husband had already left home and arrived in Shanghai. They quickly found a job and settled down. They did what Dafa practitioners are supposed to do while working.

During the APEC Meeting in Shanghai, the police repeatedly checked and searched the city, house-by-house and person-by-person. Jiang's regime almost made Shanghai into a ghost city because they were afraid of leaders of other countries knowing the crimes they had committed. The Li Jun family did not step back. They took this rare opportunity to reveal the truth. Unfortunately they were both arrested.

The evil hated and feared Li Jun so much for having revealed the truth about her sister's death. We can imagine how much torture and abuse she suffers in jail. Soon, news came saying Li Jun was hospitalized for having a serious liver disease. Anyone who has met Li Jun, especially her family members and Dafa practitioners, knew that Li Jun had been in very good heath and did not have any diseases like that. While her family members were still on the way to visit Li Jun, news came saying Li Jun was in "critical condition" and was transferred to Hefei City Infectious Disease Hospital. When her family members finally arrived in the hospital, Li Jun was on the verge of death. She passed away in early December 2001.

Once again, enforcers of Jiang's group tortured another Dafa practitioner to death -- this time Li Mei's elder sister Li Jun. The insights into her murder will be revealed and made public. Good or evil will get its reward or retribution in the end.