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The Fa-rectification Path of Dafa Disciple Li Xiumei of Liaoning Province, Killed under the Persecution

January 01, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher said: "The path a Dafa disciple takes is a glorious history, and this history has to be created by his own enlightening ("Path")."

Dafa disciple Li Xiumei was an acquaintance of mine. Years ago, it was widely known that she suffered from many diseases. Upon obtaining Dafa in 1995, she strictly improved herself according to the requirements of Dafa and soon became completely free of illness. Since she benefited so much from Dafa, she wanted to spread and promote Dafa using her own experiences. Over the years, she carried a cassette player to her practice site daily, taught many new practitioners, and organized group Fa study, therefore providing a very good cultivation environment for all.

After the evil forces started persecuting Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, she decided to go to appeal in Beijing in April 2000 to demand justice for Dafa. On her way to Beijing she was arrested at the Dalian railway station and detained in a drug rehabilitation center for over 40 days. During her detention, she continued to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Refusing to comply with the evil's demands, she spent 12 days on a hunger strike. In the end, the evil could do nothing but release her. Since then, she actively engaged in distributing Dafa truth materials, making banners, spraying characters on the wall, writing truth-clarifying signs, and many other things. She would do whatever was good for Dafa and all beings.

Once, she went to distribute truth-clarifying materials at a bus station. After finishing distribution on four buses, she was approached by a woman who asked: "How dare you still distribute this?" Xiumei peacefully explained the truth to her and continued distributing the materials the rest of the morning.

One evening, after she finished distributing truth-clarifying materials on the fourth floor of a building, a man passed by her and went upstairs. After he found the truth-clarifying materials at his door, he ran down immediately and asked her: "Did you do this? It's so late in the night and you are so old already! Even if you do not care about your own safety, you should think of others." She said, "I'm doing this for your sake and for the sake of all people who still have righteous thoughts. I've taken the risk of being arrested, beaten, and sentenced to prison in order to bring you these truth-clarifying materials so that you can tell good from bad and choose a good future for yourself." The man was very moved by her words and said: "You should be careful in doing this in the future. Take care!"

Once when she was distributing truth-clarifying materials in a high-rise building, two women went after her and threatened to dial 110 and report her to the police. Whenever she encountered such situations, she would clarify the truth to the people and tell them about "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." After they learned that what was played on TV was false propaganda, they naturally understood good from bad and could distinguish the righteous from the evil. To give more beings the chance of being saved, she wasted no time, day or night, in good or bad weather, always offering salvation to the precious beings.

Once, when she was posting a truth-clarifying sign in the corridor of a building, a woman came out, stared at it and asked: "Does it serve any use for you to post this?" Xiumei patiently answered, "Yes, go read it and you will understand. To eliminate the evil is to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. After the evils are eliminated, a person's kind nature will emerge and he will not commit bad deeds and wreck the country. When people become good in their hearts, the society will be stable. Only when a person has a good thought towards Dafa will his life have a good future." Finally, the woman asked, "Is it true?" Xiumei replied, "Yes, it's true. Every character and every sentence is true. If you don't know it, it's because you have not read Zhuan Falun." The woman said, "I believe what you say." As she was leaving, the woman said to her, "You must be more careful and not let the bad people see you (doing this)." Xiumei replied, "Thank you. When the Fa is rectified and the world celebrates together, I will come to see you again."

On May 12, 2001, Li Xiumei went to Beijing for the third time to assist with Fa-rectification, eliminate the evil, and unfold banners. On the returning train, she discovered a man observing her. So she started sending forth righteous thoughts. The man immediately became restless and started to contact the train driver and make phone calls with his cellular phone. She used her wisdom to get off the train halfway through her trip, and returned home safely.

Whenever a "sensitive date" arrived, the evil would try to harass her without fail. They said they did so because she was an assistant and was put on the blacklist by the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems). This past March, her local police station and residential committee attempted to brainwash her. Instead, she stayed firm in cultivation, refused to write a "guarantee" letter, refused to comply with the evil's demands, and escaped to her home. Several days later, she tried to go back to fetch something. On her way home she was arrested by the police and illegally jailed for 39 days.

This July, the police from her local police station arrived at her home and violently took her away. At that time, she was having diarrhea and looked very bad. When she was taken down and out of the building, all her neighbors on the site said, "She looks so sick. Don't you have any bit of conscience by treating people like that?" Seeing that everyone was talking like that, the wicked police felt at a loss as to what to do but asked for instructions from the director. They then lied to the neighbors, saying they were taking her to the doctor, when they really brought her to the police station. In the police station, she faced the evil, and eliminated the evil with righteous thoughts. She courageously walked out of the police station twice with a righteous mind. On the evening of December 3, Li Xiumei was seized and taken away by the evil police while she was distributing Dafa truth materials. She was illegally imprisoned in the Dalian Yaojia Detention Center. She steadfastly refused to cooperate with the evils, and was persecuted to death just recently.

On hearing the news we feel such pain due to the loss of our fellow Dafa practitioner. We also feel such admiration because another enlightened being was added to the world of eternal life.

Looking back at the path Li Xiumei took, we felt she was precisely what Master described in his short article, The Disciples' Magnificence, "The great Fa and the great epoch are forging the greatest Enlightened Beings."

December 25, 2001