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Latest News from China - 08/30/2001

September 08, 2001 |  


[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Changchun Dafa Disciples Send Forth Righteous Thoughts; A Picture Display Defiling Dafa is Transformed

On the evening of August 21st, a picture display defiling Dafa was set up at Culture Square in Changchun City. When Dafa disciples there heard the news, they began to send forth righteous thoughts immediately to prevent the evil from deceiving and poisoning the common people. In the following days, many Dafa disciples spontaneously went to the Square to send forth righteous thoughts and eradicate the evil on the spot. Some practitioners told their own stories of cultivation in Dafa to people who came to visit the display, effectively clarifying the truth and exposing the evil. Some stuck the truth materials on top of the pictures. Some set up loudspeakers near the Square to broadcast the programs from Falun Dafa Radio Station. Under this circumstance, the vicious picture display was transformed into something good by the evening of August 25th.

[X City, Heilongjiang Province] A Huge Dafa Banner Shocks the Whole City

Early on the morning of July 22nd, a huge banner announcing "Falun Dafa is good!" was fluttering high on a high-tension wire more than ten meters off the ground. It attracted several hundred onlookers. Some said, "Falun Dafa practitioners are really something. No ordinary person would dare to hang up a banner on a high-tension wire carrying a high voltage." In the end, the police had to ask the local electric company to cut off electricity before they could remove the banner. It shocked the whole city.

[Siping City, Jilin Province] Urgent! Some Practitioners Detained in the Siping Labor Camp Have Been on a Hunger Strike for About Ten Days.

According to people in the know, about five or six Falun Gong practitioners have been on hunger strike for 10 days in Siping Labor Camp. They are requesting an unconditional release. It is said that some of them have been sent to hospitals for emergency treatment. The situation is very urgent. We hope that all Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts, helping them to eradicate the evil and walk out of the labor camp. We also hope that all kind hearted and good people will help to solve this problem.

[Jinan City, Shandong Province] Latest News

  1. Since June of this year, the evil forces in Jinan City have been escalating their persecution of Dafa. Government agents tapped phone calls, tracked the whereabouts of practitioners, squatted over a pit to arrest practitioners, and employed traitors (those who enlightened along an evil path).
  2. They have kidnapped a great number of Dafa disciples. Nearly all equipment used to prepare Dafa truth materials such as computers, printers, etc. were taken.
  3. In March, Dafa disciple Liu Jian, who was turned in by a traitor, was secretly moved to another place for further persecution after he had been on a hunger strike for 100 days. It is unknown whether he is dead or alive.

[Beijing] Dafa Disciples from Universities in Beijing Are Being Persecuted.

Shao Minxue, male, 31 years old, a post doctoral student from Beijing Teacher's University, has been working in the Beijing Aviation & Space University since October of 2000. The university intends to dismiss him simply because he practices Falun Gong. In February of this year, people from the National Security Bureau forcibly took him away. It is said that he was sentenced to jail. The details are unknown.

Zhang Huirong, female, 29 years old, an excellent young teacher from Beijing Industrial University, was forced to leave her home in April due to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. One day in June, she was arrested and sent to the Tuanhe Brainwashing Class. She was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor reeducation because she refused to be reformed in the brainwashing class. Presently, she is detained in Xinan Labor Camp located in Daxin County of Beijing City. Xu Xiulin, a teacher from the Environmental Chemistry Institute of the university, was sent to forced labor reeducation at the same time.

Chen Haifeng, a teacher from Beijing Chemical Industry University, was sentenced to forced labor reeducation because he published a solemn statement on the Clearwisdom Net. Another teacher from the same university was also sentenced to forced labor reeducation because of resisting brainwashing and refusing to stop practicing Falun Dafa

[Chongqing City] Discloses New Crimes of the Maojiashan Labor Camp

On August 22, a new director named Su Chang, was allocated to the Chongqing Maojiashan Labor Camp who specifically deals with Falun Gong. The second day of his arrival the persecution escalated. Practitioners in the third team, Luo Deqing, Long Gang and Zheng Xiaoqin were shackled for five days and were deprived of sleep.

The public phone number of the mayor of Chongqing City: 86-23-63854444

[Miyun County, Beijng] Xiejiashan County Subdivision Arrests Dafa Disciples Willfully

In the middle of August, Dafa flyers showed up in Xiejiashan county subdivision, Miyun County. The evil dispatched a large police force to break into the homes of Dafa practitioners at one night and arrested over 20 practitioners. Some of them were sent to the Tuanhe Brainwashing class.

[Northern China] Over 60 Dafa Practitioners Held a Fa Conference

In a city of northern China, over 60 Dafa practitioners held a Fa conference on August 18. At the conference, practitioners talked about their personal experience and their understanding towards the latest article of the Teacher. All practitioners profoundly realized the significance of taking part in the Fa rectification towards Dafa practitioners and realized the magnificent mission of Dafa disciples in Fa rectification period --"clarifying the truth and save people", and during this process fulfill our own sacred vows. Through communication, practitioners also realized the importance of making progress and elevating as a whole body.

During the Fa conference, practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together many times and wipe out the evil beings in the three realms. The Fa conference ended successfully.

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Weifang city Starts a New Cycle of Arresting Dafa Practitioners

Weifang police are searching the rented houses in the city area by using the pictures of over 10 practitioners that they are carrying in their hands (their names are unknown yet) and they are comparing the residents in the houses with those pictures. Practitioners please be careful and send forth righteous thoughts to wipe out the evil.

[Jimo City, Shandong Province] Party Training University Degraded Into the Criminal Site to Detain and Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Since 1999, the Party Training College of Jimo City degraded into the criminal site where there are illegal detention, persecution and brainwashing of Dafa practitioners. At present, lawless scoundrels from 610 office and the police department are willfully abducting Dafa practitioners and sending them to brainwashing classes. Practitioners are being threatened, frightened, tortured and sent to labor camps... This is the true picture of Jiang Zemin's so-called "the best human rights period in China".

We hope all practitioners who read this article send forth righteous thoughts and wipe out these evil forces, saving the arrested Dafa disciples.

[Fujian Province] Police Department Establishes Section 130 Focusing on Using Special Means to Deal With Dafa Practitioners

Fujian Police Department recently established Section 130, which focuses on using such means as tracing calls and wiretapping to deal with Dafa practitioners. Possibly they utilize techniques such as with cordless telephones and cell phones to do damage. Recently they arrested a lot of practitioners and resorted to tortures such as preventing them from sleeping to obtain a confession.

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province] Vicious Police Sent Seventy-Year-Old Man Who Has Hypertension to Labor Camp

On August 10 2001, at 9 am, Tan Jun, the director of Yucai Street police substation broke into the house of 70-year-old practitioner Han Wenyin, who lives in the power plant residential area. They attempted to trick Han into going to the police station. Han did not cooperate with their illegal action and refused. Therefore, Tan called upon several scoundrels to drag Han to a police vehicle waiting outside. They also took away his Dafa books. They sent Han to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp right after they took Han to a hospital to have a physical examination.

Telephone of Yucai Street police station: 86-311-6048886

Director: Tan Jun

Chief: Chi XX

[Handan City, Hebei Province] Crimes in Handan City Labor Camp

More than 100 male Dafa practitioners are currently being detained in Handan City Labor Camp. In order to fulfill the "brainwashing quotas", after May 1st, 2001, the guards became even more vicious in their torture of Dafa practitioners.

They brutally beat practitioners' sensitive areas with clubs to force them to write "guarantee letters". They put a club on bricks and forced practitioners to kneel on it. Even when practitioners could not withstand it, several thugs still cruelly beat the practitioners or grabbed them with iron pliers. They also ordered criminals to torture Falun Gong practitioners. There were about 50 people in each class. Even if only one practitioner was not transformed all the prisoners would be forced to stay awake. The camp wardens threatened,"It's nothing that we beat Falun Gong practitioners to death; we'll just say that they committed suicide." Because the labor camp kept the information tightly under wraps we were able to get only a few details.

Yang Baochun, a Dafa practitioner from Congtai District, Handan City was beaten up many times by the vile policemen simply because he refused to yield to evil and still kept on practicing the exercises in the labor camp. One day in the last year when it was snowing heavily, he lost consciousness due to the severe beatings. He was then pulled outside and left on the frozen ground for the entire night. He was seriously injured and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors diagnosed necrosis in his legs from frostbite; they had no choice but to amputate. He was sent back home after the amputation. For fear that he would go to appeal, his work unit sent him to the Handan City Mental Hospital. He has been detained there since then. His current situation is unknown.

[Handan City, Hebei Province] How Quzhou County, Yizhuang Town Government Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners

After July 20, the Town Party Committee Secretary Wang Kunzhong assigned people to collect 16 Falun Gong practitioners from various areas and bring them to the Town's meeting room. They were unjustly detained 8 to 12 days. The officials unlawfully printed "guarantee letters" and forced the practitioners to sign them. They did not release these practitioners until they paid 100 Yuan RMB.

After that, whenever they thought Dafa practitioners would be out to clarify the truth the Town government would illegally assign people to go to practitioners' homes and interfere with practitioners' families' normal lives. One day before July 20, 2000, the Town government assigned people to go to Dafa practitioner Ren Youxi's home in Yizhuang Village for no apparent reason. They illegally arrested him and ransacked his home. The Town government sent Ren Youxi's wife Xu Jinfeng, also a Dafa practitioner, to Quzhou County Detention Center. She was unjustly detained for 8 months.

In December 2000, the Town government illegally detained 18 other practitioners. During this unlawful detention the assistant director of the police station Chang Huiliang beat practitioners Zhang Lianwen and Zhang Tongjiang and slandered our Teacher. The practitioners were detained 8 to 12 days. Each practitioner was forced to sign a "guarantee letter" and pay 500 Yuan RMB as a so-called deposit, before being released.

The Town Government held the so-called brainwashing classes twice for Falun Gong practitioners in February and March 2001.

The people who persecuted practitioners in Yizhuang Town included: Secretary Wang Kunzhong, Town Chief Cheng Zhigangand, the Secretary's cousin Jisan and others

[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] The Guards Disclose that Jiang Zemin Has Spent 4.5 Billion Yuan RMB on Attempts to Suppress Falun Gong

A depraved policeman in Yong'an Police Station of Qianjin Public Security Sub-Bureau in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Li Yanwei, extorted money by swindling and coercion from Dafa practitioners on many occasions when they went to appeal in Beijing. He threatened and kidnapped practitioners. He broke into and illegally searched their homes.

Jiamusi Labor Camp guards escalated the campaign to persecute Dafa practitioners, and tried to lure practitioners to enlighten along an evil path. They stripped and searched practitioners. They asked three people who had abandoned Dafa to attack one determined Dafa practitioner. Over 10 people took turns to attack one practitioner and did not allow the practitioner to sleep. Guards forced practitioners to watch a video slandering Dafa, filled with lies and propaganda, in an attempt to brainwash them. All determined practitioners were detained in the "Strict Controlling Class" and were abused further. They mercilessly detained the practitioners with no end in sight.

According to insiders, they are preparing to build a new jail for brainwashing Dafa practitioners. The guards said that the above-mentioned police held a meeting and that they were told that the Chinese government has expended 4.5 billion Yuan RMB in the persecution against Falun Gong.

[Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province] Husband and Wife Dafa Practitioners Suffer Persecution

Yang Dewen and his wife Li Chunlin from Team 5 in Yangjiachang Village, Xingang Town, Lushang District, Jiujiang City were arrested by Lushan District police this May when they were hanging banners clarifying the truth about Dafa. Currently, they are being detained in Jiujiang City Detention Center. During the 3-month detention they endured inhuman torture. They did not have enough food and were frequently interrogated for as long as 50 hours. The guards forced them to confess using physical torture and verbal abuse. The criminals in jail with Yang frequently beat him up. They were not allowed to sleep at night.

According to our sources Li Chunlin was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] A Female Dafa Practitioner was Handcuffed to a Bed for Over a Week in Jilin Provincial Heizuizi Labor Camp

On March 2001 Huang Lijuan, a 30 year-old college graduate and the mother of a 2-year-old child was sent to Team 4 of the 6th Brigade in Jilin Provincial Heizuizi Female Labor Camp. In order to force her to write a guarantee letter, the guards handcuffed both her hands to a bed for over a week.

[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Two Dafa Practitioners Sentenced to 2 Years of Forced Labor Re-education

At 9:00 pm on July 26, Dafa practitioner Dai Xiaoping was kidnapped from her home by Weifang police. after a betrayer confessed her name. She was sent to the detention center on July 28 and was forcibly brainwashed. She was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor re-education in Wang Village Labor Camp because she refused to cooperate with evil.

Vicious people kidnapped Du Xiuhua, an employee of Weifang Huaguang Cooperation because she posted truth-clarifying materials. She was sent to Kuiwen Industrial Cadre School and was forcibly brainwashed. Because she refused to cooperate with evil, she was sent to Changle Labor Camp. Currently, she is being detained in Wang Village Labor Camp and sentenced to 3 years of forced labor re-education.