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The Greatness She Created with Her Life--In Memory of My Mother, Zeng Xianmei, Murdered by the Xigang Police Department in Dalian

Sept. 7, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) This is a belated lament, because I lost my mother two weeks ago. But I believe she wouldn't blame me, and she would be more than happy to see that I can "become more rational and more clearheaded, and, with determination and maturation in cultivation, move towards magnificent Consummation" (Teacher's article: Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts) in Dafa cultivation.

The history that my mother has created with her life encourages me to go more solidly along the path to assist Teacher in Fa rectification, and not to disappoint Teacher in his mercy and salvation. As a daughter, I deeply cherish the memory of my mother. As a fellow practitioner, I am proud to have had such a great and magnificent mother, because she has fulfilled her vows, made in the pre-historical period, with her life to validate the Fa [the universal principles], to clarify the truth, and to save people. Mother has given up her body in the human world, but she has obtained her immortal life.

Recalling my own cultivation way, almost every step is closely related to my mother's. It was our great and merciful Teacher not wanting to lose any of the practitioners who have a pre-destined relationship to obtain the Fa. I have entered the gate of cultivation with mother's help, and have gradually followed the Fa rectification process with mother's reminders and encouragement. Today, my mother has awakened me with her life, to remove human thoughts and genuinely break away from humanness. All of it is with Teacher's diligent attention to us. Superficially we are mother and daughter in the human world, but actually we must have been linked to each other for many lifetimes in order to advance together along the way of assisting Teacher in Fa rectification today.

Mother was a high-ranking intellectual. Before she obtained the Fa, she had an un-bending character, always set on winning and unwilling to admit defeat. Also, because of this, she had committed a lot of karma, which in turn made her disappointed with her work and her life. Her health condition had become worse and worse, and gradually she lost her pure smile as well as patience with life.

One day in 1995, a significant change occurred in mom's life - she obtained the cosmic treasure, Falun Dafa. After obtaining the Fa, she thoroughly changed. Before, she was not interested in anything and was sad everyday. We children dared not say anything to her unless she was in a better mood. After she obtained the Fa she was vigorous, positive, and happy to help others. Every day of her life was substantial and admirable. Dad saw it, I saw it, and my brothers and all our relatives all saw it. The mighty power of the Fa had incisively and vividly reflected on Mom.

During the past years' cultivation, Mom has many times experienced karma elimination and had her body deeply purified. She had also experienced countless tests on her Xinxing [moral character] and had passed through all of them with righteous determination. Motivated by Mom, I also started to cultivate and was melted in the great mercy of Teacher. But as I had been deluded too deeply in the ordinary society and had too many attachments that I was unwilling to get rid of, I did not always treat myself as a genuine cultivator. As a result, I lost a lot of opportunities to advance.

After July 20th, 1999 Mom especially firmly upheld the Fa, regardless of whether she was arrested or detained or how much suffering she had endured. Her steadfastness in the Fa never changed. Mom felt sorrow for my lack of diligence. She always reminded me to read the Fa more and grasp the opportunity of Fa-rectification cultivation that cannot be encountered in millions of years. But I failed to realize it from the depth of my heart. One day a fellow practitioner came to my home and mentioned her moving stories on assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. I suddenly awakened at that moment and realized what I should really do as a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. Teacher once again awakened me with his great mercy. Mom was pleasantly surprised at my changes. It also encouraged her to improve more diligently in the process of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification -- at least until the thugs murdered her.

As a mother, Mom endured hardships in her life. She was considerate of her family members, amiable to her neighbors, and respectful to the elderly and children. As a practitioner, mom regarded Dafa as being more important than her life. She thought about others first and herself second, disciplined herself with the standard of the Fa, and treated herself as a Dafa particle at all times.

Mom has achieved her great history, of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and obtained her immortal life. As her daughter and fellow practitioner, I know I still have many hardships to experience. There are still many people with pre-destined relationships waiting for us to save them. The time of the Fa rectifying the cosmos can only be realized soon when we put down all human attachments and strictly behave according to the requirement of Teacher and the Fa, because all of these are closely bound up with every one of us practitioners.

The attached is the record that my father has written about the whole process of mother's murder. I hope it will draw the attention of people with righteousness and conscience all over the world to obtain justice for my mother. I believe mother's life can awaken more people in the world to recognize the demonic nature of the evil persecuting Dafa and practitioners. It is the duty of every one of us practitioners to save people.


Zhang Liping

August 28, 2001



My Wife Zeng Xianmei was Tortured to Death

after Five Days of Detention


Zhang Zeyuan

As Zeng Xianmei's husband, I write down the following narration through my tears. This account truthfully records the whole process about how my wife, Zeng Xianmei, was first illegally detained and then later tortured to death. As family members of the deceased, we strongly urge the relevant government departments to give us a convincing answer to a question that we couldn't figure out at all: why had a healthy and optimistic elderly lady died mysteriously in just five days after she had been taken away from home by force?

My wife was born in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. She was 63 years old, the same age as me. We were classmates in middle school in the 1950s and graduated from different universities. Later we got married and had one daughter and two sons. In 1975 we were assigned jobs in Lushunkou District of Dalian City and had since been retired. Our home address is Room 203, Building 3, Hengshan Street, Lushunkou District, Dalian City. The three children have all gotten married and have their own children. During the holidays we often have happy family parties with our children and grandchildren and enjoy a pleasant and sweet life. Both of us had deep feelings for each other and are very healthy. In order to support our children, for them to do a better job in their workplaces, we often did housework for them and helped them take care of our grandchildren. Just when our children were in need of help from their parents and we, the old couple, were in a close family relationship enjoying a happy life, an unexpected calamity occurred.

On the evening of August 8, 2001, several policemen, said to be from the Xigang District police department, forced their way into the home of my daughter's mother-in-law, whose address is 22-1-3, Xinggong North Street No.5, Shahekou District, Dalian City. With the excuse that "someone had accused her," they forcibly searched the home and confiscated a few books and materials about Falun Gong and took away my daughter's mother-in-law. He Yongrui, my daughter's mother-in-law, who is in her 70's, was taken to Xigang District police department for a so-called "investigation." Later we heard the older lady had been handcuffed to a chair the whole time, from that evening until noon the next day, when she was released. When this happened, my wife and I were staying at my daughter's home. The address there is 1-2-2 Rongtai Xiaoqu, No.5 Fengyuan Street, Xigang District, Dalian City.

On the morning of August 9, 2001 only my wife and I were at my daughter's home. We suddenly heard a heavy knock on the door. Several policemen were coming. Knowing that the mother-in-law of my daughter had been detained, we didn't open the door. Half an hour later, three policemen climbed into the room through the window on the balcony. Without any explanation or showing any identification, they forcibly searched the home. They kept querying my wife whether my daughter was influenced by her to practice Falun Gong. They took away six scenery paintings and two passports. Later they found 3 or 4 pictures of Falun Gong that were hanging up, 2 or 3 small photos and one Falun Gong book, and asked my wife to go to the police department with them. They filled out a form recoding the searched materials, and another form, which I didn't see clearly because of the shock of the intrusion. I signed and fingerprinted the forms and the police asked for 200 Yuan [about US$25]. My wife was then taken to the police jeep without being allowed to change her clothes; just wearing her thin, casual house-dress. Five days later, on August 14, 2001, we were unexpectedly separated forever, and she had forever left her family that she loved.

On the afternoon of August 14, my son-in-law Li Xiangmin got the bad news about my wife from a source other than the police department. He immediately arrived at the department at about 3:10 PM with his brother and requested to see her and to be present for the emergency treatment. But the officer at the department said permission from the supervisor was needed. They were kept waiting with no further response. After I received the phone call from my son-in-law, I arrived at the Xigang police department at about 4:50 PM and was informed that my wife was in the emergency room at a hospital. A section chief at the police department said that the relatives should be at ease since the hospital staff were doing their best to rescue my wife; it was not proper for the relatives to go to the hospital as it might affect the treatment. At about 6:00 PM, my youngest son Zhang Yimin arrived at the department and urged them to let him see his mother. I also brought up the request again. The police kept stalling and we kept requesting. We were finally brought to the No.2 People's Hospital of Dalian City and saw my wife, the mother of my children, and mother-in-law.... The delay by now had been about 3 hours since we first arrived at the police department until the police allowed us to be at the emergency department in the hospital.

We really could not believe that the elderly lady, who had been so healthy and optimistic a few days ago and who was always so kind to others, had suddenly died so tragically. It was unbearable to see my wife's naked remains under the white sheets. Although her head was wrapped with gauze, a blood stain the size of a fist could still be seen near her cerebellum through the gauze, which indicated there was injury there. Protruding black bruises were covering her right eye. There was a round black and blue injury about 1 or 2 cm in diameter under the lower jaw, and about 2 or 3 cm inside the middle of the lip. On the right shoulder, there was a large area covered with bruises and some skin had worn off in the middle of the area. Black and blue bruises and injuries were also found on the right costal (rib) area, left waist, and right hip. The backs of her hands were badly swollen. There was a wound on the lower left leg, covered with gauze, with blood on it. The backs of her two feet were swollen and covered with small cuts. We also found her bloody clothes in the garbage can in the bathroom. Anybody can easily judge the cause of the death through these injuries and bruises of different sizes and types on the various areas of my wife's body.

Seeing this, my two sons cried in grief over their mother's body. One of the sons was going to take pictures of his mother and was immediately stopped by the police. He did not understand and questioned what hospital rules or regulations he might violate by simply taking pictures of his own mother. The section chief, Wang, from the police department couldn't answer and then said it was the rule of the procurators' office. Section chief Li Guangming from the procurators' office of Xigang District, however, couldn't give any reasons either, but he, Li, still refused us and then left the emergency room. Under our continuous requests we were finally allowed to take one picture only.

When it suddenly occurred to us to ask for my wife's emergency treatment record, the hospital authorities claimed that it was being composed. After we kept requesting, a female doctor told us that the police had sent my wife to the hospital at about 1:10 PM and she died around 5:10 PM. What's more, we found out that there were no X-ray's or CTs taken and no blood transfusion given at all during the so-called "rescue with an all-out effort." All they used was a small bottle of IV drip, which was still full when we came in, and an oxygen bottle. How could an old lady over 60 years old, who had been tortured for 5 days in the police department and had lost a lot of blood, survive by herself during several hours "emergency treatment" without any blood transfusion?

After taking away a person alive, the Xigang police department did not issue or process any legal documents. Five days later, what they had returned to us was a corpse, completely covered with bruises and wounds. When she was in danger, they didn't inform the relatives. Instead, they blocked the news and delayed and prevented the relatives from seeing her on-site. What's more, they demanded that we pay the costs. It is totally unreasonable and was not carried out according to law.

Until now, we still cannot understand why my wife was tortured to death so tragically just because she practiced Falun Gong. Why? It is a fact: a life had been lost in the space of just 5 days of detention in a law enforcement agency of the state. How are we to come to terms with this? Why did this happen?

I know that after a person dies, they can't come back, but I hope that relevant leaders and government departments in this socialist country, which claims to have "a perfect legal system," can one day offer a satisfactory answer to us, the family of the deceased.

If what I have written down here is not true, let me be punished by the Law of the heavens.


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