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How I Look at the Pictures With Faluns

September 06, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom net) Clearwisdom once published an article clarifying the origin of a photo with Falun. I also want to share some of my thoughts.

In April 2000, I received a photo from fellow practitioner. Upon examining the photo, we found 15 Faluns (see figure 1). The photo was published in Minghui without special reference to Falun. If the photo were fabricated, then the goal would be to let people know about it. However nobody mentioned anything about it. Furthermore, Dafa practitioners do not need these to strengthen their beliefs. For the ordinary people, they would not join the practice due to some photos.

We were not certain whether the Faluns were caused by the effect of certain lights so I asked my former boss, who has been in the photography business for many years. Upon careful examination of the photos, he was confident that it was not due to the effect of any known light rays and showed great interest in learning Falun Gong.

We had analyzed the possible principles that caused Falun images on photographic film. Figure 2 shows that human eyes could only sense very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. X ray and gamma ray, invisible to human eyes, could form images upon passing through human body. Falun carry great amounts of energy. Conceivably it would be very easy for Falun to form an image on the film. As to why the Faluns in the pictures are white, it is because Falun has all the colors in the spectrum, the mixed color is white. When carefully examining the picture, you could see that Faluns are rotating rapidly, sometimes you could tell the swastika symbol in the center.

There are many examples of such photos with Faluns. Figure 3 was shot in front of the Houston Consulate building. This picture is similar to the pictures published in Minghui showing snowflakelike Falun everywhere in the sky. These pictures were taken by different people at different locations with different cameras.

ISO 100 film is not sensitive enough to non-visible light, ISO 400 and above films are more sensitive. Most of the photos shot with low light conditions were taken with higher grade films. It is maybe the reason it is easier to catch Falun in the evening and inside the building. As for the digital cameras, CCDs have an even wider range of sensing the light, because of these characteristics, CCD digital cameras have been widely used in astronomy spectrum analysis. It is why CCD digital cameras are more likely to take photos with Falun.

It is normal to hold different opinions regarding the explanation of the occurrence of Falun. However, one should keep an open mind about things that one does not know, and neither deny it recklessly, or attack it maliciously.

(Abridged translation of article http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2001/9/5/16009.html)