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More Examples of Immediate Retribution in This Lifetime

September 26, 2001 |  


  1. Yang Gang lives in a Farm apartment complex in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. When he saw Dafa materials at his door, he usually tore them up and sometimes even stepped on them purposefully and cursed. In early September, he played in a basketball game at his work place. When he was warming up before the game, he began to stretch his feet. All of sudden he felt pain in his feet and could not move them. He later found out that his ankles were red and swollen. He was sent to the hospital for an examination. The diagnosis was a "torn ligament." The doctors thought it very strange and had difficulty explaining why this happened. One of Yang's colleagues asked him: "Did you curse at Falun Gong?" Yang denied it. However, from that day on, he stopped destroying Dafa materials that he finds at his door. He even picks them up and reads them carefully. The immediate retribution has taught him a lesson. He has calmed down and now looks at things differently.

  2. Fang Xiangxue is the secretary of Zhongshan area calibration office in Dalian city, Liaoning Province. He had held many meetings to pass on the documents and materials that viciously attacked Falun Gong. He had also punished and fined many practitioners. On July 29, he suddenly died from a hemorrhage in his brain at the age of 51.

    We kindly warn people in this world: To treasure Dafa is to treasure your own life. Please do not follow the evil at the cost of your life. Being kind to Dafa and its practitioners will lead you to a bright future.

  3. Wei Wenyou, male, is a village cadre in Huaiyang county. He had once read Dafa books and had been put into jail. But he sold out many other practitioners in order to keep his position in the village, and he helped the evil torture practitioners. Soon after he got out of jail, half of his body suddenly became paralyzed and of course, his position was also lost.

  4. There is a villager in Nongan County, Jilin province who always ripped up Dafa materials. Upon hearing this news, Dafa practitioners seriously warned him: "Stop doing this now. Otherwise you will receive retribution." He replied: "I'm not afraid of the retribution. I do not care if it happens." Three days later, someone beat him to death and his body looked horrifying.