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Photo Report: A Kindhearted Lady Appeals with Practitioners on Her Lunch Break

September 02, 2001 |  

At noon on August 29, a kindhearted lady came to the "Tiananmen Park" in front of the Chinese Embassy with a big case of drinking water and towels. She told us her name was Laura and that she worked in a lawyer's office. She wanted to sacrifice her lunch break time to appeal with practitioners.

The kind-hearted lady told us, "Your efforts are not in vain. Many Americans know about your hunger strike and the brutal persecution of Falun Gong from the news reports. They are concerned about you." She pointed to the two dozen bottles of drinking water and said, "The owner of the grocery store asked me to give them to you. When I took a taxi here, the driver, after learning the purpose of my trip here charged me only half the price to show his support."

A group picture of Laura, another American supporter and three practitioners on hunger strikePractitioners on hunger strike practicing in the morning