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Choices Made By All Gods Themselves

September 12, 2001 |   Practitioners in China

(Clearwisdom.net) This evening I had a dream while I was sleeping. I dreamt that I went into a different dimension during my meditation, seeing a large number of very beautiful scenes. Many, many gods were moving swiftly and leisurely through the air.

I saw that the old forces of the universe had arranged for some gods to become bad, killing beings on earth and bringing natural and man-made calamities to human beings.

Of the gods for whom it had been arranged to impede the Fa-rectification, some have been put into lower dimensions and have never been allowed to return to their origin, while others chose not joining in anything and not being put in charge of anything.

Observing such a situation, a righteous god among them tried his best to alleviate the sufferings of human beings. Some gods who chose doing nothing told him, "You'll be put into lower dimensions if you choose doing so." Hearing such words, the righteous god did not say anything and kept doing what he himself wanted to do.

The old forces came to him, asking him to join in the process of hindering the Fa rectification. The righteous god said to them, "You created so many disasters for human beings and brought so much suffering to them. You have dared to do absolutely anything including killing and setting fires. Now you have even invited me to do those bad things with you. It's absolutely impossible!" I was so moved by his words that tears poured from my eyes. Many gods were also shocked by his words. They thought that he would be immediately forced down to a lower level. The old forces actually attempted to degrade him using their supernormal abilities, but to their surprise they found that no matter how they tried they could not have his position changed. However, all of the other gods who had hindered the Fa-rectification fell down and never had a chance to return.

After I awoke from my dream, I realized that many gods have gone bad, but righteous gods possess such pure thoughts that their field generates very powerful energy. I learnt that the Teacher is rectifying all beings that became non-righteous. Teacher will protect those with righteous thoughts while those who have been hindering the Fa-rectification will be repositioned. The Fa-rectification is also taking place in other dimensions.

I also realized that we, as Falun Dafa practitioners cultivating in this boundless universal law, must be the most upright beings. As long as we maintain righteous thoughts under all circumstances, evil beings will fear us and eventually be eradicated by our pure, unshakable righteous thoughts.