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Disabled Practitioner Zhang Shengfan Died after Being Force-fed with Alcohol by Prison Doctor

Sept. 12, 2001 |   Provided by an Insider from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.Net) An insider from the Shuangcheng City Custodial Center in Heilongjiang Province has provided the following information on Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Shengfan, a disabled person, who was brutally force-fed to his death. This report exposes how police officers Li Dabin, Wang Shengli, Zhang Shiyue's son-in-law, and others from the "4.28" team murdered Zhang Shengfan in cold blood by forcing high-proof alcohol into him with a tube.

On the morning of June 9, 2001, Zhang Shengfan was taken from his home and forced into a police car. Along the way to the detention center, the police officers pressed a wooden bench against his body and beat him. As he was taken out of the car, one could see that Zhang had cuts and bruises all over his body. He had lost consciousness and appeared to be on his last breath. Four prisoners were ordered to carry him into Cell #1 of the Detention Center. After a long while, he was only able to utter a weak moan. Upon recognizing Zhang, a prisoner asked, "Isn't this Zhang Shengfan? These Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. Jiang Zemin does not restrict those corrupt officials or bad people but instead, he persecutes these good people. Nowadays, black and white are really reversed." Zhang had been illegally detained there in the past. Although he was disabled, he always considered others first in whatever he did. He worked hard to overcome his physical disability and always tried his best to do well in order not to trouble anyone. This impressed the inmates very much.

After Zhang Shengfan regained consciousness, some practitioners and inmates tearfully asked him, "What happened to you?" He replied with a weak voice, "I was arrested by the police and then they beat me like this." People all sympathized with him and offered him some food.

On June 10, Zhang ate a small amount of food. He was not interrogated that day. On the morning of June 11, two police officers from the local police department wanted to interrogate him so they ordered a prisoner to carry him to the "Education" Room (one of the officers was overweight and the other one was young. Their names have not yet been confirmed and are still being investigated). As they started their interrogation, they saw that Zhang was unconscious, so they sprayed water and alcohol onto his face. The overweight officer even slapped his face several times. As Zhang regained consciousness, they sent the prisoner away and began beating him. After half an hour, they called the prisoner back into the room to carry Zhang back to his cell.

On the afternoon of the same day, Chen Pixin, the head of the Custodial Center, transferred Zhang into Cell 13. Chen is fifty years old. He said "There are too many Falun Gong practitioners in Cell #1; it will be easier to supervise him after we transfer him to another cell." To put it quite plainly, it was just easier for them to torture him in the dark.

On the morning of June 12, Zhang Shengfan did not eat anything since he was so badly beaten. At 8:30am, Na Yanguo, the prison doctor, Jiang Qingbo (56 years old,) the assistant director of the custodial center, and cell supervisors Xu Chengshan, Ren Guang, and Lu Hekun came to Zhang's cell and had three inmates carry Zhang to the "Education" Room. They carried a one-meter [about three feet] long, one inch wide plastic tube and a smaller tube about 20 centimeters [about eight inches] long for tube feeding. They also carried three bottles of Yuquan Daqu (a brand of high proof liquor) and a basin. They told the three prisoners to hold Zhang down on a sofa, so that they could insert the smaller tube into his nose. Then they poured the liquor into the basin and then raised the basin so that the alcohol would flow down into the tube. As the prison doctor himself, Na Yanguo, forced the alcohol into Zhang causing him to choke and cry out, making retching sounds. People in the cell adjacent to the "Education" Room could also hear his tragic cries. Nevertheless, the prison doctor, the assistant director and the cell supervisors continued to force-feed him once every minute. By the last alcohol feeding, Zhang could only utter a weak whisper. Eventually, people could not hear any sound at all. The police officer Xu Chengshan became giddy with this success and heartlessly said, "Can't you fly to heaven? Now you've become so quiet." In the end, they brought Zhang to an empty room in the yard of the detention center and left him there.

Saving people is the duty of medical workers, but instead of fulfilling his responsibility as a medical worker, Na Yanguo played the primary role in the forced tube-feeding. This is the greatest disgrace to the medical establishment.

After they murdered Zhang Shengfan, Zhang Guofu, the assistant director of the Shuangcheng City Police Department and other authorities implemented a blockade of the news and then fabricated a story about Zhang's death. Furthermore, in order to shirk their responsibility, they forced Zhang's family to sign their signatures by feigning kindness or by outright threatening them, as well as by using other gangster-like methods. It was said that the police department coordinated all the matters relating to Zhang's death. After almost a month had passed, his family still was not allowed to see his body and so they angrily demanded an explanation.

We once again call for the world's human rights organizations, social organizations, and all other kinds of organizations as well as all kindhearted people to give us your support. Let us work together to stop this inhuman persecution and killing.