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Photo Report: SOS Trip to Small Cities in the US

August 08, 2001 |  

As part of the global campaign of "SOS! Urgent: Rescue the Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted in China," four of us Illinois female practitioners started our trip on the afternoon of July 13.

We passed ten small to mid-sized cities in Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia, clarified the truth and promoted Dafa. During the five-day trip, we held seminars in five cities, and brought Dafa books and videotapes to eight public libraries. We accepted interviews from three TV stations, three newspapers, and three radio stations. We distributed about 8,000 SOS flyers, 2,000 pieces of truth-clarifying literature and some Chinese booklets. We also collected several hundred signatures.

Many people with a predestined relationship heard of Dafa in this way. From the trip, we obtained a deeper understanding of the cultivation during Fa rectification.