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Righteous Thoughts Make the Impossible Possible

August 08, 2001 |   Written by a German Western practitioner

(Translated from the Chinese Translation Version)

(Clearwisdom.net) Righteous thoughts are powerful. I have experienced this. Once I wanted to submit a temporary application for promoting the Fa in front of the Hamburg Theatre. This was right during the period when the monks from Shaolin Temple where holding their performances. I phoned the appropriate department for applying for a permit. The person I spoke to told me that getting a permit wasn't going to be possible because the application had be submitted fourteen days in advance or before the 22nd of the previous month. In the past, I would have immediately agreed that it was too late, and given up. This time, however, I was resolved and steadfast. Not allowing myself to be disturbed by this pessimistic notion, I told the official about Falun Gong and the persecution happening in China. During the entire conversation, my thoughts remained clear, upright and dignified. I felt that his way of thinking also kept changing.

I thought that if I could not get the permit for tomorrow, I should try to apply for the day after tomorrow. I asked him again what I should do to be able to hold the Falun Dafa activity. He said that first of all, I had to submit an application for them to review, but he did not believe that I could get it. I, on the contrary, thought that this time I would surely succeed in getting the permit. I wrote a brief application and faxed it to the person in charge. About two and a half hours later, someone called me and said that he had received the application and had already signed it, issuing the permit for two days of activities promoting Falun Dafa.

I wanted tell you this story in order to share this experience of how our righteous thoughts, words and actions can be truly effective. In a country that is full of rules and regulations, whatever you intend to do, you must go through all the levels of procedures and a long time of waiting. Yet, within several hours, I got a permit that usually takes several weeks so that we do not miss a good opportunity to promote the Fa.

Since we are particles of the Fa, through keeping our righteous thoughts, everything is possible. Just as Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "When it is difficult to endure it, you can endure it. When it is impossible to do it, you can do it." Miracles will happen. That is for sure.