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Mistreatment of Dafa Practitioners, Including an Infant, at the Shahe Detention Center in Guangzhou City

August 28, 2001 |  


On December 26, 2000, while going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, I was interrogated and arrested at the Guangzhou train station and then sent to the Shahe Detention Center in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

More than 30 practitioners were detained in three small rooms that were previously used to house mental patients. A five or six square meter room [about 64 square feet] held more than 10 people. It was very cold at that time. The room had neither water nor electricity. A bare concrete slab served as a bed, and there were no blankets. Practitioners lost weight quickly from the lack of food and water. Some of them had bleeding teeth and some only defecated once over a 10-day period. In the beginning, sanitary napkins were not provided for the female practitioners. After repeated requests, a small amount of sanitary napkins were distributed. For over 50 days, I didn't have water to wash my face, brush my teeth or take a shower. We were detained in such inhuman living conditions for over 50 days.

On both New Year's Day and the Chinese Spring Festival (January 24, 2001), we held up the banner, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and requested that the authorities restore the reputation of Master and Falun Dafa and give us back our freedom. The guards in the detention center could not get hold of the banner, due to the mighty power of Dafa. In revenge, these inhuman guards shocked us with electric batons, sprayed hot pepper sauce on us and doused us with cold water, soaking our bed covers. They even took practitioners' clothes away and left practitioners with thin clothes. In the cold, wet and dark nights, we couldn't fall asleep.

There was a young baby in the detention center, not even a year old yet. The baby had been held there for over three months. Because of the lengthy food and water deprivation, the mother couldn't produce her own breast milk to feed the baby; neither was powdered milk provided for baby. Due to malnutrition over this long period of time, the baby became thinner day-by-day, became ill and lost all his hair. Under the strong protest of the practitioners, the evil guards finally allowed the mother and baby to go home for medical treatment. The baby's grandmother and two other practitioners had been held at the detention center for more than 8 months, having arrived there in July of 2000. They had been on a hunger strike and suffered force-feedings. The guards at the center grabbed them by their hair and dragged them all the way from the second floor to the basement. More than 10 male common prisoners were called in to hold them to the ground by stepping on their heads, hands, feet and stomach in order to force them to give up Falun Dafa. Even the ordinary people couldn't bear to see such scenes of torture.

We hereby issue a stern warning to Jiang Zemin's thugs: Falun Dafa is the Law of the Universe. It is used to judge all living beings. It is a principle of the universe that "Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil." You could never pay back all the crimes you have committed toward practitioners and Dafa. The only way out for you is to IMMEDIATELY STOP persecuting practitioners and Dafa.