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Repost: Clearwisdom Net is A Dafa Website That is Meant for the Entire Society

August 25, 2001 |   By the Clearwisdom Editors

(Clearwisdom Net) In June of 1999, the Clearwisdom website had its Internet debut following the Chicago Experience-Sharing Conference. Since then, two years have passed and, during this oppressive and solemn time, each step seemed endless. In retrospect, everything has happened so fast that we are left without words to describe it.

Before the eruption of the unique historic event, Clearwisdom's (Minghui's) emergence was very low-key. In a deliberate effort to keep the readers' attention focused on major issues, Clearwisdom debuted without even an opening statement. At that time, the conflict between good and evil in the higher dimensions was already becoming increasingly apparent in the human world. As a result, Clearwisdom editors came face to face with a host of serious challenges--for example, how to assume the role of cohering and guiding practitioners when the cultivation environment in Mainland China was so seriously undermined, and how to lend strong support to their fellow practitioners in China who were beginning to encounter severe tribulations. And lastly, how could Clearwisdom keep both the practitioners and kindhearted people of the world informed about the Falun Gong situation in a timely manner?

At a time when the entire modern propaganda machine of the evil forces in China was frantically spreading fabrication, lies, and slander, "Outside Mainland China, few people besides Dafa disciples knew what Falun Gong was all about, and all the governments and media around the world listened to the groundless propaganda from Mainland China's media. People listened to China's deceitful propaganda and believed it, and so they had a bad impression of us" (Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference). But amidst this situation, Clearwisdom provided the world with a valuable source of information and, more importantly, cast a positive light on Falun Gong. By doing so, Clearwisdom was thus able to build one of the world's most diverse readerships, which includes but is not limited to Dafa practitioners around the world and their family and friends; all levels of China's government, police, spy organizations, and detention centers; people who follow the news, who observe Falun Gong, and who do research on Falun Gong; people who pay attention to us, who support us, who oppose us, and even those who hate us; governments around the world, diplomatic organizations, intelligence agencies, human rights groups, religious groups, all media agencies, and so on and so forth. Since then, people have considered Clearwisdom to be "the official website" of Falun Gong.

We still remember the great external pressure that was mounting at that time. Clearwisdom was not yet able to clearly present Dafa principles like it does today. It had a severe shortage of human resources and technical capabilities, its web design, maintenance, and editing capacities were relatively rough, and in the midst of the sudden tribulation and great difficulties, the editors themselves were also facing the important test of enlightening righteously. Still, Dafa disciples from around the world sent out a clear and simultaneous call through Clearwisdom:

"Together we climb over the difficulties; together we strive forward in cultivation; together we safeguard the Fa and our legal right to cultivation and belief. Let more people know about the true story of Falun Gong and the persecution of Falun Gong in China."

Through unspeakable difficulties, the Fa-rectification process has progressed to date, step by step and with the virtue of each and every Dafa practitioner's bits of efforts, perseverance, and sacrifice. By braving the unrelenting storm of the past two years, numerous cultivators have grown from Dafa practitioners, to Dafa disciples, and eventually to mature Dafa particles. On the whole, Dafa practitioners both inside and outside of China have constituted an indestructible entity during the Fa-rectification period. In addition, more and more people in society are coming to understand Falun Gong and are providing moral support to those Falun Gong practitioners being ruthlessly persecuted in China. Under the gaze of righteous people around the world, those vicious scoundrels persecuting Falun Gong can no longer cover up their devious tricks, roguish nature, and vicious crimes.

The Fa-rectification is still progressing rapidly. More and more of the world's people are joining the ranks of Clearwisdom readers. More and more Dafa practitioners, together with Clearwisdom, are maturing in their understanding of the Fa. By clarifying the truth and exposing the persecution, Clearwisdom articles are effectively shocking, intimidating and eliminating the evil. May Dafa disciples take more initiative in breaking the remaining degenerate notions that were formed over thousands of years and in freeing the people of the world from these degenerate notions with reason, wisdom and compassion. Let the truth of Dafa be circulated nobly and openly to a larger audience via Clearwisdom so that more innocent beings can make a choice from the bottom of their hearts upon encountering the facts and the Truth. Let history teach the future through all of these touching and stirring stories of Fa-rectification!