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What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions in the Progress of the Fa-Rectification (X)

Aug. 23, 2001 |   Narrated by Shanshan and summarized by his mother


The degenerated beings at high levels have deployed massive tribulations

The beings at high levels, which have deviated from the Fa, are trying every possible way to interfere and obstruct Dafa practitioners. The tribulations to practitioners are very massive, because those tribulations are deployed by the degenerated beings at very high levels. These degenerated beings also know that even they themselves could not undertake such massive tribulations had they reincarnated to be human beings. Even if they could undertake them, they could not have sustained it for such a long duration.

These degenerated beings have put practitioners into massive difficulties. Dafa practitioners in China have experienced extremely inhumane torture and mistreatment. In addition, practitioners inside and outside China suffer from tough financial situations, difficulties in mutual communications, family disputes, and so on. In this dimension, even though in appearance many things are happening by chance, or it looks like the difficulties in one's daily life, they are actually the tribulation traps deployed by the evil forces. I have seen that many practitioners are troubled by these malicious tribulations.

When practitioners give up some necessary truth-clarifying and Fa-spreading work due to challenging difficulties and many other accumulation of things, these degenerated beings feel very pleased and contented. They always go to Teacher and complain that "Look! Your practitioners are supposed to cultivate themselves to such high levels. How can they not even pass these tribulations?" This is especially true when some practitioners, including those outside China, did not fully devote themselves to the Fa-Rectification, or when encountering certain tests, they did not fully meet the standard Teacher had established. Then these degenerated beings always go to Teacher to ridicule Dafa practitioners, "Haven't I said that these practitioners are not qualified? They could not pass these tribulations, yet you still say your practitioners are magnificent?"

These degenerated beings are sarcastically observing how long the "SOS: Urgent Rescue" efforts outside China can last. These degenerated beings control the evil leaders to concentrate on attacking the critical information centers and important networks that transmit Dafa information and news. Recently I saw the evil leaders attack and break my Dad's computer and deploy many difficulties for our family. When my Dad did not get Dafa work done well enough, these degenerated beings would say to Teacher: "Can this be considered magnificent?" I also vaguely heard that some evil captains were discussing how to create more intensive tribulations to Mr. Kan Hung Cheung, who is in charge of the Hong Kong Falun Buddha Society, so that some undertakings to clarify the truth cannot be accomplished and Hong Kong can be taken over. I immediately destroyed those evil leaders. When practitioners do a very good job in overcoming difficulties to clarify the truth, these degenerated beings at high levels would keep silent as if they did not see practitioners' magnificent achievements in the progress of Fa-Rectification.

Teacher listens to what they have to say as if they were a pile of garbage; Teacher seems not even to be listening. Teacher usually replies: "Don't interfere (with them), they are my disciples, and I will make arrangements." But most of these high level beings did not follow what Teacher had told them and only very few have changed their minds and stopped creating tribulations for practitioners. Many old forces are still very stubborn; they are still trying hard to increase the pressure on practitioners. Their measures are all very ill intended. I find the thoughts of these divine beings have all degenerated and are no longer the clean and pure matter at their original levels. But Teacher still keeps talking to these beings and trying to persuade them. When Teacher finished talking to one group, another group comes to talk to Teacher. Some have degenerated so much to an incurable degree, so they are destroyed while talking to Teacher about these matters.

Teacher has different manifestations in each dimension. All of the degenerated beings know that Teacher is doing Fa-Rectification, but none of them know that Teacher's level is higher than theirs. This is why they dare to do things to sabotage Dafa.

Many divine beings that have been rectified by the Fa pay close attention to things currently happening on Earth. They are constantly holding meetings to discuss how to help people obtain the Fa and how to strengthen people's righteous thoughts. They are all doing their best to send righteous thoughts into people's minds.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts is the way Teacher protects practitioners

Currently, there are wars in other dimensions, and the corresponding activities in this world are practitioners bringing Dafa into this world while clarifying the truth to the public. Every Dafa activity is a war that affects layers upon layers of dimensions. Every Dafa practitioner will experience various aspects of interference and obstruction deployed by the degenerated beings at high levels. Specifically, these degenerated beings try to exert their influences via those segments among different systems of the universe, and these segments are filled with karma. I found that practitioners with different xinxing (mind and heart nature) levels have different segments. Those with high-level xinxing have few or very few dimensional segments; for those with lower level of xinxing, their dimensional segments are very complicated. When it gets to the level of everyday people, the dimensional segments are fully crammed. When the dimension field of a bad person is fully crammed with karma by those intertwined dimensional segments, he is actually very close to the point of being destroyed. I also saw that when practitioners upgrade their xinxing, some of the segments in their dimensions would be taken away.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is actually the way Teacher uses to protect practitioners. It is the protection shield over practitioners placed by Teacher, which safeguards practitioners to continue through the current massive tribulations. Our sending forth righteous thoughts and reciting Teacher's verses are Teacher's effective sharp weapons to break through the old forces besieging practitioners. There exist degenerated factors within every practitioner's dimensional field, and the degenerated beings at high level are trying to make use of these degenerated matters to serve their own purposes. When we send forth righteous thoughts, we are cleaning and eliminating these degenerated matters. The immediate "benefit" of sending forth righteous thoughts manifested in this dimension is that the tribulations deployed by the old forces will be lessened or dissolved.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, it is very important that the first 5 minutes be "thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts in their minds, karma, and bad notions or external interference" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference"). When I recite this paragraph of the Fa, I saw the bad things inside my mind were dissolving. When I recite "imagine that you are like a god, as tall as heaven and incomparably noble" ("Send Forth Righteous Thoughts," by Clearwisdom Editors), I found that I am truly like a magnificent god sending forth righteous thoughts.

Whenever Dafa practitioners are sending forth righteous thoughts, many gods in other dimensions are sitting besides us and they are also sending forth righteous thoughts at the same time.

Both "Fatigue" and "Imagination" are degenerated.

The evil beings have reached an extremely absurd degree, in order to obstruct a practitioner and to destroy a being; they will even sacrifice themselves to do the obstruction. A lot of divine beings have degenerated, two of which are "Fatigue" and "Imagination."

"Fatigue" was a being to safeguard the characteristics of the universe, but it had become very degenerated. Originally, it shouldn't have been destroyed so early, as it could have also been rectified. However, two months ago, it attended a meeting held by evil leaders to discuss how to damage Dafa, and thus at that time, it was doomed to be destroyed. I saw that "Fatigue" at a certain dimensional level has been destroyed by Teacher. "Fatigue" is one of the evil leaders that is severely interfering with practitioners.

Another formidable demon is " Imagination," which is a high-level degenerated being fiercely interfering and obstructing practitioners. It does not have a fixed form or image, however, it is ever changing at any time and it manifests differently from person to person. When a practitioner encounters problems and conflicts, once his or her mind is moved, "Imagination" will follow the notion to take effect. A lot of "Imaginations" among practitioners are neither real nor factual. Because now the time is very tight and urgent and Dafa practitioners are all very busy, whenever one is not very attentive and his mind is moved, "Imagination" will get into his mind. Sometimes it gets so serious that practitioners are suspicious and jealous of one another and cannot be honest, sincere, and open. Therefore, there exist between practitioners a lot of things [like misunderstandings, to block the communication between them] which are transformed by "Imagination." Some practitioners fail to recognize them and this causes delay in Dafa work.

Clarifying the truth to offer people salvation is magnificently meaningful

Approximately more than one year ago, I saw in the universe the recorded number of Dafa practitioners reaching Consummation would be 20% of all who have attained the Fa. Now it has changed to 50%, and many things are still changing. There is a list of Dafa practitioners' names and on the list are mostly practitioners who can reach Consummation. There are brackets after some practitioners' names, and each bracket notes the attachments that this practitioner needs to let go of. These attachments are jealousy, competition, fear and so on. There are some attachments that I don't know their names. The list also has the events arranged to eliminate those attachments.

Originally, I thought it was very difficult for the energy pole to reach beyond a layer of the greater cosmic body and a layer of universe. But I see many Dafa practitioners' energy poles are extremely high and have reached beyond several layers of universes. Some practitioners' energy poles have reached beyond innumerable layers of greater cosmic bodies.

Amidst clarifying the truth, practitioners' gong (energy) grows beyond layers after layers of greater cosmic bodies with flying speed. One day a practitioner gave a flyer and explained the truth of Dafa to an everyday person, and that person's mind was somewhat moved and rectified. At the same time, I saw this practitioner's gong growing rapidly through several layers of universes. I was surprised and impressed: clarifying the truth to one everyday person can have such a magnificent effect. Currently, it is really a rare and precious opportunity for cultivation practice!