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My Painful Experience of Being Tortured While Detained in a Mental Hospital

Aug. 23, 2001 |   Guo Fengxia, Falun Dafa Practitioner from Xianyu Village, Dingxing County, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.Net) I am Guo Fengxia, female, 40, resident of Xianyu Village, Dingxing County, Hebei Province. I fortunately obtained Dafa in 1998. Before obtaining Dafa, I had suffered from many diseases. The most difficult one was colitis, which I had suffered from on and off for the past few decades. When an attack of colitis occurred, I would be sick for ten days to half a month, and be very fatigued. Several other diseases would then follow. I had become someone who was regularly sick even though I was very young. My face appeared pale and gaunt. I felt too tired to be alive. I even thought of committing suicide.

In this situation, I started practicing Dafa. Even before I finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, the symptoms of several diseases disappeared miraculously. Whether I drank cold water, or ate cold or greasy food, suddenly didn't matter anymore. My mother has also been chronically ill. I happily rode my bike home and told her the news. She said joyfully, " Really? Then I'll practice with you." My two children practiced with me as well. From the time we began practicing, the four of us never took any medicine, and I was very happy and healthy. My body was full of energy although I was busy up to my ears in work, farming and feeding pigs. Sometimes I didn't even have time to eat, but I was still happy and energetic. Dafa gave my life back to me, and turned me from a "medicine basket" (a sick person) into someone both physically and mentally healthy.

At the end of July 1999, the vicious forces began their insane persecution. I joined other Dafa practitioners in Shijiazhuang City to appeal to the local government. When I returned, a group of people came to my town that said they were from the police station. They asked me whether I would continue practicing Falun Gong or not. I said yes. They asked me what were the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. I said, "Through practicing, I got a healthy body and high moral values." They gave a snort and didn't ask me anything else. Instead, they told my family members that I was abnormal because I still dared to tell the truth at this time of the crackdown on Falun Gong, and I should be escorted to town to be tortured and beaten. They threatened my family members with "the orders from higher authorities." They said, "We can not report to our superiors about her attitude. Otherwise we would be punished too. You shall send her to the mental hospital for treatment."

So, Wang Fan, Wang Suying, Li Jinfu, and Yu Xiuqin and other corrupt members of the government goaded my family members into tricking me into two mental hospitals in succession, the 6th Hospital of Baoding City and the 2nd Hospital of Hebei Province, where I suffered inhumane torture.

At first I was sent to the 6th Hospital of Baoding City. Before leaving home, my family members deceived me by saying, "Bad beatings are happening in the police station. We will entrust somebody in the Baoding City Police Station to let you avoid the beatings." At that time, I thought that wherever I went would be all right so long as I were allowed to tell the truth. Then, my brother showed up in a car and asked my husband's cousin to help arrange for me to go to the mental hospital. They knew I was not a psychopath and they were afraid the hospital would not accept me (They were not aware the mental hospital had also received orders to torture Falun Gong practitioners). Regrettably, they acted as Jiang Zemin's accomplices and became complicit in the wrongdoings practiced at the mental hospital, where practitioners who practiced "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" are tortured. These family members even thought that they were extraordinarily clever. They didn't know they had been used.

I discovered I had been deceived when I saw the mental hospital's sign. I asked them why we had come to the mental hospital. They still lied to me, "We are coming here for a physical examination. The police will not detain a sick person." After we got out of the car and entered an office to register, they asked, "What's wrong with you?" I replied, "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner."

I could only see "Illusive Syndrome" written on the paperwork. Now that holding up one's belief was called "Obsession Symptom", what about holding up the belief of Marxism and Leninism? Should that be called "Obsession of Marxism and Leninism?" Afterwards I went through physical examinations and everything was normal. My family told me, "You just hide here for a few days and we'll get you out then." In this way, they pushed me into the ward of the hospital and left.

The hospital is a completely sealed area. No patients are allowed to go out. It was summer time and really hot. Since July 22, 1999, when Jiang Zemin started the persecution against Falun Gong, the temperature had been very high at 40 degrees centigrade. The ward was hot and suffocating and smelled terrible. The sanitary conditions were very bad. The pillows were dirty and the bed and floor were all hot. All those real mental patients were like ants on a hot pan, shouting, crying, showing the whites of eyes, spitting out their tongues, singing, cursing and laughing. Some of them clapped their hands day and night, some were tied to the bed and running around with the bed ... there were all kinds of people. In such a place a healthy but timid person would probably have been scared into actually becoming mentally ill.

The next day, a nurse wanted to give me an injection. I told her, "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. I have no illness. I won't take any injection." She said, "The doctor's prescription said to give you an injection. You have to take it. Otherwise, I'll call several people to press you down and give you the injection. Don't ask for trouble." Just like this, they forced me to take injections twice a day. In the mental hospital, I didn't have a washbasin, so I borrowed another's cup to drink the water from the bathroom hose. Unfortunately, I had my menstruation at that time. I asked the nurses for some paper towels but they wouldn't give them to me. How could this be a place for humans! For the first time in my life, I had to endure this kind of suffering. It was worse than suffering beatings and curses. As a practitioner, I understood I should look into myself when facing any conflict. But I couldn't find what was wrong with me (I didn't have enough understanding of the Fa Rectification at that time). My spirit collapsed.

On the fourth day, my husband took my children to see me. He cried and complained, "Others all said they wouldn't practice any more. Only you show off. The police substation always calls on me and pressures me. I have no way out. I can neither eat well nor sleep well." My children cried. And I cried, too. It is so hard to practice and have a healthy body! But I didn't want to stay here even for one single day. So I lied against my will, "I won't practice anymore. Hurry up and get me out." My husband rushed to find the related department to process things according to the procedure. However, the hospital would not allow me to leave. They said unreasonably, "There is no way for you to come and go as you want. Since you have come, you have to stay for at least half a month." My husband could not help but ask influential people to help with the arrangement and bribe them. Eventually, they agreed to let me go. Half a month later when we went back to check out, I was charged for 1000 RMB, which was the cost of half a month, even though I had only stayed there for 4 days. This kind of extortion is almost like what a robber does, and now I suffered it. But many people were so used to this kind of unreasonable persecution.

After I was sent to the mental hospital, the authorities in the town spread the rumor that I was crazy from practicing Falun Gong, had been sent to the mental hospital by my family, gotten cured, and thus saved by the "government." They were so shameless! In order to achieve their goals, they didn't do things directly but agitated others into the trap of doing their dirty work for them. In this way they saved money and effort and didn't have to take the responsibility. They then used what was done as material for slandering Dafa. Such sinister and ruthless acts are really horrifying.

On August 1,1999, the police station of the town government sent me to the county detention center because I refused to slander Teacher. They illegally detained me for 23 days. The police reached out for a yard after taking an inch. If you first said you gave up the practice, they would force you to slander the Teacher, then to criticize Dafa, and then would press you further to appear on TV for negative propaganda! They drew you to hell step by step. A lot of relatives and friends told me, "If you want to practice, do it at home secretly. Why go to Beijing? Why do you have to tell them? You are asking for trouble." This is a faulty understanding. Also, this is not the real issue. As a human being, one should have the right to speak out.

In the detention center, nearly 70 practitioners protested with a group hunger strike, in order not to cooperate with any attempt to damage Dafa. On the fourth day, the staff of the detention center relented, "As long as you don't go to Beijing and practice at home secretly, we'll release you immediately." They seemed to have taken a step backward, but actually, this was also a trick. The county government was afraid to take the responsibility and then delegated it to the town. When the hunger strike went on for the 6th day, the town government was afraid to take the responsibility. They then agitated my family members to force me into a car and send me to the psychopathic department of the 2nd Hospital in Hebei Province. My elder brother said, "Last time your stay was too short." My husband told me, "This time you don't even think about getting out."

In the mental hospital, I protested against being forced to take medicine. They then tied me on the bed and fiercely said, "See how sharp you are!" They used what had been used in police stations against Dafa practitioners. On the second day, they shocked me with electricity. One patient passed out from the electric shock immediately. I sat up as though nothing had happened to me. They asked me to go through a physical examination. The result showed everything was normal. They wanted to give me an injection. I refused. They said, "If you stop practicing and write a pledge, we will not give you an injection." They sounded like what Jiang Zemin said. I questioned, "You are doctors. Why do you do such things?" A young doctor wearing glasses said, "Everywhere is the same under the party's control." A female doctor named Yuan was in charge of my medication. She told me, "Your husband told us to give you injections until you are not able to practice anymore." They then gave me injections twice a day. At the beginning, I was still able to practice. Later on, I felt weak all over my body. I was very anxious and couldn't fall in sleep. I couldn't stand on my feet. Neither could I sit or lay down. I couldn't help walking around. Once I started walking, I couldn't stop. This kind of suffering cannot be even described. My vision became blurred; my tongue became short and stiff; and I drooled all the time. I had a difficult time speaking or eating.

Due to the inhuman torture I received over the two months starting when I was in the detention center and continuing after I was sent to the mental hospital, I became very thin until I was only skin and bones. Simply lying on the bed was painful. I endured every minute and every second. One day seemed like a year. Doctor Yuan led a group of people to go through the wards daily. When they came to my room, she would ask, "How is it?" At the beginning, when I saw she gloated over my misfortune, I only said calmly, "Nothing." Later on, I couldn't say these few words clearly. I asked her what had happened. She said, "Jiang Zemin doesn't want you to practice; your husband doesn't want you to practice. Look at the suffering you are receiving." It sounded like she had nothing to do with it. I overheard their talking, "She has been poisoned due to an overdose." I was infused for two days to discharge the poison. And they forced me to take medicine instead of injections.

My husband came to see me. He even said that I was pretending. He also said I would be punished to death by the Party sooner or later. Doctor Yuan told my family members, "In the mental hospital, every year some psychopath dies from the medication. I cannot guarantee there will be no problem for your family." During the period I stayed in the hospital, Xianyu Town government had called the hospital. I don't know what they had talked about. I asked my family members to take me out over and over again. My family members said, "Only when you stop practicing can you leave." Under this huge pressure, I was forced to enlighten along an evil path. I felt I was dying. Even if they tortured me to death, they would shift the responsibility onto Falun Gong. At that time, I thought I should stop practicing. So again, against my will I followed the forces that persecute Dafa.

After I checked out of the hospital, the symptoms I had suffered in the mental hospital had not disappeared completely. I went to the hospital for treatment, the doctor said, "You will slowly recover after a week." The hospital gave me a lot of medicine. From then on, I became a "medicine basket" and once again a very sick person. I spent several hundred RMB. My face was full of black spots. The symptom of being unable to fall asleep lasted for half a year. I could not cheer up. The long-term persecution had reduced me to a worse physical condition than what I had suffered before I practiced.

The No. 6 Hospital of Baoding City and Psychopathic Department of the 2nd Hospital of Hebei Province torture Dafa practitioners with medicine that destroys the central nervous system. The Deans and related staffs of hospitals, they all cannot shirk their responsibilities. As doctors in charge, they abandoned their professional ethics and harmed their patients knowingly and against their conscience. Whatever benefits they got from these crimes will have to be paid back double! The heavens will not forgive such things. My ignorant family members had also sinned monstrously.

For the vicious people who try to wreck Dafa, here is the warning: It's the absolute truth that "The good will be rewarded with good; the evil will meet with retribution." "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" measures all of life. What you are attacking is the great law of the universe. You will receive retributions from the heavens! It is in vain to persecute Dafa practitioners' righteous belief. The purpose for me to write this article is to reveal the truth, expose the evil and let people understand what is right and wrong.

Here, I solemnly and justly declare that all the words I said, actions I performed, signatures I signed and any pledge others wrote on my behalf that are against Dafa are all invalid. I will act as a qualified Dafa practitioner, keep up with Fa Rectification process and eliminate the evil.

The list of criminals who persecuted Falun Gong in Xianyu Town are:

  1. Pan Jiang, Town Communist Party Secretary: Xiangyu Town's decision-maker, organizer and commander of persecuting Falun Gong
  2. Du Jingxing, Mayor of Xianyu Town: the one who execute the persecution - a thug who beats practitioners
  3. Li Jinfu, Li Aimin, Heads of Xianyu Town Police Substation: thugs who beat practitioners

(Editor's Note: The author is forced to become homeless right now for she is determined to validate Dafa.)

(P.S.: Guo Yunxia's relatives mentioned above that sent her to the mental hospital are: her elder brother Guo Fengcai, her two younger brothers Guo Shucai and Guo Fenglu. Guo's Husband Li Zhenpo and his cousin Zhang Delin were employees of Baoding City Insurance Company.)