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All of This Will Be Recorded in the History of the Cosmos

August 17, 2001 |   By a practitioner in Changchun

(Clearwisdom Net) I attained the Fa during a time where I was near death. Before attaining Fa, I suffered from many serious health problems including a heart deformity, stomach cancer, cerebral thrombosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, a 90% blood vessel deformity, and blood inadequacy to the brain. In addition, I was unable to walk. The doctors told me I was going to die. However, I attained the Fa in March 1998 and one month after I started to read Zhuan Falun, I could surprisingly go down the stairs and walk for an hour to the practice site (the distance takes others five minutes to walk). In May, I started to do some light physical labor and I was able to drive a rickshaw to make deliveries and thus support my family by June. Falun Dafa saved my family. It was the mercy of Teacher that gave me a real life.

Jiang's gang of rogues, however, started a full-scale persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. Since that time, practitioners have rectified and safeguarded the Fa without regret; when we went to appeal in Beijing we were beaten, arrested, and detained on different occasions.

On May 2, 2000, I started to eliminate some of my sickness karma when I lost all feeling below my shoulders. I knew this was a big test, so I kept Teachers words in mind, " This is to eliminate your karma and to improve your enlightenment quality while eliminating the karma from your different previous lives. Besides, this is also to test whether you are determined in following Dafa; this will continue until your cultivation reaches Beyond-Triple-World-Law. This is putting it in general terms (From the article, Sickness Karma)." Thus, I continuously studied the Fa. I had a deeper understanding of what Teacher mentioned in Cautionary Advice: "You cannot always count on me to eliminate karma for you while you fail to truly progress in comprehending the Fa and rise above human understandings and notions."

As the Fa-Rectification moved forward, Teacher published several new articles, among which was The Effect of Righteous Thoughts. Teacher said, "So what Dafa disciples are enduring is no longer their own karma, but something they should not endure under the evil beings' persecution. Moreover, these evil beings are extremely base and filthy, and are not worthy of playing any role in the Fa-Rectification." Upon hearing this, I realized it wouldn't be enough for me to suffer just like this. Teacher said, "So in clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors. Every one of us is creating history for the future, that's why everyone is not only participating in group activities, but also taking the initiative to look for work to do. As long as something is good for Dafa, you should take the initiative to do it, take the initiative to work on it."

After I read Teacher's new article, To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference, I had an idea that even if I had to crawl, I would still go to Tiananmen Square to rectify the Fa (of course, I could barely crawl). This was my duty as a Falun Dafa practitioner. Although my wife worried when I told her my plan, she agreed after I reasonably and firmly explained myself to her.

So on the evening of July 21, 2001, with some simple preparation, my wife sent me to the train station. Barefoot and having not left the house for a long time, I first moved to the stairs then down the steps bit by bit, easing myself down on my hips (my apartment was on the fifth floor). Though I was full of confidence, it took me almost an hour to reach the bottom. After that, I moved to the street where my family members had called a taxi. When I arrived at the train station, I was about 100 meters away from the ticket office. Because of my condition, however, it took me another two hours to get there. When I looked back, I could see a trail of blood, with more blood closer to me. Despite this, I recited in my heart, "When it is difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it is impossible to do, you can do it."

I waited for five hours in the wind and rain. Then the attendants lifted me onto the train and my wife left. When I arrived in Beijing at 8pm on July 22, I found a place to sleep first thing. But at dawn, when I started to move, each step caused gnawing pain since I had to shift my body by twisting my waist and using my two supporting arms. That was when I remembered Teacher saying karma can be eliminated through suffering.

The waiting room was on the second floor and I had to go down the stairs step by step; it took me five hours to get down. At that moment the sunlight radiated onto me and I felt relief. After crossing the street, I lay down to take a break since I couldn't get onto the sidewalk, but a policeman from the Qianmen Police Station came by and kicked me fiercely, pushing me towards the curb. I moved forward to take a rest just as it was getting dark and starting to rain. By this time I was feeling cold and hungry.

I had three reasons to go to Beijing: 1) To assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa with a righteous mind; 2) To yell "Falun Dafa is Good," and unfurl a banner, and 3) To overcome my disabilities [my wife helps me eat and go to the bathroom at home]. I Remembered Teacher saying, "With every bit of improvement in your state of mind, some bad things will be eliminated from your body. In the mean time, you should also suffer a little bit and endure some hardship to reduce your karma. You can then move up a little bit; that is, the nature of the universe will not restrict you as much (Zhuan Falun, p. 25)." I felt warm upon thinking about this. Unwittingly, I fell asleep until the next morning.

When I woke up, I continued to move forward though it took me two days to crawl only several hundred meters. By noon, I was too exhausted to make it any further. I felt hungry upon seeing a restaurant. Later on, a kind-hearted shop owner prepared a bowl of noodles for me for which I paid four Yuan RMB.

During my journey, I called a taxi several times though none of the drivers would pick me up. By this time, all of my toes were showing through my worn cloth shoes. On top of that, the blood and flesh were mixed and they were pretty frightening. I was about to crawl to Tiananmen myself when a motor tricycle came by. The older driver was afraid I would not pay him so I told him that, as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I would never cheat him. The people around looked on admiringly and I felt the mightiness of Falun Dafa. The motorist dropped me on the sidewalk by Tiananmen Square where there were already over ten police vehicles parked, waiting to arrest the practitioners. Bit by bit, my movement aroused the attention of the police. I felt so relieved in my heart and sensed the emptiness in my mind. I also broadcast the music of Falun Dafa as it rained harder and harder. Not long after that, a plain clothes officer came up to me and asked whether I practiced Falun Gong; I replied, "Yes." He spoke to me in a threatening manner saying, "Don't practice any more." I told him, "Falun Dafa saved my family, gave me life, and teaches people to be good. Why should I quit?"

After that, a police vehicle came up and stopped about thirty meters from me. Several policemen dragged me into their vehicle. I refused and called out with all of my energy, "Falun Dafa is good." My mind was once again empty; I reached the realm of having no self. The evil looked so insignificant. In the darkness, a policeman dragged me by my clothes. Some of them lifted my legs and others grabbed my hair. They threw me into the police vehicle. I found that the window was still open, so I started to yell outside, "Falun Dafa is good." The vehicle stopped at the Tiananmen District Police Department. Some of the cops threw me down on the ground and when I said I was unable to walk, they dragged me until my pants came off. They also kicked me and did their utmost to shift me to the place where they detained the Falun Dafa practitioners. One officer said, "Where you arrestd him is where you should send him--none of us want him. Just get him out of here and let him go."

With that, two police took me in the opposite direction to Tiananmen Square and threw me on the street where the rainwater was over two inches deep. As I moved slowly to Tiananmen, the blood from my feet spread slowly in the rainwater. Eventually, I saw dozens of steps. Since I couldn't sit down, I moved to the sidewalk and lay under the canopy of a closed store. I had one more aspiration that I needed to fulfill: to unfurl the banner. Thinking about what Teacher said in "Digging out the Roots," "It is extremely dangerous to add anything human to cultivation practice," I must be dignified in my appearance when I open the banner and I must make sure I use my purest heart.

At that moment, lots of people were walking to the Square to wait for a bus. I hung up the banner and made sure that the people and vehicles could see it before I left. When I turned around, I found that many people were crowding around to see it. The banner was only fifty meters from the police parking lot but I wasn't scared of anything. Because it was raining and I was almost crawling, the police surprisingly didn't find me. I was still bleeding but I felt no pain because of the mercy of Teacher and the suffering he went through for me.

Once I arrived at the station, several policemen came to me and asked if I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I said, "Yes." They told me I had to get into the police vehicle with them. One policeman beat and kicked me, punched my head, grabbed my hair, and kept cursing at me. I couldn't raise my leg, so they wrapped a plastic raincoat around my neck and used it to drag me into the vehicle. I was almost suffocated. In my heart I recited, "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets; Extinguish all illusory thoughts, Cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult," and, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, all the evil is eliminated." In the vehicle I found that my legs, the back of my feet (except for two toes), and even my hips were all bleeding from the hard stone of the street. Still, I spread Falun Dafa to the police without anger. Once more, they sent me to the Tiananmen District Police Department and threw me out of the vehicle like an inanimate object and I immediately felt a piercing pain. I recited in my heart the Teacher's saying, "When it is difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it is impossible to do, you can do it." Those vicious cops kicked me and cursed at me saying, "We'll torture you to death tonight--break your legs, knock the two front teeth from your mouth. Are you scared?" I replied, "Without Falun Dafa, I would have been dead in 1998. How can I be still alive? If I were scared of death, I wouldn't have been in Tiananmen Square." Later they dragged me to their boss. He asked, "Why have you come here again?" I told him, "They beat me, cursed me, and strangled me and they forced me to get into the police vehicle."

At that point, they put me in a small room and started to beat and curse me again. They asked for my name and address but, instead of giving it to them, I told them about Falun Dafa. The cop kicked me and asked me to move my body as he wished. Failing to get any information from me, one thirty-year old policeman beat me on my temple with all of his strength. I still feel the pain there now!

Next, the policeman kicked my chest. I recited Teacher's verse for eliminating the evil, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, and the Evil is completely eliminated." As a result, the next day's interrogation did not seem to be as evil as it had been. I told them, "I had suffered many terminal diseases before practicing Falun Dafa and I had recovered only because of the practice. Then the evil started to persecute Falun Gong by not allowing people to practice. In the beginning, I believed the government's claims and stopped practicing. As a result, my diseases came back. I had no money for a cure. Thus, I lost my confidence in the government and started to practice Falun Gong again; I was arrested because of my appeals. As long as I had my last breath, I decided I would go to Tiananmen to testify that Falun Dafa is good and that Falun Dafa is the righteous way; this was my responsibility, obligation, honor, and pride and nothing could replace it." Eventually, the police couldn't get any information from me and so they released me.

When I passed by the iron cages where the practitioners were being held, I put my palms together in "heshi" with them. I fell on the ground, because I was unable to sit. I spoke out Teacher's words, "If one is determined, the karma can be eliminated." When I saw three or four teenage boys and their pure smiles, my eyes blurred with tears. About one hundred fellow practitioners were also confined in the iron cages as many practitioners had come to Beijing to rectify the Fa. The policemen dragged me like a mop to the gate and lifted me into a vehicle but I spread the Fa to them. One officer said, "You don't need to say anything. It's your Teacher that suffers everything for you." I burst into tears at once. Merciful Teacher, what you must suffer for me can't be expressed in human language.

I asked where the ticket office was. It was raining so hard outside and the water was already standing quite deep. I was completely wet while in the square. I moved slowly in the water and I noticed how the red halo from my bleeding was pretty in the water. Thinking about the Teacher, I couldn't control my tears. As the rainwater, my blood, and tears all mixed together, I was moving in the rain for about an hour. A kind-hearted man gave me 10 yuan RMB. I expressed my gratitude to him and told him that as a Falun Gong practitioner I couldn't accept money; his tears shown on his face. I was looking for the director's office back and forth in the rain. A compassionate young female director helped me buy a ticket and asked one of the male staff members to open the office door and let me in. When I was getting close to the elevator, I was dumbfounded. I was completely unable to move up. One of the female staff members told me that I didn't have to get on the second floor and I might get boarding directly from the first floor. She let me find a place to take a rest. I wrung the water from my clothes and hung them up to dry and let my body dry off. I was hungry and as tired as a pile of earth; I felt the cold and pain on my body. I bought some instant noodles and I did warm up after eating. It was already in the morning. I didn't feel cold while I slept; I realized that Teacher was looking after me.

I woke up about 9:50 when I was lifted into a seat by a kind-hearted gentleman. The train arrived in my hometown of Changchun at 12:10AM the next day. I moved slowly and my feet were mixed with blood and flesh. I was on the third platform. At that moment, I had no help--it was only the great Fa that gave me energy. Teacher said, "Because you have not fallen amidst the massive tribulation (The Disciples' Magnificence)." It made me rush to the tunnel and bridge. The steps were made of stone and each step was agonizing as I moved down. By the end, I was unconscious. I woke up several minutes later from the freezing cold. Then I started to move up again. I couldn't raise my legs at all. Looking at the dozens steps going upward, I was at a loss. Finally I gathered my courage saying, "Every test must be passed." So I moved my hips up on the step first then turned my body around. I felt tired on the way and so I took a nap. I proved to myself that I was as almighty as a Falun Dafa practitioner.

It had been five and a half hours by the time I moved to the exit. I was really too tired so I ate a meal, which was only the third one in six days. After that, I called a taxi to my building. My neighbor found me when I had climbed to the fourth floor. Then, my wife and child helped lift me to the fifth floor. I had completed this bloodied path towards Fa-rectification.

I was crying after arriving home. Merciful Teacher, I can do little during the course of Fa-Rectification. As a practitioner during the Fa-Rectification, never be unworthy of Teacher's arduous salvation. I must clarify the truth, expose the evil, and save the people and lives. Falun Dafa saved my family and gave me a real life. Now, I must use my life to safeguard the Fa. I have been arrested on a number of different occasions because I validated Falun Dafa. Since April 25th and July 20th, I had also been detained in the joint security team of Beijing train station, the Bejing Xiaohongmen Police Station, the Beijing Dongtieyinzi Police Station, the Changchun Office in Bejing (twice), the Yanji Office in Beijing, the Fengtai Stadium, and the Beijing Tiananmen District Police Department (twice), nine times altogether. Also, in the Changchun Balibao detention center (twice), the Changchun drug rehab center, the Ziqiang Police Station, the Changchun Taiguang detention center, the Changchun Nanguan District Police Department, and the Changchun 24th District Police District Department, seven times in total. Still, I have written no guarantee to the evil.