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Playing Truth-Clarifying Video About Falun Gong in Downtown Flushing, New York

Aug. 15, 2001 |   By a Dafa practitioner in New York

(Clearwisdom.net) Flushing, New York is a place where many people of diverse cultures and races live together. It is highly populated, and ethnic Chinese make up a large percentage of it. A library located in the center of the city can be found at the intersection of several major roads in Flushing. There are long steps and an open space in front of it, which make it an ideal place for people to wait for the bus and hang out. For the past two years, Falun Gong practitioners have been continually putting exhibit boards and distributing flyers here, which has contributed greatly to Fa promotion and truth clarification in the local area.

As the Fa-rectification process has been speeding up, truth clarification has been almost the sole content of practitioners' "assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa" activities. Practitioners have been working even harder than before on truth clarification after they returned from the Washington D.C. experience sharing conference in July.

Utilizing the space in front of the library, practitioners changed their way of simply showing the exhibit board and decided to play a video, in order to clarify the truth in a more lively and effective manner. The largest number of people gather there at dusk, so they begin playing the video at 6:30PM. Eight levels of steps in front of the library make up natural bleachers. The clear pictures on TV attract many tourists; they come over, sit down, and watch intently. There are numerous people watching everyday, and it's been over half a month since this activity was first started.

The process of truth clarification is also a process of continuous self-cultivation. For instance, practitioners' outer image including their clothes and the things they say directly represent the image of Dafa. Everyday after the show is finished, they pick up garbage around the area, although they didn't pay attention to such trivial things at the beginning. In regard of Fa promotion and truth clarification, by playing the videos they got twice the result with half the effort. They noticed that after the video was over, most of the people who were watching would spontaneously walk over and take the flyers next to the TV. They read it in a serious manner and carefully took it with them, so there seems to be no need to hand out the flyers anymore.

August 11, 2001