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Every Dafa Practitioner must Eliminate Evil with Righteous Thoughts

August 14, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) We hear many stories of Dafa practitioners eliminating evil with righteous thoughts. We know that many vicious lives hide in the complex space gaps between the lowest millions of cosmos-systems that have been squeezed into the Three Realms. Hence, eliminating evil with righteous thoughts is a direct requirement for all Falun Dafa practitioners. We need all practitioners without exception to work seriously on this issue.

If every practitioner can eliminate evil with righteous thoughts well, no space is complex enough to hide the evil. Teacher told us that Dafa practitioners came from many different remote cosmic-systems. I have enlightened to this: the whole entity of Dafa practitioners is the miniature of the cosmic vault. Every practitioner's duty is to show mighty virtue and carry the standard of Dafa at the level of his or her cosmic-system. Therefore, eliminating the unsavable lives is undeniably Dafa practitioners' responsibility. Teacher has already prepared us. However much can be done is up to us. Our capability has been strengthening continuously according to the need of Fa-rectification. What a rare opportunity! I've read some stories Dafa practitioners told about eliminating evil. I felt that their own cosmic-systems had already become crystal-clear. They have established incomparable mighty virtue and power, through overcoming all kinds of difficulties, persistently breaking through the space gaps to clear the evil in different cosmic-systems. But fundamentally, for a practitioner, one must take the responsibility for one's own cosmic-system. Evil can still hide because some practitioners have so far failed in their duty. This evil, hiding in their cosmic-systems, continue to commit wrongdoings. Human attachments are the only obstacles in eliminating evil in one's own cosmic-system. If one breaks through these obstacles, and sends forth the righteous thoughts from one's original realm, everything is possible. The Fa created us, so this is without a doubt. Of course, it cannot happen immediately that we are able to send forth righteous thoughts that are so strong and pure. True cultivation has a process of upgrading. It's crucial we understand and work hard in cultivation. Time is limited. Those earnestly striving practitioners who are vigorously improving themselves, are breaking through the space gaps and eliminating the evil, thus establishing their mighty virtue -- but they are paying a great price. Please don't let Master and the disciples wait any longer! Previously remote cosmic-systems have all been squeezed into the Three Realms. How rare and fortunate are those who can break through the space gaps and eliminate evil in this unique time!

Some practitioners, suffering tribulations, might wonder why Master does not eliminate these evils completely (Master could re-create everything instantly, by simply waving his hands.). I think the answer is simple. This is Fa rectification; Master asks his disciples to help save the lives in the entire cosmos. We are also lives that had gone astray from the Fa in the cosmos' long history. But we have most fortunately become Dafa disciples. Great responsibility attends great fortune. A life's greatness comes from its devotion and sacrifice. No life in the entire cosmos can fully understand the truth of the cosmos. Then, in the vicious test arranged by the lives deviated from the Fa, Master and all Dafa disciples work together to endure the sufferings, break the evil arrangements with righteousness, take our paths correctly, and help all lives to realize their shortfall and assimilate to Dafa. Isn't this perfecting our great realms of Dafa practitioners? Dafa practitioners are responsible for all the lives in the universe, not just our own. All human beings are actually the miniature of all the beings in the universe. Our responsibility to future human beings in this world is to be responsible to all the beings in the universe. All the beings in the universe are watching us. We must keep Dafa clear and pure. Our behavior must clearly show the purity and goodness of Dafa. We cannot allow any mistakes, made by not completely following the Fa, to distract their already puzzled minds or drive them away from the Fa, or even make them go to the opposite side of the Fa. Such distraction and opposition does not fulfill our responsibility as Dafa disciples; it gives the evils more excuses to try damaging the Fa and it could bring losses to Dafa that are hard to recover. Dafa created everything of ours. How can we not endure the suffering, not sacrifice, and not undertake the duty of eliminating evil! We cannot express how we respect our great Master's sacrifice and his boundless mighty virtue. What we need to do is to be worthy of the name of Dafa disciples!

These are just my personal understandings. Please correct me if I am wrong.