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Sending Out the Purest Righteous Thoughts

August 13, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) My thinking was quite simple the first time I sent out righteous thoughts. As soon as I erected my right hand, I felt that my hands, head, heart and stomach all emitted very strong energy. Even though I could not see the results of the energy emitted, I knew that the power was enormous. Then gradually I developed some human notions, and for several days I even sent out righteous thoughts while reading on clearwisdom.net. When human notions were mixed in, my heart became not as pure and serene as before. As a result, I felt that I could not send out the power. I was very tired those several days. I examined myself and tried to find out if I misunderstood the principles of sending out righteous thoughts or if I had done something wrong.

Later while studying the Fa, I thought about the benevolence of enlightened beings. One important reason for sending out righteous thoughts is to have mercy on sentient beings and to safeguard the universe, not to harbor sentimentality towards the evil. When the rubbish is rotten, it has to be disposed of. It is only natural and not worthy of being bothered over.

After I cleansed and calmed my heart, sending righteous thoughts became totally different. Sentimentality, fretting and fatigue disappeared, and they were replaced with benevolence and righteous thoughts. With a peaceful heart I look upon the universe and wiped off the decayed matter with ease. Replenishing my energy is no longer a concern, since Dafa particles are merged with the universe in perfect harmony.


Greetings, Benevolent Teacher. After reading your "Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference," in which you told us so much, I was able to see the Dafa practitioners' sacred responsibility more clearly.

Magnificent Teacher, you have endured the hardship of the whole universe to offer us salvation. You allow us to participate in the Fa-rectification process to bring us home. You allow us send out righteous thoughts and to build up our mighty virtue in order to fulfill our world in heaven. Magnificent Teacher, you have sacrificed everything for us. How can we find any excuse not to join the Fa-rectification process? During the final period of the Fa rectification process, we must treasure every second, because what awaits us is the most magnificent new universe. For those practitioners who have not yet stepped forward, please hasten to catch up with the Fa-rectification process. Once the opportunity passes, it will be gone forever.

Here are some of my experiences in sending out righteous thoughts that I would like to share with my fellow practitioners.

Since Teacher published the article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," I frequently and effectively eliminated the evil with my supernormal power and righteous thoughts. However, one time my thoughts were not pure, and I was not able to eliminate the evil. One day my Yuanshen came out of my body, and suddenly a foreign life form the size of more than ten people appeared in front of me. It was black and looked very frightening. At that moment I was startled and retreated several steps, trying to escape. This impure thought gave the demon an opening and brought me into danger. The foreign life form at once pushed me down to the ground and pressed against me. It pressed harder and harder, crushing my body. I could hardly breath. At that moment I said that I am a disciple of Teacher Li Hongzhi. As soon as I uttered these words, I could breathe again. However because of my fear, I could not eliminate the demon. Afterwards, I felt very upset because it was also a loss to the Fa-rectification. I told myself that as a Dafa practitioner I have to let go of all forms of fear. I have learned a lesson from this incident and will strive to do better in the future in eliminating the evil.

Recently when I sent out righteous thoughts, I saw the whole sky opening up and before me was a truly splendid world. Just I was being entranced by this sight, I saw a big boulder moving slowly. Suddenly it changed into a person who was holding a strange weapon and shooting at me. The barrage of bullets came flying toward me, but I did not mind it at all and charged directly at the demon. The bullets had no effect at all. When I was directly in front of the demon, the bullets stopped and the weapon could not fire anymore, so I started to fight with the demon. When I collided with it, suddenly I saw his bullets falling out of the barrel. Only then did I realize that it was my gong that blocked the barrel. The demon became frightened and turned around to escape. I turned the barrel around, aimed, fired and eliminated the demon. I realized from this process that we could achieve anything if we do it with the mindset of divine beings.