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Escalating Violence: A Police Officer Shoots at A Falun Gong Practitioner

August 11, 2001 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China


On the night of June 30, 2001, police officer Li Dabin fired three shots at Dafa practitioner, Li Changxin. This officer had already admitted to killing a disabled practitioner, Zhang Shengfan.

Upon apprehending Li Changxin, Li Dabin said, "Now no one will pay any attention if you die. I may just kill you if I get upset. I already killed Zhang Shengfan!"

On the night of June 30, Li Changxin and another practitioner were in a park outside the East Gate of Shuancheng City hanging speakers to clarify the truth when they were caught by some people spying there. Li and his fellow practitioner then explained that they were trying to spread the Fa to the world and save mankind. They hoped that those who had discovered them would distinguish between good and evil, and not become tools of the evil. In addition, they told them that they should believe that good fortune would be rewarded to those who perform good deeds. After thinking it over, the people who had discovered them said: "You are nice people, but we can get 500 Yuan for each Falun Gong practitioner we turn in. If you give us 2000 Yuan, we'll let you go." Li and his fellow practitioner tried to persuade them, but failed.

There were police vans on the streets chasing Dafa practitioners. Li and the other practitioner were then turned in to the police and forced into the police van. When not being watched, Li Changxin opened the door and jumped out of the van. Noticing this, the police began to chase him. This gave the other practitioner the opportunity to attempt escape also. (Fortunately he was able to flee.) While chasing Li Changxin, Li Dabin fired three shots at him, none of which found their mark. However, Li Changxin fell and was caught by the police chasing him. Wang Shengli and Li Dabin (both among the killers of Zhang Shengfan) beat him savagely. His face and the front of his body were covered with blood. Later, Li was taken back to the police station where he was handcuffed to a heater pipe, and left standing there until after 8 A.M. the next morning. The police then started beating Li Changxin another round as they interrogated him the second day. As a result, Li's face was swollen beyond recognition. Presently Li Changxin is being illegally held in the Shuancheng City Detention Center and is being subjected to further persecution.

Under Jiang Zemin's rule, killers like Li Dabin and Wang Shengli continue to commit criminal acts which destroy innocent people's lives, while they themselves remain above the law. We urge the global human rights organizations and the good people of the world to devote their attention and lend their support to us, and to help punish these persecutors of Falun Gong practitioners.