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Instead of Investigating the Murder, Liaoning Province Authorities Search for the Person Who Exposed the Death of a Dafa Practitioner on the Internet

July 04, 2001 |  

[Minghui Net] Under recent orders from upper level government personnel, Dashiqiao City police authorities in Liaoning Province are investigating and trying to find the person who posted their crimes on Minghui Net. After Minghui Net exposed the fatal police beating of Li Yanhua, an old lady from Dongjiang Village in Dashiqiao City, police attempted to find out who sent the information outside of China. They did not put in any effort to investigate the police crime itself. On the contrary, they took it as an excuse to further persecute Dafa practitioners. These police officers are torturing the same people who are paying their salaries.

The day before Li Yanhua was cremated, someone did some exploring in the mortuary and discovered that the old lady's neck, shoulders and arms were covered with bruises and wounds, although the police had tried to cover up the damage to her body. There was a big blood clot in her nasal passage and purple spots on her chest, left by electric batons. As the practitioners could not expect to find justice from the government, they had to ask for help by posting this crime on Minghui Net.

Is this "the best period of human rights in Chinese history" as claimed by Jiang Zemin's criminal regime? Is this the Chinese characteristic of "managing national affairs according to law?"

In addition, after the so-called "self-immolation" incident, Dashiqiao City's authorities aggravated the persecution of Dafa practitioners. After the authorities illegally sent many practitioners to the Masanjia Labor Camp, they arrested another six Dafa practitioners. The Dafa practitioners' circumstances in detention were unclear. We hope people with a sense of justice around the world will kindly provide help in this situation.